TNA Sacrifice 20062006
Universal Studios Orlando
Orlando, Florida
May 14, 2006


TNA Sacrifice 2006 kicked off with the World X Cup Tournament continuing from over the course of the past few weeks on “iMPACT!”. As it stands right now, Team USA have five points in the tournament while Team Mexico are behind them with two. Team Canada and Team Japan both sit at no points but once this match is over, one of these two teams will make their first impact.


Fans in attendance were very respectful for what these two men can do in the ring. Jushin “Thunder” Liger’s entrance to the ring got a well-rounded response as the fans threw streamers into the ring as a show of respect. Early on in the match, Liger sprung out of the ring for a front splash sending Petey down to the ground. Later, back in the ring, Liger began stretching Petey Williams in a tarantula-like grab in various positions. It was apparent that Petey was in serious jeopardy of losing this match early on and that’s when he went for the desperate knee shot on Liger who was coming from the top rope with a splash. Following the desperate move was now Petey in control with a swinging DDT and some mockeries to Liger’s heritage to go along with it. However, after interference from Team Japan, Jushin “Thunder” Liger was ultimately able to pick up the win and three points for Team Japan with a facebuster on Petey Williams.

Winner: Jushin “Thunder” Liger

After the match, the Japanese flag was draped over the prone body of Petey Williams.

Backstage we saw America’s Most Wanted telling the world that they will be showing the world why they are the greatest tag team in the world today. Alongside was Jackie who was shedding a lot of tears and once Jeremy Borash asked what was wrong she simply replied with, “I’m pregnant”. JB congratulated her while AMW and Gail Kim showed utter disgust of the news – only to fuel more tears from Jackie.


Formally being apart of one of the greatest wrestling feuds ever, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels were now going for the NWA World Tag Team Titles against America’s Most Wanted, a team that claims to be the best. Early on in the match, it was Christopher Daniels and Chris Harris exchanging physical drop kicks and clotheslines – a reminiscence to the past feuds with AMW and Triple X. Looking forward was AJ Styles who was showing his dedication to the match with flying forearm clotheslines in the corner to Harris. Being two of the most prolific X-Division Champions in TNA history, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels were not going to back down from this opportunity to gain more gold.

Short cuts were later put in place by AMW with the double team tactics enforced in their corner – but who had their doubts of seeing this happen? Midway through the match we would see AJ measure Chris Harris in the crowd and then springboard over the guardrail from the ring onto Harris with the forearm while Daniels and Storm brawled. At this point in time, it looked like AJ Styles and The Fallen Angel were going to win the match. AJ hit the pelč kick on Harris who was held on Daniels’ shoulders to only plummet down for the side bulldog slam. The teamwork with AJ Styles and Daniels was so artistically found in motion – at one point, Christopher Daniels hit the BME from one end of the ring followed with AJ Styles going high-risk as well from the other side of the ring. After coming close to winning the match numerous times, Gail Kim made her mark despite being barred from ringside. She threw down a police knight stick from the rafters and it was used on the back of AJ’s head during a Styles Clash while the referee was unconscious. As a result, America’s Most Wanted retained the titles.

Winners & STILL NWA World Tag Team Champions: America’s Most Wanted

The aftermath saw Christopher Daniels raise AJ to his feet, as he was still nauseous and dazed from the knight stick blow.

Backstage, we saw Larry Zbyszko proclaiming that A1 was going to take Raven out once and for all. Mark “Slick” Johnson then came to the scene and teased Larry with who the new head of management was going to be. He brought up names like Rowdy Roddy Piper, Vince Russo, and The Ultimate Warrior, which caught off some chuckles by Slick just because of how gullible Larry can be. All kidding aside, we will find out who the new head of management is next month at TNA “Slammiversary”.

RAVEN vs. A1
Raven abiding his true fashion, entered the ring from the stands! He received an appreciative applause upon his return to the ring. Before the match started, Raven and Larry had a few choice words for each other but A1 was quick to break it up with a steel chair shot. From the get-go of the match, A1 was repeatedly driving Raven’s lower back into the guardrail on the outside. Right when Raven picked up the offense for himself, Larry was at ringside distracting the referee. Raven was able to chase Larry off though and ultimately hit the Raven Effect DDT on A1 for the victory in his TNA return!

Winner: Raven

After the match, Larry yelled on the microphone that he couldn’t stand this anymore. He wanted Raven in the ring right now so they could both settle this right now. Raven got in but Larry gave him no time to get up on his feet. Larry just kicked and pounded Raven with some cheap shots before security came to handle the situation. Security couldn’t maintain the carnage though as Raven and Larry both broke free and still managed to get their shots in at each other before the two decided to save this battle for another time.


