Sunday Night Heat
June 17, 2000

Just one week before King of the Ring, Sunday Night HEAT kicked off live from WWF New York with a special Father's Day hello from Michael Cole and Tazz! Cole and Tazz also announced that Perry Saturn and Terri -- the scheduled guest-hosts for HEAT -- were running late!

The opening match on SmackDown! pitted X-Factor against the APA. Justin Credible and X-Pac represented X-Factor in the bout, with the mighty Albert standing menacingly om the outside. X-Pac and Justin tried to use their speed and agility to their advantage, but Faarooq and Bradshaw were just too strong. Bradshaw hit Justin with a powerbomb, but Albert snuck into the ring and gave the Texan a mighty Baldobomb! X-Pac then pinned Bradshaw to pick up the win!

After the match, Perry and Terri finally arrived at WWF New York, but Perry got distracted and just wandered away! A worried Terri started off after him, still concerned over all the head trauma he has suffered in recent weeks!

After a few minutes, Saturn was seen outside WWF New York, when a few tourists approached him and asked where Times Square was. Perry responded that octagons won't fit in squares, because rectangles are made out of cheese. He then said, "you're welcome," and walked off, as the tourists scratched their heads!

Moments later, Perry was at the merchandise area, where he charged a fan 3,675 tomatoes for a shirt! He then said that New York is on the East Coast, because canaries are yellow! You're welcome!

In tag action, Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather took on Bubba Ray and D-Von -- the Dudley Boyz. Bubba Ray and D-Von hit the "Wassap!" on Bull, and then Bubba told his brother to get the table! But the Right to Censor broke it up before D-Von could get any wood. Goodfather then missed the move formerly known as the Ho Train and was the victim of the 3-D, and D-Von pinned him for the win!

Out on the streets, Perry Saturn have a homeless guy a sandwich. Terri then approached him and asked him what he was doing, and Perry told her that the Statue of Liberty had long legs because she carries a torch -- you're welcome!

Moments later, Perry Saturn wandered up to Cole and Tazz and said "Hi J.R.!" He informed the two that elephants don't eat spare ribs! Perry then opened an umbrella -- indoors -- and walked away!

The Light Heavyweight Championship was on the line next, as Jeff Hardy defended against Taka of Kaientai. Prior to the bout, Taka promised that Jeff's time as champion was limited, but he and Funaki would forever be evil! Funaki agreed, saying "indeed!" The current champion and the former champion waged a high-flying war, both inside and outside the ring. In the end, Funaki's interference backfired, and Jeff retained his title, pinning Taka following a scintillating Swanton Bomb.

Saturn then talked to people in the crowd, talking all about giraffes, kangaroos and turtles!

Cole and Tazz then revealed the brackets for the 2001 King of the Ring tournament -- which you can check out at!

Perry and Terri then took to the stage, and Terri said she was hoping that Perry would become King of the Ring! Perry picked up Terri and started spinning her around! Perry then said, "Watermelons have lips so they can kiss froggies -- you're welcome!"