MCI Center
Washington, DC
December 28, 1997
Attendance: 23,000


Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero (WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Eddie Guerrero gets the win with a Missile Drop Kick and a Frog Splash to retain his title.


Scott Hall comes to the ring for an interview


The Steiner Brothers & Ray Traylor with Ted DiBiase vs. Scott Norton, Vincent, & Randy Savage with Miss Elizabeth

Randy Savage hit the Flying Elbow Drop on Scott Steiner for the win.


Bill Goldberg vs. Steve McMichael

A Tombstone Piledriver and a Jackhammer by Goldberg gives him the win; he is still undefeated.


Raven vs. Chris Benoit

Raven doesn't want to fight, so he gets Perry Saturn to wrestle for him.  The rest of the Flock comes out to help Saturn.  Benoit fights them off, but Van Hammer gets him, as does Raven with the Evenflow DDT.  Saturn then applies the Rings of Saturn and gets Benoit to tap out.


Lex Luger vs. Buff Bagwell

Vincent comes out to help Bagwell, although he doesn't accomplish much. Lex goes to apply the torture rack, but Randy Savage and Scott Norton come out and attack Lex.  Norton hits Lex with a belt, and drags Buff on top to allow him to pin him.  Buff Bagwell wins this match.


Curt Hennig (WCW US Champion) vs. Diamond Dallas Page

A few Hennig Plexes hurt Page, but doesn't pin him.  A Diamond Cutter allows Page to pin Hennig, winning the US title at the same time. 


Larry Zbyszko vs. Eric Bischoff with Scott Hall
Battle for control of Monday Nitro - Special Referee: Bret Hart

Hall grabs a steel plate and puts it in Bischoff’s foot. Eric kicks with the loaded foot and the plate goes flying. Eric thinks he’s won it and then Bret attacks Eric. He nails Scott Hall as well, and puts him in the Sharpshooter and Larry chokes out Eric with Scott’s belt. Bret declares Larry the winner.


Hollywood Hogan (WCW Champion) vs. Sting

It looked like referee Nick Patrick gave Hogan the win, but Bret Hart comes out and attacks the referee and takes over reffing and continuing the match.  As thought it would happen, the nWo comes out, but Sting is able to defend them off.  He puts Hogan in a Scorpion Death Lock and gets him to tap out.  Sting won the WCW Heavyweight Championship in his first match in months!

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