Rhino’s quick charge to the ring resembled his quick viciousness in the ring. He’s got that animal instinct that never quits but unfortunately in this match he lost because of the interference by Scott D’Amore with the hockey stick. D’Amore hit Rhino across the back, which had no affect, but it was the sudden turning of the back towards Roode that enabled him to hit the Northern Lariat for the win. The match went in and out of the ring with shared offense from both competitors. Strengths were measured, but the numbers were not even on this night and that had a clear effect on the outcome of the match.

Winner: Bobby Roode


Going into this match, Brother Ray was at the forefront with an interview backstage reminding The James Gang that years back it was Team 3D that defeated them to gain their first WWE World Tag Team Titles, but today it’s Team 3D gaining that first win against The James Gang in TNA. Brother Devon testified that announcement by Brother Ray, but would Ray’s spoken words be the truth of tonight’s outcome?

During the match, both teams had the great respect towards each other but when you looked in their eyes you could see the pride and dignity they had more so for their own tag team. This match was the measuring stick for the next team in line for the NWA World Tag Team Titles and both teams knew the importance so they failed to disappoint in the ring. Brother Ray and BG James were competing strengths with shoulder blocks but Brother Ray decided to push it aside and hit a surprising double leg drop kick! That raised the fans to their feet!

Later on, BG James used a clever tactic of touching knuckles with Brother Ray as a sign of friendship but once Ray turned his back he took a blindsided clothesline – again showing you what these men will do to win. As the match progressed, the respect towards their opposing competitors began to go out the window. Kip James later showed his impressive power with an overhead toss on Brother Ray. BG James was showing some resilience later on after suffering the Doomsday by Team 3D. Seconds later was the sudden victory for The James Gang after a lead pipe was brought into play and executed on Brother Devon by BG James.

Winners: The James Gang

Six years ago, Team 3D won their match via lead pipe brought into play – fast forwarding to today, the score is even with the lead pipe leading The James Gang to the victory.

Backstage, James Mitchell said that tonight Abyss was finally going to be declared the undisputed NWA World Heavyweight Champion when his six-foot-eight monster Abyss clicks doomsday on Christian Cage in his specialty match, the Full Metal Mayhem match.

Next was our Gauntlet Match to determine the winning team of the World X Cup Tournament. Christy Hemme made her way down to the ring to present the World X Cup Trophy to the winning team at the conclusion of this Gauntlet Match.


Starting the gauntlet was Minoru Tanaka of Team Japan and Puma representing Team Mexico. The two went all out in with the World X Cup as their driving force to win. Minoru initiated the fight by spitting mist in the eyes of Puma. After battling for a brief time it was now Petey Williams of Team Canada who entered the Gauntlet. At first, he and Minoru were working together but that was only momentarily because he clotheslined Minoru down after still feeling to effects of his loss to Jushin Liger earlier in the night. Team USA’s influence was now in the ring with captain Chris Sabin. He attempted to send archrival Petey Williams out but Hiroki Goto came in next from Team Japan and went straight for Sabin. Team Mexico’s Incognito then made his impressive TNA debut with a shooting dive to Petey Williams on the outside through the ropes. You must be sent over the ropes to be eliminated so at this point there were still no wrestlers eliminated from the Gauntlet.

Team Canada gained a second member in the ring with Johnny Devine but so did Team USA shortly after with Sonjay Dutt. Dutt and Sabin worked well together with double team action, but Sonjay would later raise the fans to their feet with a Hurricanrana on Devine back first – an incredible move normally done face first. After seeing the entrances of Black Tiger, Magno, and Eric Young we finally saw the first wrestler eliminated and it was Incognito. Sonjay was next eliminated with an apparent ankle injury that had paramedics attend to his aid. Alex Shelley later would enter the match and clothesline Johnny Devine to the outside and at the same time eliminate his own team member, Chris Sabin by accident! Action was all over the place in this match!

Jushin “Thunder” Liger then returned to the ring for his second match as he went straight to work on Petey Williams, his previous opponent earlier in the night. He quickly then eliminated Magno who was attempting to eliminate him. Team Mexico captain, Shocker was the next entrant; he quickly made an impact by eliminating Black Tiger. Eric Young was holding himself pretty well in the match considering his fear of foreigners and he was certainly pleased to see Tyson Dux from Team Canada as the next entrant. Shortly after, the energetic Jay Lethal made his appearance in the match and was quick to make his self-impact with the elimination of Minoru Tanaka – the first entrant in the match. Shocker was later surprisingly eliminated with the teamwork of the Canadians – Petey Williams, Eric Young, and Tyson Dux. Shortly after, the Canadians continued to impress with now the elimination of Japanese legend, Jushin “Thunder” Liger!

