Sunday Night Heat

San Diego, California
May 2, 1999

New Age Outlaws vs. D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry
The match went back and forth the whole way through for about three minutes as Droz and Prince Albert attacked D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry. They ended up fighting into the crowd as the referee called a No Contest. After the match, Road Dogg confronted Billy Gunn. Billy Gunn called out X-Pac and apologized to him. But then nailed him with a clothesline as Road Dogg pulled Billy Gunn away. And then Kane came down, and made the save for X-Pac, but then gave Road Dogg a chokeslam as he helped up X-Pac.
Winner: No Contest

Showed outside the arena as a limosine pulled up and the Corporate Ministry made their way out and into the arena.

Michael Cole stood on the stage, and talked about the history of the McMahon family and the WWF. They then got into the recent occurences between Shane and Vince, that Vince never treated his father in this form. They included many recent clips from Backlash, Smackdown, and Raws. The segment ran for several minutes.

Test/Ken Shamrock vs. The Acolytes
The Acolytes dominated the match with power moves and double teams. Test was completely dominated until he got the hot tag to Ken Shamrock, who placed Faarooq in a quick ankle lock, and he tapped out. After the match, the entire Ministry and Corporation came down and attacked Shamrock/Test. Then Bossman challenged Mankind, and went after him.
Winner: Test/Ken Shamrock by Submission

Mankind vs. Bossman
They began to battle in the Boiler Room brawl, as they used all kinds of weapons in the bout. They fought for several minutes until the Corporate Ministry came in and destroyed Mankind as Shane McMahon locked the door. After a minute or two, Paul Wight broke the door to get in and saved Mankind as they all split.
Winner: No Contest

Paul Wight interview
Paul Wight said that if the Corporate Ministry wanted to attack people, try attacking a Big Show. He then challenged the Undertaker, as the lights went out and the Undertaker came out. But then the Ministry came out, and destroyed Paul Wight. Undertaker told him that he is not the most powerful man in the WWF.

Paul Wight was shown destroying the backstage area, as he was looking for the Undertaker. And Shane was shown on a phone calling the police to have Paul Wight arrested, since he threatened him.

Bob Holly interview
Bob Holly talked about how that he gave Al Snow tons of shots at the Hardcore title, but that Al Snow is now champion, and he wouldn't. Then Al Snow got onto the titontron, and said that Head was a backstabber, and that now he had a deer head, but that he had a surprise for Bob Holly. They went back to Bob Holly, as his old theme music started, and Al Snow rode a plastic car down the ramp. And they began to have a Hardcore title match.

Bob Holly vs. Al Snow
The match stayed on the outside of the ring most of the bout as they traded stiff shots, and they used the plastic car on one another. They then got back into the ring, and Bob Holly took Head back from Al Snow and walked off from it.
Winner: No Contest

Paul Wight took a 2 by 4 and was shown going outside as he began to break the windows of the limo that the Corporate Ministry came in. Police officers arrested Paul Wight and he threatened Shane McMahon that he was going to get his revenge on Raw.

Shane McMahon interview
The entire Corporate Ministry came out, as Shane talked about how they destroyed Ken Shamrock, Test, Mankind, and Paul Wight. That they only need to get rid of two more, and that is Rocky Maivia and Steve Austin. And that Steve Austin must face the Undertaker at Over the Edge. That Vince will have something in store for him, and Triple H will face Rocky Maivia