WWE Vengeance 2006

Charlotte Bobcats Arena
Charlotte, North Carolina
June 25, 2006

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Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle
Randy Orton is out first. Surely a better crowd reaction than the ECW show. Kurt Angle is out next and he wastes no time getting to the ring. The ref calls for the bell and Orton-Angle is on! Angle starts off with a little mat work. Surely Orton wants to avoid that. A mat wrestling match will be lost against the likes of Kurt Angle. Orton tries to retreat but Angle follows. Angle is now positioned behind Orton on the ring apron! Angle wants to belly-to-back Orton off, but Orton is hanging on for dear life. Angle loses his grip and slips off. Orton follows, but Angle snaps in a belly-to-belly at ringside! Back in the ring now. Orton is whipped, but telegraphs and reverses with a drop kick. Orton sends Angle outside. Orton follows. Orton dishing out some stiff shots ringside. Angle is rolled back into the ring. Orton follows and applies a headlock. Angle mustards up the strength and slams Orton down! Orton isn't fazed he applies more pressure to the headlock in the center of the ring. Orton whips Angle and lands a knee to the mid-section. Orton applies the headlock again. Angle hits a quick armdrag, but Orton levels him with a clothesline. Orton mounts the ropes. Angle eye balls him though. Angle pops to his feet and sprints up the ropes and executes a superb Greco-roman throw from the top! Angle's feeling it now, he lands two belly-to-bellies. Angle is stalking... going for the Angle Slam! No! Orton counters and hits a back neck breaker! Orton is stalking now. Orton goes for the RKO, but misses. Orton is pushed into the corner, so he goes for turnbuckle, trying to untie it. Angle lays in a German suplex! And another! And another! And another! And another! And another! And another! And another! Count'em folks! 8 German suplexes and Orton melts to ringside. Angle follows Orton outside, and he rolls him back in the ring. Angle hits another German suplex. Angle is livid! The straps come off! Angle slaps on the Ankle Lock Submission! Orton crawls to the rope, but Angle pulls him back. Still in the lock, Orton inches to the ropes, but Angle pulls him back. Orton flips over and sends Angle face first into a turnbuckle! Angle is reeling, and RKO! RKO! RKO from Orton! Randy goes for the cover...1...2...3!

Winner via RKO: Randy Orton

Angle is still dazed. Orton slowly gets up and is favoring his ankle. The ref helps Orton backstage, as a groggy Kurt Angle makes his way back up.

Mr. McMahon is on the phone and tells the guy that Vengeance is his. He said Spirit Squad will never forget what happened to them last Monday. There’s a knock at the door and in comes a kid in a wheelchair wearing a DX t-shirt. McMahon shakes his hand and then pulls the wheelchair closer. McMahon asked where the rooster was or the space aliens and he thinks this is a DX trap. McMahon says he knows why he’s here. The kid looks scared and McMahon tells him to shut up. McMahon says he’s taking him for a ride and pushes him in the wheelchair out of the door and it went crashing into something. McMahon laughed and then there’s another knock at the door and Coach comes in. He said he found the penis pump outside his door. McMahon said the joke was just on DX. Coach then says invited a close family friend to the building tonight, and McMahon is his hero. He said he just wants an autograph, he’s a young kid in a wheelchair, and he will stay that way for the rest of his life. McMahon gulped as we go back to the arena.

The music of Umaga hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with Armando Alejandro Estrada and he’s set for action with Eugene. A few weeks ago, Umaga took out Eugene’s friend, Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Then Eugene brings out Doing The Clown. Eugene says he has one more and out comes Kamala!

Umaga (with Estrada) vs. Eugene (with Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Doink The Clown and Kamala)
The ref calls for the bell and the match is on. Doink squirts Umaga with a squirt gun. But that just pissed off Umaga and he's taking it out on Eugene. Duggan starts a USA chant. Umaga dishes out even more right hand slaps and kicks to Eugene. Eugene tries to battle back, but to no avail. Umaga lands that Samoan Spike and gets the 3-count.

