WCW Beach Blast 1993

Mississippi Coast Coliseum
Biloxi, Mississippi
July 18, 1993


The Masters of the Powerbomb (Big Van Vader and Sid Vicious with Harley Race and Col Robert Parker) vs. The Superpowers (Sting and the British Bulldog)

The Bulldog pinned Vader with a Crucifix



Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham (NWA Heavyweight Champion)

Ric pinned Barry with a Figure Four Leglock to become Heavyweight Champion for the tenth time.



Rick Rude vs. The Natural Dustin Rhodes
30 Minute Iron Man Match for the United States Championship

Rude pinned Rhodes with the Rude Awakening, then Rhodes pinned Rude with a Bulldog. As Dustin goes for his second pin, the time runs out. It ends in a time limit draw.



The Four Horseman (Arn Anderson and Paul Roma) vs. The Hollywood Blonds (WCW World Tag Team Champions)

Stunning Steve pinned Paul Roma after Roma went for the pin and Flyin Brian clotheslined him.



Maxx Payne vs. Johnny B. Badd
Super Grudge Match

Badd pinned Payne after a jump off the second rope.



Eric Watts vs. Lord Steven Regal with Sir Williams

William hit Eric in the face while he is doing an STF. Steven held Eric's tights in a roll up to get the pin.



2 Cold Scorpio and Marcus Alexander Bagwell vs. Tex Slazenger and Shanghai Pierce

Scorpio pinned Pierce after a 450 Splash.



All American Ron Simmons vs. Paul Orndorff (WCW Television Champion)
If Orndorff is disqualified, he will lose his belt

Ron Simmons backdropped Paul Orndorff over the top rope to get himself disqualified.

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