Animals in Wrestling

Chloe is the white haired dog of Torrie Wilson in 2006.  According to her official bio at, she is 4.8 pounds, 12 inches long, is from Boise, Idaho and has a finishing move of the Chloe Tush Push!
The python of Jake "The Snake" Roberts.  He would come to the ring in a bag and be taken out after a victory to scare away the loser. He met an untimely death by Earthquake who squashed him during the twos feud.
Frankie was the parrot of wrestling superstar Koko B Ware in the 1980's and early 1990's.  Frankie made a perfect accompaniment to Ware because they both wore bright colored outfits!
The king cobra of  Jake "The Snake" Roberts during his days of being a "bad guy."  His biggest TV moment came when he actually bit the arm of The Macho Man Randy Savage
Matilda was the bulldog of the tag team The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid).  She was seen in the 1980's with the duo and just came to ringside with them; she never interfered in the ring.
Chavo Guerrero, Jr. had a hobby horse named Pepe (a plush, stuffed horse head on a stick), while he wrestled in WCW.  He was retired when he was thrown into a wood chipper by Norman Smiley, Chavo's nemesis at the time.
Al Snow's Chihuahua in 1999.  He came to ringside with Snow when he was feuding with the Big Boss Man.  He met an untimely death when he was served to Snow unknowingly by The Big Boss Man.
Tara's pet spider in 2010.  She would take the spider to the ring in a lantern and keep it in the corner.  She would then bring it out at the end of the match to taunt her opponents.