Sunday Night Heat

January 27, 2002

The show opens outside of WWF NY. Stacy Kiebler’s limo pulls up and she pops up the through the sunroof and blows kisses to everyone. The opening SNH titles play. Cole welcomes us to WWF NY for Sunday Night HEAT. We are panned down some of the fans at WWF NY. They are pumped for HEAT.

We go to the first match.

Godfather w/ his Escorts vs. Lance Storm
Strom attacks godfather from behind. He punches Godfather a few times and shoves him into the corner for a few more punches. Godfather kicks Storm in the chest. Godfather strangles Storm on the top rope. Godfather punches Storm a few times. Godfather throws Storm in the corner and goes for the Hoe Train. Storm moves out of the way. Godfather hits the turnbuckle. Storm rolls out of the ring. Godfather slides out of the ring as well. Storm throws Godfather into the steal stairs. Storm throws Godfather into the ring. Godfather changes the momentum of the match and manhandles Storm. Godfather picks Storm up for a gut wrench and slams Storm to the matt. Godfather covers for three.
Winner: Godfather

Cole and Tazz hype the upcoming matches and that Stacy is at WWF NY. (Chuck and Billy and DDP will have matches.) Cole says that Stacy will be dancing at WWF NY tonight.

WWF Snap of the night by SlimJim: Austin and Val Venis face off in the ring and Austin stuns Venis.

In Ring Segment: Val Venis makes his way to the ring. When Venis gets inside, he asks for the mic. He says, “Once I get unplugged and undress, I will fulfill your total request live for 120 minutes.” He announces that some lucky lady will get to de-towel Valboski. He picks someone from the audience. He gives her the usual, “I don’t want to know your name because I don’t want you to get too attached.” She rips his towel off and then Venis kisses her to the matt… And makes his way out of the arena.

Before we are taken to a commercial we are panned up to the marquee outside WWF NY. Stacy is up there dancing by the marquee.

We are taken to clips of the Royal Rumble where The Hardyz run in but are eliminated by Undertaker. Then Justin Credible is eliminated by Undertaker. Maven makes his way to the ring and he dropkicks ‘Taker right out of the ring. Then Undertaker kicks his ass and throws him out of the ring. Cole announces that Maven will have a WWF World Title shot against Y2J on RAW tomorrow night. Cole asks if Maven will be up to the challenge since Undertaker gave him such a beating last Sunday night.

We are taken back up to the marquee to see Stacy shake her ass a little more.

Tazz and Cole announce that The Big Show and Kane will face off. Cole and Tazz say it’s going to be a huge damn match. That the Big Show is not a big happy camper. They also hype the Austin/Angle match a little.

Billy and Chucky vs. Crash and Funaki
Crash and Palumbo start it off. They lock up in the middle and Chucky throws Crash half way across the ring. Crash runs at Chucky. Chucky just throws him across the ring again. Billy laughs and Crash runs over and knocks him off the apron. Crash gets the upper hand on Chucky. Funaki goes up on the top rope. Crash throws Chucky into position. Funaki flies onto Chucky knocking him down. Funaki gives Chucky a huricanrana. Billy tags in and Funaki gives him a drop kick. Billy quickly reverses momentum. Billy throws Funaki to the matt. Billy tags Chucky in. Chucky continues to beat on Funaki. Chucky throws Funaki into the corner and gives him punch to the chest. Billy tags in. They double-team Funaki. Billy covers for two. Chucky tags in and they double team again. Chucky covers for two. Funaki throws a few punches to Chucky’s gut. Funaki runs into the rope for some momentum but Chucky catches him. Chucky gives him a belly to belly suplex. Chucky throws Funaki was over his shoulder and he runs towards the corner. Funakai slid off his shoulder and pushed Chucky into the corner. Crash and Billy tag in. Crash gets a few really god hits in on Billy. Chucky runs in and Crash gives him a drop kick. Crash goes for bulldog in the corne. Billy just throws Crash off backwards. Billy gives Crash the famesser. Billy covers for three.
Winner: Billy and Chucky

Tazz and Cole take is back to the Royal Rumble Street fight between Ric Flair and Vince McMahon. We are taken to the promo we’ve been seen on Raw and Smackdown about the match/aftermath of RR [between Flair and McMahon]. They’ve added clips of Smackdown where Vince hints of the nWo threat. We are taken to the full ending clip of Smackdown where Vince will kill the WWF by infecting a poison that is the nWo.

Backstage: Stacy is rubbing cream on her legs and says, “If they thought that dancing was hot… They haven’t seen anything yet!” She walks out of her dressing room.

WWF Slam of the week by Play Station – Final Fantasy X: The Undertaker keeping The Rock from qualifying for a shot for the Undisputed World Championship at No Way Out.

Christian vs. Diamond Dallas Page
They lock up in the middle. DDP pushes Christian into the corner. When the ref breaks it up Christina popes DDP in the eyes. Christian reverses and pushes DDP into the corner and starts punching him. Christian gloats to the crowd a bit. DDP pushes Christian in the corner and kicks him down to the ground. DDP gives the audience a big smile. Christian goes for a clothesline but misses. DDP clotheslines Christian over the top rope. DDP gives us all a big smile. As Christian gets back in the ring DDP goes for the Diamond Cutter, but Christian is holding onto the top rope. DDP falls outside of the ring. Christian follows down to the floor. Christian throws DDP into the steal stairs. Christian throws DDP back in the ring. Christian continues to beat on DDP. He punches DDP a few times in the head. Christian strangles DDP on the second rope. Christian applies the abdominal stretch on DDP. Christian gives DDP a back breaker. Christian covers for two. He covers for two again. When DDP breaks the count, Christian throws an unbelievable temper tantrum. I mean he kicks and stomps as he lays on the matt. DDP is up against the corner. Christian climbs on the second rope and punches DDP a couple of times in the head. He takes a break and then punches a few more times. DDP throws Christian off him. Both men fall to the matt. They struggle to get up. Christian hits a reverse ddt. They are both still really tired but DDP gets the upper hand. DDP hits the Diamond Cutter and covers for three. –DDP exits through the crowd.
Winner: Diamond Dallas Page

Cole and Tazz hype RAW. Stacy walks out onto the stage and stars to dance for the crowd. She shakes her hips a little and the show goes off.