Winner via Samoan Spike: Umaga

Duggan gets in the ring is taken out by Umaga. Doink gets in and falls victim to the spike. Kamala hits the ring and Umaga is ready to battle but Estrada stops him and they exit the ring and head back up the ramp as Kamala taunts Umaga.

Todd Grisham is backstage with Mick Foley, and asks him his thoughts about his match tonight. Foley said not to ruin his cheap pop, and they are going to have a public book reading right here in Charlotte. Foley has Flair’s book with him and reads out the part about Flair calling Foley nothing more than a glorified stuntman. Foley said tonight in his own hometown, this glorified stuntman is going to wipe the floor with Flair with wrestling moves.

2 Out Of 3 Falls
Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair

Mick Foley is out first. Out next in his hometown of Charlotte, NC, The Nature Boy Ric Flair to a hero's welcome from the fans. Flair enters the ring and woooooos Charlotte. The ref calls for the bell and the first of a possible 3 falls is underway. The crowd chants Foley sucks. Foley locks in a headlock. Flair counters into a hammer lock. Flair backs Foley into the corner and the are broken up. They lock it up back in the center of the ring. Flair snaps in a wristlock. Foley powers off and backs away. Flair locks in another wristlock and Foley goes for the ropes for the break. Foley flattens Flair with a right hand and dishes out some stiff rights and lefts. Foley calls for socko and brings out a mini-Flair Mr. Socko. Flair reaches out and squeezes the groin of Foley! Foley is reeling in pain. Flair climbs the ropes and hits a falling rock but it appears as he injured the left knee. Foley attacks the injured knee. Foley is right on top of Flair, but wait! Flair snaps in a fishermen pin! Flair gets the three count and the first fall! Flair goes for another pins, but Foley powers out and heads outside. Flair follows but Foley dishes out more punishment. Foley rolls Ric back into the ring. Foley brings in a trash can, but this is not a hardcore bout. Flair is able to snap in the figure-four leglock. Foley panics and hits Flair with the can. That's it!

Winner via pin & DQ: Ric Flair

Foley snaps and goes for the barbwire bat. He gets back in the ring and lays out Flair. Flair is bleeding now. Foley grinds the barbwire bat into the forehead of Flair. More refs come out and pull Foley off. The take Flair and help him backstage.

Maria is backstage with Carlito. Maria said that the people who want to the be cool are not cool and that creates this unique paradox…what the hell. Carlito said he doesn’t know what the hell she just said. Carlito said nothing will be cooler than if Carlito becomes the Intercontinental Champion. Torrie then walks by in bra and panties. She asks Maria to rub her over with baby oil, and asks Carlito to hold her puppies…the dogs. Some cheesy music then came on as Torrie and Maria rubbed each other down with baby oil with Carlito looking on enjoying himself. Carlito’s music then hit in the arena as he doesn’t want to leave. Carlito is pissed and makes his way towards the arena.

IC Title Triple Threat
Carlito vs. Nitro vs. Shelton Benjamin

Carlito and Shelton start things out. Nitro sits back and lets them work. Carlito gets a near 3 count and that gets Nitro involved now. Nitro goes after Carlito. Nitro works on Shelton now ringside. Carlito hits and front flip plancha to Benjamin and Nitro! You have to view these images and checkout the height he gets here. Carlito is in control momentarily. Nitro gains momentum after dropkicking Benjamin to the outside. Carlito hits a Hurricanrana. Carlito goes for Nitro but Benjamin slips in and launches him in the air and sends him slamming down. Benjamin sends Nitro outside. He gets a two count on Carlito. Benjamin hits a Samoan drop for another 2-count. Broken up by Nitro. Now Nitro hammers away on Benjamin. Nitro goes into a hurricanrana but Benjamin turns into a snake-like like maneuver and gets a 2-count on Nitro. Benjamin argues with the ref, Carlito hits a victory roll on Benjamin for a 2-count! Carlito exhibits some awesome aerial attacks. He hits a monkey flip dropkick and gets a 2 count on Benjamin. Carlito sets up Nitro in a tree of woe. Carlito stands on the turnbuckle, Benjamin jumps up with him. You gotta see this to believe folks. Nitro hits a awkward belly to back/powerbomb! The only way I can describe it! The crowd chants "holy sh*t" after that last maneuver. Carlito gets a 2 count on Nitro. No! Carlito gets a cover on Benjamin but only 2! Carlito pushes Nitro out the ring. Benjamin hits a ghetto blaster on ala-Bad News Brown. Carlito plays possum and hits a backcracker on Benjamin. A dazed Carlito is yanked out by Nitro. Now Nitro makes the cover and gets the 3 count!