Narrowing down to the final two, Alex Shelley eliminated Tyson Dux just after witnessing the elimination of Eric Young. Petey was quick to save himself following the pattern of his Canadian acolytes being eliminated by ducking Shelley’s approaching clothesline that sent him to the outside with the momentum of the attempted clothesline. The final two members were then Petey Williams and Puma of Team Mexico. Petey quickly finished Puma off with the Canadian Destroyer finisher to win the Gauntlet and gain five points for Team Canada to tie Team USA.

Winner: Petey Williams of Team Canada

“Big Sexy” Kevin Nash then appeared and did exactly what he promised – launching an assault on the stars of TNA’s X-Division. Nash hit the ring following the Gauntlet Match, obliterating Team Mexico member Puma. Nash then laced into the X-Division after the attack, once again claiming “A big man is better than a great little man 7 days a week”.

After the match, it was decided that this Thursday night at “iMPACT!” on Spike TV it’s going to be Team USA captain Chris Sabin against Team Canada captain Petey Williams to settle the score in "Sudden Death" with the winner of the match having his team declared the 2006 TNA World X Cup Champions!


For the first time in history we were seeing Sting teaming up with “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe. Jeff Jarrett had a hard time starting to match as he took multiple face plants on the ring canvas by Sting. After much frustration, Jarrett tagged in Scott Steiner. Nor could Scott Steiner tame Sting. “The Man in Black” came prepared and quick on his feet with a high-risk clothesline from the top taking out Steiner and Jarrett. Now after much frustration from Steiner he demanded Sting to make the tag to Samoa Joe – Steiner was granted the tag and the face off with Joe was on! Steiner caught Joe first with the boot and a series of chops but Joe stacked him up and reversed the offense. Never underestimate Scott Steiner though; he came back with a huge belly-to-belly overhead Suplex on Samoa Joe! Joe later counteracted with a swift running kick to Steiner’s head but the double team factor later came into play. Sting tried to help Joe but the referee was there to stop him as Jarrett and Steiner continued working on Joe in their corner. Samoa Joe however was quick to recover and he didn’t need any help. Jeff Jarrett ran perfectly into Joe’s arm and he just sent him straight down to the mat – enabling Joe to now make the tag for Sting. Sting would then after clean house as only Sting can do!

This match was everything everyone expected – high energy, great excitement, and lots of intrigue. Towards the end of the match, Steiner and Jarrett were piled in the corner as Joe went forward with the step up kick on Steiner followed with Sting delivering the Stinger Splash on Jarrett. The win then landed in the hands of Samoa Joe who had Jarrett in perfect position for the Muscle Buster after an attempted Stroke by Jarrett from the top rope.

Winners: TNA X-Division Champion, Samoa Joe & Sting

After the match, Samoa Joe respectively shook the legendary Sting’s hand after the impressive win over Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett. Samoa Joe did not show the same respect however once Sting was being demolished in the ring by Jarrett and Steiner. Samoa Joe walked off allowing Jarrett and Steiner to continue their beat down on Sting, which also saw a guitar shot.


We saw Christian do it once, but can he do it again? Christian Cage walks into Full Metal Mayhem as the technical champion, but Abyss walks in with the physical title thinking he’s the true champion in claiming that possession is nine-tenths of the law. Nonetheless, the NWA World Heavyweight Title was hung high in the air for one man to climb the ladder and take down the championship en route to being declared the true champion.

Christian Cage and Abyss started out by measuring each other out but a monster always wins that contest. Christian then sensed and saw the approaching ladder by Abyss so he slid down and kicked it in Abyss’ face after trying to slide it in the ring. Later, Christian used the ladder a step further by catapulting it down on the rope, which had it slingshot back in Abyss’ face. Chairs were later brought into the equation when Abyss’ head met the steel wedged in the corner. Pure power was then demonstrated by Abyss when he sent Christian overhead onto a ladder, bareback first. The excruciating pain shown on Christian’s face was the kind of thing James Mitchell appreciated while watching his six foot eight monster Abyss maul Christian. The physical pain exerted on Christian Cage continued when Abyss sent him flying from the top rope on the outside through a table as he also caught a steel chair that was placed on the table.

Christian Cage gained back his offense with the Unprettier delivered to Abyss on a ladder. James Mitchell later felt the thousands and thousands of thumbtacks puncture his back with a scoop slam by Abyss.

The end result saw Christian Cage take down the NWA World Heavyweight Championship after hitting a frogsplash from the top of the ladder onto Abyss threw a table.

Winner & STILL NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Christian Cage


Hard Justice 2005

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