September 28, 2010
Season 3,  Week 4

results thanks to wrestleview.com

"Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event..." The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video recaps last week's "competitions". Why they wanted to recap the ridiculous Musical Chairs and Talk the Talk challenges is beyond me. This show is so bad it's ridiculous.

The NXT video plays and we're brought into the arena with some pyrotechnics. Josh Mathews starts off arguing that CM Punk should be there and not Michael Cole. They then realize they're on the air and they welcome us to the show.

Matt Striker is on the stage and he introduces the rookie Divas. Tomorrow you can vote for your favorite Diva. Striker walks up to a wheelbarrow that's behind a yellow line and announces the "Wheelbarrow Challenge". Michael Cole simply says, "Wow". The objective is to race the wheelbarrow around the ring. Whoever does it in the fastest time is the winner. The catch is... Hornswoggle is in the wheelbarrow. I can't make this crap up.

Mathews: The things that happen on this show amaze me...
Cole: What does this have to do with wrestling?

Maxine gets Hornswoggle across the line and dumps him out. Hornswoggle then bites her on her rear end. Striker yells "Bad" and Michael Cole says, "That's this show: bad, bad, bad". He is hilarious.

Cole: This show is the cure for insomnia. (Laughing) This is some bad television! I don't even need to be here. I quit this show two weeks ago!

Kaitlyn is announced the winner. She got it in 12 seconds. Hornswoggle puts Kaitlyn on his shoulders. I didn't know he was that sturdy.

-Commercial Break-

Cactus Jack vs. Triple H from Raw in September 1997 is recapped. The Austin-McMahon rivalry started that night. What an amazing Raw that was. That's one of those episodes you just never forget.

A video highlighting AJ is shown. She looks like a tiny Melina. This wasn't a bad video. This competition is down to her and Naomi.

The Diss the Diva competition is coming up tonight. Oh I can't wait!

-Commercial Break-

The Raw Rebound is shown.

-Commercial Break-

A video is shown highlighting Kaitlyn. It was eh.

-Commercial Break-

The entire final segment from Smackdown is shown. It showed the return of Paul Bearer. OHHH YEAH!! Please, if there is a god, he'll put the Funeral Parlor on Smackdown this Friday.

-Commercial Break-

It's time for the Diss the Diva Challenge. Aksana is first and she makes some lame insults before saying that everyone wants to be like her. AJ says she's not going to put anyone down because they're prettier than her. AJ cuts a solid promo about redefining the word "Diva".

Kaitlyn decides to do an impression and impersonates Naomi's ample posterior. Naomi kicks her down. Jamie makes THE WORST insults ever. I heard better insults in Mrs. Gwynn's First Grade Class many years ago. Go back to ring announcing. Naomi goes back at Kaitlyn for insulting her on her confessional. Maxine then cuts a promo that had the potential to be solid but AJ and Kaitlyn were goofing around in the background. AJ wins the "challenge".

EXCUSE ME! Michael Cole calls Vickie Guerrero "voluptuous" and "Anna Nicole Smith-like". Vickie says she tries hard to make Kaitlyn a reflection of her. Vickie asks if we can feel her pain on what they gave her to work with. Kaitlyn says she's going to step it up because all Vickie has done is try to bring her down. Kaitlyn challenges her to a match. Vickie accepts the challenge and slaps her in the face. They have a catfight to end the show.

They announce that NXT is moving exclusively to WWE.com. If you continue to watch this show then I give you credit.