WCW Thunder
Biloxi, Mississippi
February 14, 2001

With only four days until the much-anticipated SuperBrawl Revenge PPV, the cruiserweights were competing for a shot at title contention, the commissioner was paying to have The Cat taken out, and there was one question on everyone's mind -- was Big Sexy Kevin Nash going to make it to Sunday's big show for his shot at the heavyweight gold and a piece of Big Poppa Pump?

Backstage, new commissioner Lance Storm gave instructions to Team Canada, and told Big Poppa Pump he would have an opportunity to beat someone up during the show.

Evan Karagias and Jaime Knoble d. A.J. Styles and Air Paris
Knoble and Styles locked up first, each trying early to take their team to the cruiserweight contenders match at SuperBrawl. With Karagias and Knoble on the floor, Styles backdropped his own partner, Air Paris over the top rope onto their opponents. Paris and Styles were impressive with quick tags, working over Evan's left arm. Knoble and Karagias' experience shined through as they slowed the action, wearing down Styles in their corner. Karagias and Styles collided in the center of the ring after a double bodypress attempt. All four men got into the action. After a double clothesline off the top, Evan and Jaime argued about who would pin Paris. Styles hit a "Shooting Styles Press" from the top rope to the floor, but inadvertently hit his partner, allowing Karagias and Knoble to capitalize and score the win, advancing both men to the pay-per-view.

Backstage, Lance Storm told Mike Sanders to take care of Kwee-Wee once and for all.

Mean Gene Interview: Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo
O'Haire told Mark Jindrak to fear him and to be ready for their bout later in the night.

Sean O'Haire d. Mark Jindrak
The former tag team champions faced off in this prelude to their SuperBrawl tag team match. Both showed their tremendous power, but O'Haire was relentless in his attack, bringing the fight outside. After reversing a Jindrak whip, Sean delivered a short arm clothesline, followed by a Seanton Bomb from the ring steps. Jindrak got his second wind and took to the air, using a Frankensteiner and a flying clothesline from the top turnbuckle to rock his former partner. Shawn Stasiak arrived in the aisle to distract O'Haire, but he stayed focused and took the win after another Seanton Bomb.

Backstage, Lance Storm told Jeff Jarrett and Rick Steiner not to worry about their match against DDP and Dustin Rhodes later on Thunder.

Above Average Mike Sanders d. Kwee-Wee
Sanders tried to showboat against the eccentric Kwee-Wee, but "Angry Alan" emerged from within the man in pink and taught Mike a lesson. Kwee-Wee tried hard to show CEO Ric Flair he deserved a spot in the elite group by pounding the former commissioner around the ring. Just as Kwee-Wee seemed on the verge of victory, Sanders rolled him up and pulled Kwee-Wee's trunks for the tainted win.

Backstage, Chavo Guerrero gave The Wall instructions to take out Rey Mysterio in their tag team match.

Backstage, Storm told Bryan Clark he was not allowed in the building for medical liability reasons. Then as the commissioner watched on, Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell attacked Brian Adams. Konnan, who was just walking by, jumped in to save Adams before WCW security broke up the fight.

Mean Gene Interview: Mike Awesome
The Canadian Career Killer said he would end The Cat's career in their match.

Mike Awesome d. The Cat with Ms. Jones
Awesome used his raw power and larger size to gain the advantage on The Cat. Miller threw some karate moves to combat the Canadian Career Killer, but Awesome was too much for the former commissioner. Miller connected with two solid kicks to Awesome's face, but Awesome used a low blow behind the referee's back. After a brawl outside, The Cat missed with the feliner, slamming his leg into the ringpost. Awesome pulled a defenseless Miller to the middle of the ring and delivered a frogsplash for the victory. After the bell, the Career Killer hit another frogsplash for good measure. Backstage, Lance Storm watched on in approval.

Mean Gene Interview: DDP and Dustin Rhodes
Rhodes said he was dealing Rick Steiner a new deck of cards at the pay-per-view. Page said he had a Diamond Cutter with Jarrett's name on it.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. and The Wall d. Hugh Morrus and Rey Mysterio Jr.
Morrus welcomed the chance to meet up with his former MIA teammates, showing The Wall he could go one-on-one with him. Rey got in the ring and dazzled the crowd, landing a BroncoBuster on the cruiserweight champion. The Wall got a hold of Mysterio and held him by the neck in the corner like a hangman. Rey fought back against Guerrero; he brought Chavo off the turnbuckle with a huracanrana, before tagging Hugh into the match. The laughing man cleaned house on his former friends, throwing Chavo around like a rag doll. Morrus missed the No Laughing Matter, but tagged Mysterio back in. The Wall caught the Filthy Animal in the air with a chokeslam, driving him into the canvas for the 1-2-3. Guerrero and Wall left Hugh and Rey lying in the ring after the match.

Mean Gene Interview: Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell
Luger and Bagwell laughed about beating up Brian Adams. Buff Daddy reminded Konnan he wasn't Buff, and he didn't have the stuff.

Buff Bagwell d. Konnan
After having a "pose off" of sorts, Bagwell threw a kick to K-Dogg's midsection to get the match underway. Buff hit a low blow and a neck breaker, before strutting around the ring in sheer arrogance. Konnan escaped from a rear chin lock, but Buff met him with a knee and brought him back to the mat. As K-Dogg fired up with a Rolling Thunder lariat, Lex Luger came ringside, working over Konnan on the floor to set Buff up for the match-winning Blockbuster. Brian Adams came out and fought with Luger after the bell.

Backstage, Lance Storm stopped Big Poppa Pump from destroying the catering area, telling the champion he found out what hospital Nash was in.

The Chosen One Jeff Jarrett and Rick Steiner d. Diamond Dallas Page and Dustin Rhodes
Jarrett ran down the Biloxi crowd before the bout got underway. Dustin and Page charged the ring and fought their rivals across the ring and to the outside. Jarrett and Steiner worked Rhodes briefly in the corner, but Dustin made the tag with DDP, who brought the "king of badda bing" flying into the match. After another tag, Rhodes was double teamed repeatedly, but kicked out of each pin attempt. DDP finally made the hot tag, clearing The DFG and The Chosen One from the ring. Rick hit the Bulldog from the turnbuckle, but Dustin broke up the pin. Page went for the Cutter, but Rick Steiner stopped him and set Jarrett up to apply The Stroke. Big Poppa Pump entered the ring, followed by Hugh Morrus, Brian Adams and Lex Luger; a brawl broke out in the squared circle. The world champion broke a security guard's leg with his pipe just as Thunder went off the air.


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