Winner via Carlito's Backcracker: Nitro

The Spirit Squad are shown getting pumped up backstage. McMahon comes in and asks if they are proud of themselves. He asks how they could possibly fall for DX's pranks. McMahon said no one makes a fool out of the Spirit Squad or McMahon. McMahon said DX is a disease, like the bird flu, and the Squad are the cure. McMahon sends them on their way and then picks up his penis pump and puts it back down. He picks it up again and looks intrigued. He then takes off his jacket and disappears into the bathroom with the pump and it’s heard blowing up. The bathroom is filled with smoke and he has green all over his face.

WWE Championship Match
Edge vs. Rob Van Dam

Out first is Edge with Lita. He gets on the mic and says flying down to the show he realized something. The WWE title being in ECW is as ridiculous as the Stanly Cup being in North Carolina. "Newsflash people," he says. "Canadians won it for you!" Edge and Lita do some making out and RVD heads out. RVD sports both the ECW and WWE championship straps. The camera focuses on Lita who is wearing quite the revealing red top. A must see for you Lita-heads. The ref calls for the bell and the match is underway. They lock it up in the center of the ring. Edge powers off and taunts RVD with some kung-fu moves. RVD laughs it off and they tie up and RVD hits a monkey flip. Edge backs off as RVD taunts him this time. Edge misses a cross body block. RVD hits a standing moonsault and gets 2 count. RVD taunts Edge with the crowd's help motioning "Rooob...Vaaan... Daaam". Edge attacks, RVD skips left and Edge goes out the ring. RVD follows up and goes after him. RVD jumps to the ringside barricade and hits a Moonsault on Edge. Edge is able to crawl back into the ring first. As RVD heads it standing on the apron. Edge jumps over and hits a flipping Powerbomb to ringside! Back in the ring now Edge gets a two count. Edge sends RVD into the corner and RVD bounces off like a rag doll. Edge still on the attack choking RVD with the rope. Edge rakes the eyes of RVD. Edge now applies a wing-stretch submission hold. Edge stands on the apron and RVD hits a cross body and they both go flying off to ring side. RVD goes for a scissor kick on Edge but misses and catches all barricade. Back in the ring Edge gets a 2 count. RVD really favoring that right leg now. Edge baseball slides RVD out the ring. Edge follows. Edge executes a vicious Powerbomb on RVD off the ringside security wall. Edge rolls RVD back in the ring but can only get a 2 count. Edge hits a back breaker on RVD. Van Dam pokes the eyes of Edge and gets some separation. Edge is back up and hammers away on RVD. Van Dam battles back. Edge flattens him with a boot to the face. Edge goes for a suplex, but Van Dam battles out. Van Dam springs off the ropes and hits a flying side kick on Edge. Both men struggle to make it back up. Van Dam hits a clothesline. Van Dam with a backbody drop. Van Dam hits a German suplex and gets a 2 count. Edge stops him with a Powerslam and gets a 2 count! Van Dam hits a drop kick. Edge is down and seemingly out! RVD mounts the ropes, Edge moves. RVD hits a modified rolling thunder! RVD hits the ropes again for a split legged Moonsault and another near 3 count! RVD goes for heel kick but misses Edge and hits the ref. Edge lays out RVD with a clothesline. Edge gets the strap and goes for RVD's face, RVD hits a side kick. The ref is still out. RVD goes for the 5-Star, but Lita trips him up and he falls on the turnbuckle. Edge hits a suplex off the top rope and the ref barely conscious counts another near 3 count! Lita props a chair in the corner and Edge motions for the spear. Edge is off! RVD skips right! Edge meets the chair with his face! Edge is out cold! RVD mounts the ropes... 5 STAR FROG SPLASH!..1...2...3! Yes!

