Sunday Night Heat

Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan
August 8, 1999

Less than a week after winning the Intercontinental Championship, D'Lo Brown defended it on HEAT against Val Venis. Just as the match got underway, Jeff Jarrett came out with Debra, and joined Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly for commentary. Jarrett insisted that his loss of the Intercontinental Title was Debra's fault, not his. Jarrett said he wanted a rematch, and he was going to make sure D'Lo held on to the title until he got one! Just then, Jarrett jumped in the ring and blindsided Val Venis, causing a disqualification. D'Lo and Val double teamed the Tennessee native, who retreated to the locker room with Debra, his mission accomplished.

Carrying his chihuahua Pepper, Al Snow came to the ring for an interview with Kevin Kelly. Snow said that Pepper has helped him finally get some rest, and now he could focus once again on the Hardcore Title. He challenged the Big Boss Man to a match at SummerSlam. The Cobb County native came out immediately to answer. He said that at SummerSlam he was coming after not only Al Snow, but Pepper as well!

Two weeks before her Women's Title match at SummerSlam, Tori was in action on HEAT! Tori was able to pick up the victory after a powerslam. As the SummerSlam challenger celebrated after the match, Ivory attacked her from behind, knocking her out with the Women's Title. Ridiculing the recent segments that have shown Tori in body paint, Ivory took out a permanent marker and wrote "slut" and "skank" on her opponent!

The Tag Team Championship was on the line as the Acolytes defended against Kane and the Road Dogg. The D-O-double-G emerged from the back first and was attacked by Faarooq and Bradshaw. Road Dogg was nearly unconscious when the Big Red Machine finally made his way out. So it was a two-on-one affair until Hardcore Holly came out! Holly acted as if he was going to take Kane's side, but after being tagged in, Holly stomped away on his supposed tag team partner! It was total chaos in the ring, and the match ended in a no contest.

Next up, the Godfather was scheduled to take on Prince Albert. But the Pimp said he had kicked the Prince's ass enough, and he wanted a piece of the big white "Pillsbury dough boy" who had been attacking him the last few weeks. That very guy made his way out, and he, Droz and Prince Albert ganged up on the Pimp until Val Venis and Chaz evened the odds!

Once again Terri Runnels had used up all of Meat's energy, but once again Meat nonetheless had a match. This week, his opponent was the Big Boss Man. The Hardcore Champion was easily able to defeat Meat, who clearly wasn't competing at 100 percent, after the Boss Man countered a huricanrana attempted into a powerbomb.

The Rock provided guest commentary for the Mr. Ass vs. Undertaker match. While Mr. Ass lay close to the commentator's table, The Rock said he would provide a little preview of what we can expect at SummerSlam. He got up and pummeled the 1999 King of the Ring. But The Big Show came out and floored the "Great One" with a clothesline. As HEAT went off the air, the Undertaker and The Big Show were attempting to annihilate The Rock and Mr. Ass!