WrestleMania XXVIII
Sun Life Stadium
Miami, Florida
April 1, 2012

Attendance: 78,363

America the Beautiful performed by: Lillian Garcia

Commemtators: Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole



Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE World Champion) with AJ

Sheamus hits Bryan with a brokick and gets the pin and the win and wins the WWE World Championship



Kane vs. Randy Orton

Orton gets Kane down on the mat and pummels him towards the ropes. Kane regains himself and punished Orton. Kane puts Orton in a chokehold like maneuver. Orton tries a series of clotheslines but they fail to knock the big man down. Orton gets Kane in a DDT and goes for the RKO but Kane counters. Kane climbs the ropes for a top rope maneuver but Orton counters with a dropkick. Orton goes to punt Kane's head but Kane counters with a chokeslam, which led to a two count. Kane chokeslams Orton from the second rope and gets the three count AND THE WIN!



The Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes (WWE Intercontinental Champion)

Rhodes runs to the outside and Show follows him. Show manhandles Rhodes. Rhodes gets knocked into the corner and Show sits on his face. Rhodes goes after Show's left knee. Show punches out Rhodes gets the pin and wins the Intercontinental Champion.



Beth Phoenix & Eve vs. Kelly Kelly & Maria Manounos

Kelly Kelly & Eve start out the match. Kelly Kelly hits an impressive move off the top rope. Maria goes up top, but, Phoenix goes for a slam. Kelly Kelly saves her, whips Phoenix into the ropes and Eve goes to the floor, Maria Menounos gets the pin and the win.



Triple H vs. The Undertaker
Hell in a Cell
Special Guest Referee: Shawn Michaels

The Undertaker starts out the match with a fury of hard punches. Triple H turns the tide and hits hard with punches of his own. The fight goes to the floor. The Undertaker is in total control throwing Triple H around like a rag doll. The Undertaker moves the ring steps into the ring. The Undertaker hits a leg drop on the ring apron. Triple H goes for a pedigree on the steps but the Undertaker counters with a back body drop. The Undertaker gets Triple H in the Hells Gate but Triple H manages to pick up The Undertaker and slam him down to break the hold. Triple H gets a chair.  He is punishing The Undertaker with it. Triple H finds a sledgehammer under the ring and cold cocks The Undertaker, and ONLY gets a two count. Michaels took the sledgehammer and threw it to the floor. Michaels wants to end the match but hesitates. The Undertaker gets Michaels in the Hells gate. Triple H knocks out Michaels with the sledge hammer. Triple H gets the hells gate on him but there is no referee. Triple H taps out but there is still no referee. Out comes referee Charles Robinson. The Undertaker chokeslams Triple H and only gets a two count. The Undertaker chokeslams Robinson on to a chair. Michaels hits The Undertaker with Sweet Chin Music, followed by a pedigree and a TWO COUNT! The Undertaker hits the Tombstone and only a two count. The two trade punches back and fourth. After a crotch chop the Undertaker lays out Triple H with the sledgehammer and throws it outside. The Undertaker gets Triple H in a Tombstone Piledriver and finally manages a three count.



The WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2012 are Introduced.



Team Johnny  (The Miz, Mark Henry, Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler & David Otunga) vs. Team Teddy (Kofi Kingston, The Great Kahli, R-Truth, Zach Ryder, Booker T & Santino Marella)

The Miz gets the pin after a Skull Crushing Finally on Zack Ryder.



Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk (WWE Champion)

Jericho taunts Punk the whole match to get him to be DQ'ed since Punk would lose the title if DQ'ed. Jericho suplexes Punk to the outside. Jericho works on Punk. Punk counters a running bulldog by throwing Jericho into the corner.  Punk goes to the top for a flying elbow but Jericho counters it. The fight goes to the outside.  Punk hits the go to sleep and gets a two count after Jericho puts his foot on the rope. Punk goes for a huricanrana off the top rope but Jericho reverses it into a walls of Jericho.  Punk manages to get to the ropes. Jericho gets Punk in the Walls of Jericho in the middle of the ring. The two keep rolling around swapping pin attempts. CM Punk gets Jericho to tap out.



The Rock vs. John Cena

The Rock puts Cena in a headlock. Cena gets The Rock in a headlock. The fight goes to the outside. The Rock gets bounced off the announce table. Cena counters a people's elbow. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. The two trade fists. Cena finally stops that with an attitude adjustment and a two count. The Rock hits the Rock Bottom and gets only a two count. The Rock puts Cena in a Sharp Shooter. Cena puts the Rock in a submission hold near the center of the ring. Cena goes for an A A, The Rock counters with a spinebuster, followed by a people's elbow and a two count. The Rock goes for a cross body off the top rope. Cena rolls the pin attempt and hits the A A.  That resulted in a two count.  Cena Mocks The Rock by giving him a Peoples Elbow. The Rock counters with a Rock Bottom and a pin.


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