Los Angeles, California
Friday, July 10, 1998


David Penzer gets on the mic, warms up the crowd. The announce team for LA Melee is Mark Madden, Lee Marshall, and The Deli Boy.

Madden makes the comment that the DJ's on the west coast are the worst. LOL, Madden is funny as hell.

The team then talks about if Rodman will show on Monday. Madden says that Rodman no-showing on Nitro was a work set-up by WCW.

More making fun of the DJ's. When's the first match ever gonna start?!

WCW TV TITLE Booker T (C) vs Fit Finlay
Booker T comes out with a brace on his knee. The announce team says that Booker T will be apart of the Four Horsemen if they reform. The match went back and forth. About halfway in to the match, the crowd starts chanting "Finlay sucks!". Finlay then beats Booker T, almost scoring the pin a number of times. Booker T fights back with elbows, and gets the advantage. Booker T gets the win with an arial move. Winner: Booker T

Chavo Guerrero vs Eddie Guerrero
Madden tells Marshall to NEVER throw his headset around, or he will be punished like he was. LOL. Chavo vs Eddie at Bash at the Beach on Sunday, it will be a Hair vs Hair match. Chavo comes running to the ring with scissors in his hand, Madden says "CHAVO--DON'T RUN WITH SCISSORS!!". Eddie gets out of the ring almost immediatly. Eddie gets back in the ring, and Chavo hits him with chops. Chavo dominates Eddie early. Eddie looked like he was scared of Chavo for most of the match. Eddie gets in control however, with wear-down holds. Eddie then picks up the referee like he is going to slam him, but he puts him back down. Chavo grabs the scissors again, and Eddie runs away from him. chavo grabs the mike and says "Here Eddie Eddie Eddie!! You don't want me to bring Pepe (his horse) out do you?" Eddie comes back to the ring, and drop-kicks Chavo in the knee. Eddie then uses more wear-down holds. Chavo got the advantage by suplexing Eddie over the top rope. He then did a suicide dive on Eddie to the outside. Eddie uses the dropkick to the knee again, but does not get the pin. Chavo tried to nail a move off the top and missed, then Eddie tried the frogsplash and missed. Chavo got up and scoop slammed Eddie, then crothched Eddie on the top rope. Eddie did some sort of suplex, got Chavo down, did the frogsplash and got the win. Eddie throws Chavo into a corner and grabs the scissors. Chavo nails Eddie with a low blow to break him off. Chavo gets the scissors and cuts off some of Eddie's hair. Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, and Ciclope vs Villano IV, Villano V, and Damien
Damien and Ciclope start off. Marshall says this match will go by Lucha Libre rules, with no tags having to take place to switch partners. Very fast paced match. Crowd was not really into this match, neither was I. Madden comments that Juvy is the most over Luchador, because he has no mask. Juvy nailed the Juvy driver on Damien, and wins the match Winners: Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, and Ciclope

Dean Malenko vs Ultimo Dragon
As expected, a very technical match. Fast paced match, with lots of escape holds applied. Madden says he's a big Jericho fan, and that Malenko and his brother do look nothing alike. Malenko went after Dragon's arm to try to weaken it. The crowd was totally dead. Ultimo put Malenko in a toe hold and chinlock all in the same move. Dragon then went for his usual kicks, gets a dropkick, but does not get the three count. Dragon continued to have the advantage until Malenko rammed Dragon into a turnbuckle. Malenko then put the boots to Ultimo. Ultimo turns things around, goes for the sleeper, but Dean finds the ropes. Malenko then powerslams Dragon, goes for the cloverleaf but does not get it on. Ultimo kicks out, and hits Dean with one of his kicks. Ultimo rolls up Malenko, Malenko reverses it, it goes back and forth for awhile. Then Jericho comes walking down the isle with a mic. Malenko jumps out of the ring and runs after Jericho. The ref starts counting. The ref counts Malkenko out. Winner: Ultimo Dragon by count-out.


A couple interviews were played. Madden and Marshall said they were going to take their fat asses to the food stand and get nachos.

