Staples Center
Los Angeles, California
April 3, 200

Attendance 20,193


Lillian Garcia sings America the Beautiful


Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Rey is knocked to the outside and Eddie springboards outside. Eddie has Rey in a surfboard type move. Eddie almost got pinned when Rey put his weight back on that move. The fight goes to the outside. Rey counters the three amigos. Rey counters the three amigos again with a hurricanrana into a missed 619.  Eddie misses a frog splash. Rey connects with a 619!  Eddie counters a west coast pop with a Powerbomb and only gets a two. Rey gets the pin from out of no where with a hurricanrana.



Chris Benoit vs. Kane vs. Christian vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. Shelton Benjamin
 Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match

All the competitors run down the isle to attack Kane. Benjamin & Jericho start the action in the ring.  Kane jumps from the top rope to the outside and takes all the men out. Kane goes for a ladder. Benoit brings in a ladder and goes for the briefcase. Benoit has Kane in a crossface! Kane gets Benoit in the face with the ladder. Edge spears Kane. Christian and Edge both have ladders and take out Kane. Benjamin takes out both Edge and Christian. Benjamin goes for the ladder, sets it up. . . and climbs up. Benjamin misses the case. Christian sets up another ladder. Edge sets up a third five of the six less Kane are atop the ladders fighting. Benjamin T Bones Edge of the ladder. Jericho is the first to get up and goes after Christian. Jericho climbs the ladder. Benjamin runs up the ladder and clothes lines Jericho ff the ladder.  Kane gets back in the fight and cleans house. Tyson Tomko comes in and helps Christian up the Ladder. Kane tips over the ladder and Christian falls into Tomko on the outside. Benoit sets up a ladder in the corner and flying head buts Kane from the top of the ladder. Benoit head butts Kane off the ladder. Edge whacks Benoit with a chair  and grabs the Briefcase and wins the match



Eugene comes out and tells us about his favorite WrestleMania moment and Mohamed Hassan comes out and attacks him because he was excluded from WrestleMania. HULK HOGAN COMES OUT ! ! !  Hogan cleans house.



The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton

The druids surround the ring and the Undertaker makes his way to ringside. Orton laps the Undertaker. Orton goes for the RKO but the Undertaker throws Orton to the outside.  The Undertaker hits a leg drop off the ring apron. The Undertaker goes old school. Orton pummels the Undertaker. The Undertaker is lying motionless and does his sit up! much to the surprise of Orton.  The Undertaker has Orton in a dragon sleeper. Orton counters the sleeper with a DDT. Orton goes for the RKO but the Undertaker pushes Orton into the referee. Cowboy Bob Orton comes out while the referee is down and attacks the Undertaker. the Referee only counted to two. The Undertaker goes to Chokeslam Orton but he counters with an RKO! Orton goes for a tombstone but the Undertaker counters with a tombstone of his own and gets the win.



Trish Stratus (WWE Woman's Champion) vs. Christy Hemme with Lita

Trish kicks Christy to the outside. Christy counters a chick kick wit a kick of her own. The fight goes to the outside. Christy hits the twist of fait ad Trish kicks out. Trish wins with a chick kick.



Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels pokes Kurt Angle in the Eye.  Michaels goes with a series of submission moves.  Angle goes for the Ankle Lock. the match goes to the outside. Angle goes for an Olympic slam and slams Michaels into the ring post. Angle goes to German suplex  Michaels off the apron but Michaels counters with a low blow.  Michaels springboards off the ropes onto the announce table. Michaels hits the flying elbow off the top rope.  Michaels signals for sweet chin music.  Angle COUNTERS into an ankle lock. Angle Slam! ! ! Angle misses a moonsault. Angle slam off the top rope and Michaels kicks out of the pin.  Michaels finally gets sweet chin music. Angle gets the ankle lock in the middle of the ring. Michaels taps out.


Piper's Pit with special guest Steve Austin



The Big Show vs. Akebono
Sumo Match

Akibono wins after throwing the Big Show out of the circle.



John Cena vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield (WWE Champion)

JBL starts out in control of the match. JBL puts Cena in a sleeper hold. Double clothes line. The fight goes to the outside. JBL superplexes Cena off the top rope. Cena goes after JBL with a series of hip tosses. Cena counters a clothes line from hell into a F-U.  Cena WINS WWE TITLE! ! !


Batista vs. Triple H (WWE World Champion)

Motorhead sings Triple H's theme Live! Triple H goes for the pedigree but Batista counters. Batista is thrown to the outside and Ric Flair tries to go after him.  Triple H throws Batista into the stairs. Triple H distracts the referee and Flair strangles Batista with his suit coat. Backbreaker on Batista and  Flair attacks Batista again. Triple H goes for a Pedigree again and Batista turns it into a backdrop. Triple H goes to the top rope. Triple H gets thrown to the outside. Triple h took apart the stairs and tries for a pedigree in them. Triple H is catapulted into the ring post. Triple H is bleeding from the forehead. Batista punches out Flair. Triple H goes for a chair and tries to use it but the referee took it. Flair tries to whack Batista with the title belt but Batista turns it into a spine buster. Spine buster on Triple H. Triple H gets Batista in the family jewels. Triple H tries several time for a pedigree but Batista keeps him from doing it. BATISTA BOMB! ! !  1...2...3 ! ! ! NEW CHAMPION!!! Batista wins WWE World Championship!

Theme Song: "Big Time" by The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Buy from Bigtime

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