Wrestlers Who Have Become Politicians
This is a list of the wrestlers that have become politicians before, during, or after being a professional wrestler!

Bob Backlund [Republican]
He ran for congress from Connecticut's first district in the year 2000.  During his run, you could have seen him campaigning at various WWE events, selling autographed T-shirts to raise funds.  Sadly, he lost his bid. but he did get about 30% of the vote.
B. Brian Blair
He ran for state representative of Florida.  He also became the Hillsboro County (Florida) Commission District 6 race [according to his official website].  This is his second time running, and his first win, to become Commissioner.
Ludvig Borga
He ran for parliament in his home country of Finland.
Jerry "The King" Lawler
He ran for the mayor of his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee against at least eight other candidates. His official website was  http://www.jerrylawler2009.com.  He also ran in 1999 for the same position against 14 other people.  He came in third with 11.7% of the vote
Linda McMahon [Republican]
She ran twice for US Senator from the state of Connecticut in 2010 and 2012.  She gave up her job as CEO of WWE so she could run.  Her official website is http://www.linda2010.com The first time she ran against seven other people.
Rick Steiner
Under his real name of Robert Rechsteiner, he is on the Cherokee County (Georgia) school board for post 5. 
Jesse Ventura [Reform]
He first became the mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, the sixth largest city in the state in 1990, while he still commentated for WCW!  On November 3, 1998 he is elected governor of Minnesota, beating out the mayor of St. Paul, MN and the state attorney general.  Below are the election results:

RP      JESSE VENTURA AND MAE SCHUNK     773,713       37.0
R         NORM COLEMAN AND GEN OLSON     717,350       34.3
DFL   HUBERT H "SKIP" HUMPHREY III A     587,528       28.1
LIB   FRANK GERMANN AND MICHAEL C. S       1,932        0.1
GRP    CHRIS WRIGHT AND D.G. PAULSEN       1,727        0.1
SWP    THOMAS FISKE AND JOHN HAWKINS         787        0.0
TPC   FANCY RAY MCCLONEY AND (MOM) T         919        0.0
GPM      KEN PENTEL AND SUSAN JASPER       7,034        0.3
NP                          WRITE IN         776        0.0

Nikolai Volkoff [Republican]
He is currently the Baltimore (Maryland) County Code Enforcement Officer.  He ran for Maryland House of Delegates in 2006 (using his real name of Josip Perusovic) and lost.