Winner via 5-Star Frog Splash and Still WWE Champion: Rob Van Dam

RVD can barely walk, but he grabs his ECW and WWE straps and leaves the ring victorious. Meanwhile Edge is busted open after colliding with that chair set up by Lita.

The ECW locker room was shown celebrating in the back chanting “RVD, ECW!” Heyman says one down and one to go. Heyman said they are here tonight to take up John Cena on his offer of making his match with Sabu an Extreme Lumberjack Match. In interest of fairness, Mr. McMahon has told him that there will be an equal number of RAW Superstars at ringside.

Kane vs. Kane (Old School)
Bald Kane is out first followed by Masked Kane. Masked Kane goes for the pyro signal, but Bald Kane says no, its go time. The bell rings and the match is on. Old School Kane (or the Impostor) chokes Kane in the corner. Kane shoulder blocks the Impostor and goes for the mask. Impostor backs off and hits a stiff right. Impostor gets a 2 count. Kane is whipped and Impostor follows. Kane boots him in the face. Impostor hits a boot of his own and gets a 2 count. Impostor hammers away on Kane and now locks in a choke hold. Impostor goes for the Chokeslam, Kane thumb him in the eye through the mask. Kane hits a running DDT. Kane hits a Powerslam. Kane hammers away now on the Impostor. Kane charges again and hits a clothesline on the Impostor in the corner. Make it two! Kane hits a sidewalk slam! Impostor hits a boot to Kane's face. Impostor mounts the ropes. Kane follows. Kane hits a huge suplex off the top rope. Kane signals for the Chokeslam. Kane has the Impostor locked by the throat, but Impostor fights out. Kane hits a big boot to the face and mounts the ropes. Kane flies off, but the Impostor catches him by the throat and hits the Chokeslam for the 3 count!

Winner via Chokeslam: Kane (Old School)

Extreme Lumberjack Match
Sabu vs. John Cena

Out first to the ECW TV them are the ECW extremists. Out next is The suicidal, homicidal, genocidal death defying Sabu. Next out are the RAW brand superstars to the RAW theme. John Cena makes his firebreathing, SOB'ing self to the ring. Cena has to battle throw the lumberjacks and finally makes it into the ring. Sabu wastes no time and goes right after Cena. The ref calls for the bell. Cena hits a suplex and gets a 2 count. Sabu is tossed out to the RAW crew and they go to work on him and send him back in the ring. Cena gets a 2 count. Cena is tripped outside and the ECW crew lays into him. Sabu again trips Cena out ringside and The Sandman lays him out with the Kendo Stick. Sabu gets him back in the ring and gets a 2 count. Sabu locks in a camel clutch. Sabu sets up a chair and hits a legdrop. Sabu climbs the ropes with the chair and hits an Arabian face buster for a 2 count. Sabu stalks Cena and goes for a flying crossbody, but Cena skips right and Sabu meets the turnbuckles. Cena battles back with a boot and a suplex. Cena signals for the 5 knuckle shuffle. The Lumberjacks begin to fight outside. Cena goes out and hits an FU on Richards. Sabu attacks from behind with a chair. Cena is set up on a table but RAW guys intervene. Sabu hits the ropes but Cena hits him with the Kendo stick. Cena heads in and lays out Sabu with a chair shot. John Cena lifts Sabu up in the FU and FU's him out the ring onto the table! Oh my god! You have to see this. Sabu damn near shatters his back on this table. Sabu screams in pain but the RAW crew gets him back in the ring. Cena slaps on the STFU! Sabu taps!

Winner via STFU: John Cena

The ECW crew gathers whats left of Sabu after that huge FU off the ring onto the table and take him to the back. The RAW crew stands united with John Cena in the ring. Cena departs from the ring as the RAW superstars cheer him on.