Cruiserweight Title
Chris Jericho (C) vs Rey Mysterio Jr.
Jericho talks on the mic like usual, and says that everybody came here to see me tonight. Someone threw roses into the ring for Jericho. Jericho says since no one in the back has guts to come out....Mysterio's music starts and he comes out. He looked IMPRESSIVE! He's added about 15 pounds of muscle. Mysterio starts fast, and takes it to Jericho. Mysterio goes for the pin early a few times, but does not get it. Mysterio showed no ring rust at all, he was really impressive. Jericho finally gets a move in, and gets a dropkick in. Jericho then goes after the once-injured knee of Mysterio. Jericho tries an arrogant cover. Mysterio was wearing a huge brace on his left knee, the brace was about as big as his whole body! Jericho then takes the match to the outside, and works over Mysterio out there. Mysterio gets the advantage back by kicking Jericho in the sternum. That didn't last long, and Jericho went back after the knee of Mysterio. Rey got out of the hold Jericho had him in and did an assai moonsalt. The match went back and forth again, until Jericho went to the top rope and missed. Rey got up and took it to Jericho. Jericho landed on the announce table. Suprisingly, the crowd was dead...this was a pretty good match. Both men exchanged near-falls, Mysterio went to the top rope, Jericho grabbed him and put him in the lion tamer. Malenko then came running down to ringside and beat the hell out of Jericho. Winner: Chris Jericho as a result of a disqualification

Konnan vs Vincent
Good crowd reaction for Konnan. Konnan gets the mic and does his regular routine. Konnan beat the hell out of Vincent on the outside, before it got into the ring. This match was boring. Konnan won with the Tequila Sunrise.Winner: Konnan

Kevin Nash and Lex Luger vs The Giant and Bret Hart
The Giant comes out smoking a cigarette, and Marshall goes crazy saying "THIS IS A NO SMOKING BUILDING!!" Big deal. Very loud pop for Big Sexy and Luger. Big Sexy grabs the mic and says the Wolfpac is in the house. Big Sexy slapped Bret Hart, and Nash was all over him. Hart headbutted Nash in the groin, but Nash got back and did the DX crotch chops. Luger was then tagged in. Luger went after Hart's arms. hart got out of the hold by kicking Luger in the midsection. The Giant lit another cigarette in the corner, again Marshall went nuts. Hart nailed a russian leg sweep, and tagged the Giant in. Bret Hart took the Giant's cigarette and started smoking it! The Giant then worked over Luger. Giant worked on Luger's legs for Hart's sharpshooter. The Giant and Hart then double-teamed Luger. Nash tried to get into the ring, but the ref would not let him. Luger tags in Big Sexy, and Hart tags in Giant. Nash hit the Giant with rights and lefts, pushing the Giant into the corner. Bret tries to get into the ring, and Luger takes him out. The Disciple and Vincent comes down to ringside, the bell is rung. Konnan makes his way out. All hell breaks loose. Winners: Kevin Nash and Lex Luger by disqualification

World Title
Goldberg (C) vs Curt Hennig
Chant of Goldberg begins...Hennig goes down the aisle during Goldberg's intro to attack him. Hennig attacks Goldberg in the aisle. They take it to the ring. The Goldberg chant goes on throughout the match. Hennig had a brace on his right leg, and was favoring it. Goldberg lands the tackle, and Hennig gets out of the ring quickly. Goldberg tried a submission move on Hennig's injured leg, but it didn't work. Madden says we will never see Goldberg wrestle a mid-carder again....yeah, sure. Hennig never really had the advantage in this match, but it wasn't a total squash. Hennig did land a couple of moves. Hennig did take Goldberg to his longest match ever. Hennig landed a Hennig-plex, and Goldberg kicked out at the 2 count. Goldberg landed the spear, and got the win with the jackhammer. Winner: Goldberg

Cage Match
Sting vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Took awhile to set-up the cage. Suprisingly, Hogan came to the ring by himself. Sting got the second loudest pop, next to Goldberg. Hogan runs after Sting as soon as he comes in the ring. By the way: The winner is determined by pinfall, not by who climbs the cage first. Madded ratted out the WWF, saying that climbing over the top of the cage is "cowardly". Hogan began choking out Sting with his leather coat. Sting came back with an atomic drop. Sting then took it to Hogan, and did his yell a couple of times. Sting suplexed Hogan onto the cage, and Hogan got hung-up on the cage. Sting then went for his spashes. He missed and hit the cage hard. Hogan took his HOLLYWOOD belt off and then wipped Sting hard. Sting came back, and raked Hogan's eyes. He tore off Hogan's belt and gave the whipping back to Hogan. Sting then looked at Hogan and did the crotch chops. Hogan took a big bite out of Sting, and then threw him into the cage. Hogan took Sting outside of the cage. Hogan threw Sting into the guard rail a few times, and then slammed him on the annouce table. Hogan was busted open. Madden's microphone was knocked out. The match then went back in the cage, and Hogan slammed Sting right in the middle of the ring. Hogan did the classic legdrop, but Sting moved. Sting did the chops to Hogan, and nailed a splash. Sting applied the scorpion in the middle of the ring and got the win. Hogan tapped out. At the end of the match, NWO Hollywood came down and beat up Sting, Goldberg came out and took out the whole NWO Hollywood. Goldberg picked the Giant up and slammed him. The Goldberg chant starts, as him and Sting shake hands. Winner: Sting