Sunday Night Heat

Kansas City, Missouri
The Hour Before Over the Edge
May 23, 1999

The Corporate Ministry comes out. Shane talks about the main event at Over the Edge. He then says that he will ref a warm up match on Heat with Midian against Steve Austin.

Brian Christopher with Scott Taylor vs Meat with PMS
Jacqueline distracts Brian. Meat ends up with the pin, but the Hardy Boyz and Michael Hayes come out and attacks Brian and Scott.

Vince McMahon, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco come out. Vince calls out Shane. Shane says that he runs the show, and the only way that Steve Austin won't have to wrestle tonight is if Vince takes his place. Vince agrees.

A video of Triple H and the Rock is shown.

The Rock comes out for an interview. He talks about his upcoming match on Over the Edge against Triple H.

An interview with Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, and Michael Hayes

Goldust and Blue Meanie vs Hardy Boyz with Michael Hayes
A Meaniesault on Jeff! Goldust hits Hayes. Jeff applies a Diamond Cutter on the Blue Meanie for the win. The Hardy Boyz and Michael Hayes end up with a Bloodbath.

The Union vs Corporate Ministry video

An interview with the Union. During this, the Corporate Ministry parks a fork lift in front of their door. They are stuck in their room.

Midian with Corporate Ministry vs Vince McMahon
Special Referee: Shane McMahon
During the match, Shane and the Corporate Ministy attacks Vince.