Cena walks to his dressing room but meets up with RVD. Van Dam said he thought he had balls at One Night Stand, but he had bigger balls to walk into the ECW lockerroom backstage. RVD says he knows how Cena feels. Like he's hold the John Cena spinner belt. But he's not, he's hold the championship. RVD suggest that tomorrow night on RAW, RVD... John Cena... for the WWE Championship. John Cena says RVD took everything from him, not just the title, but his life. Cena accepts the challenge and I guess we're on for tomorrow. Rob Van Dam battles John Cena once again for the WWE Championship!

D-Generation X vs. The Spirit Squad
Out first is DX. They're lean, they're mean, they're DX-Green. They're the Game Triple H and the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. HHH grabs the mic.  "Are you ready!? For the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home, live on pay-per-view (or lets us say right here on Rajah.com.  HA-HA) LETS GET READY TO SUCK!" HBK grabs the mic and says "if you're not down with that we got two words for ya!" SUCK IT! The Spirit Squad make their way out. HBK and HHH do their rock, paper, scissors contest. Hey HBK won! He'll start the bout then. Squad member Mitch will take on HBK. The bell rings and we're on. HBK hits a back body drop on Mitch. HBK slaps chest on Mitch. HBK is backed into the corner and Mitch goes to town. HBK slaps chest again though. Mitch backs HBK into the Squad corner and they all go to town but HBK battles back. HBK backs Mitch into the DX corner and they go to town on Mitch! HBK and HHH clear house and Spirit Squad regroups ringside. Squad member Johnny enters the ring with a bloody nose. Johnny puts on a gi headband. And shows off some kung Fu. HBK tags in HHH. John exploits some more moves. HHH exploits one, his right hand to Johnny's already broken nose. Let me explain Johnny's injury. You know how we have a nose in the middle of our face? Well right now, John's nose is like all over his face. Triple H drops a knee ala-Harley Race. Triple H does the package squash in the corner of the ring. John is whipped to the corner and Triple H meets his boot. Squad member Mikey interferes, but Triple H sends him right out the ring. HBK introduces Mikey's groin to the security wall. The Spirit Squad is able to take some control of the match and they are taking it to the Game. Triple H is able to telegraph and hit a neckbreaker in Mikey. HHH tags in HBK and HBK takes it to Mikey. Atomic drop by HBK on Mikey, another Squad member gets the same. HBK mounts the ropes and hits the elbow on Mikey! HBK tunes up the band for sweet chin music. But the Squad swarms the ring. Johnny lays out HBK with an enzuguri. Nicky is tagged in and gets a 2 count. He distracts the ref and the Squad yank out HBK and lay him out with a chair. Mikey sets up a trampoline ringside, runs and jumps into the ring over the top rope and lands a bull dog on HBK for a 2 count. Kenny hits the ring and gets a 2 count. He tags in Nicky who also gets a 2 count. Nicky hammers away on HBK. Nicky tags in Mikey who hammers away on HBK. Some more quick tags by the Sprit Squad as they wear down HBK. Kenny gets a cover and a near 3 count. HBK and Kenny collide in mid-air. Kenny struggles for the red as Mikey gets in the ring and lays out HBK. Nicky is tagged in. HBK takes it to Kenny and dropkicks Nicky. HBK tries to tag in HHH, but no avail. HBK gets a double DDT and now lies dormant as the ref counts 10.

Johnny tags! HBK tags! HHH cleans house. Squad members go flying everywhere. HHH hits a spine buster. And another! Triple H gets Kenny in a facebuster. Triple H goes for the Pedigree but is interrupted. Squad members pick up HBK ringside. Mikey bounces off the trampoline and flies toward HBK, but lands on the entire Spirit Squad instead! Kenny is left alone with HHH and HBK! Triple H sets up the Pedigree! Wam! Mikey tries to help but HBK hits Sweet Chin Music! Triple H gets the pin!

Winners via Pedigree and Chin Music: D-Generation X

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