WCW Nitro

Las Vegas, Nevada
July 13, 1998

We start off by looking at, who else, Goldberg.

The Nitro Girls are in the ring, doing some sort of Las-Vegas-type dance. Boiiiing.

Tony, Tenay, and Zbysko are in the booth. Zbysko is wearing a "Goldberg" shirt. The announcers talk about some "Goldberg" guy and some title belt. Did I miss something? Tenay says that Goldberg/Hogan was the most watched match in the history of pro wrestling on cable TV. We see a retrospective of Goldberg/Hall & Hogan last week.

"Voodoo Child" brings out Hogan He's got Bischoff, Liz, Hennig, Rude, Hall, E. Harrison, and Vincent with him. Hogan flexes to the crowd. Hall's also on the turnbuckles. Hall does the double-point to Hogan. Hogan doesn't look impressed. Hogan says that the propaganda is about to stop. Hogan: "Hollywood is sick of all the crap, Jack." Is that a "Cracker Jack" that's fallen in the toilet? Hogan rants about the BatB tag match, and says that he stays loyal to his family. Hogan wants some family business. Hogan says that sometimes, love hurts. Hogan says that the nWo black-and-white will be bonded from now on. Hogan has some bumps to straighten out. Hogan blames Scott Hall for his bad situation? Hogan says that Hall dropped the ball against Goldberg. Hall looks confused. Hogan says he's been hearing rumors that Hall wants to run the show, and says he wants to find out what Hall's made of tonight. Hogan challenges Hall to a match tonight. Hall: "Hey yo." Hall: "You questioning my loyalty? I did everything you told me to do. I whacked Nash with the belt, like you told me to. I've done everything you've said, because honestly, I need the money." Hall accepts Hogan's challenge, and shoves him. Hall: "Goldberg beat me, that's true, and then right after that, he took [Hogan's] belt." Hall: "You want some of Scott Hall? Don't sing it, bring it." Hogan: "What the hell are you laughing at, Bischoff." Bischoff gets intimidated. Hogan says that the Goldberg match should have never happened, so he's going to put Bischoff as the referee in the Hogan/Hall match. Hall throws his shirt at Hogan. Disciple gets between the two men. Hogan says that Hall should watch how Disciple handles business. Bischoff, too. Disciple gets the mic! Disciple says that DDP gave him a chairshot last week, and gave him 47 stitches. Disciple says he's going to take care of business, too. So he challenges Page for a match tonight. Hall leaves the ring. Hogan intimidates Bischoff a bit more as we go to commercial.

We see stills from Hogan/Rodman vs. Page/Malone.

Match 1: Horace vs. Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart) Jimmy Hart leads out Barbarian. Horace of the Flock is already in the ring. Horace gets the early advantage, but Barbarian doesn't sell anything. Barbarian works Hoarce over in the corner. Jimmy Hart gets some punches in, too. Modified belly-to-belly suplex from Barbarian. Lodi distracts Barbarian, and Horace hits Barbarian with the stop sign. Horace hits a clothesline for two. Horace with a slam, and he goes up top. Horace with a top-rope splash, but Jimmy Hart distracts him. Horace decks Hart, and gets the stop sign back. Barbarian hits the Kick of Fear through the stop sign, to get the win. The Flock jumps Barbarian, and he fights them all off. Horace finally gets the bigger advantage with the stop sign. Meng runs back in to clear the ring of the Flock! Lodi is scared of Meng, and gets a superkick. The crowd pops for Meng. Barbarian makes some concillitory motions to Meng, and Meng applies the Tongan Death Grip. Barbarian is out on the mat.

Footage from Goldberg/Hennig at BatB.

Mean Gene calls out Curt Hennig and Rick Rude. Gene: "Gentlemen, I have known you virtually all of your adult lives, when you were kids in Minnesota." Huh? Gene wonders why Rude no-showed Bash at the Beach. Rude says he was forced to be at home, because somebody cancelled his flight. Rude: "Who might that have been, Goldberg?" Hennig says that it taught him something. Hennig says he learned Goldberg's weakness, and has challenged Goldberg tonight. Hennig wants to go it solo tonight, so Goldberg won't have an excuse. Rude wants to know if Hennig's sure, and Hennig says he is. Hennig: "Hogan, I'm doing one for you too."

We see stills from Jericho/Misterio at the Bash.

Mean Gene is out with JJ Dillon Dillon says we have a Cruiserweight champion we can be proud of, and calls out Rey Misterio Jr. Misterio comes out with the belt. Gene towers over Misterio. Gene compliments Misterio. Jericho comes out with a rulebook. Jericho: "I hate to rain on the parade of the supposed new champion, but Junior, put on your slicker, it's going to be a downpour." Jericho says he did a little bit of reading last night. Jericho says that on Page 267 on the WCW rulebook, it says that a suspended wrestler may not be at a match while suspsended, and interferes in a match, then that match shall be rendered null and void. Misterio's not happy. Dillon says that, due to Deano Machineo's interference, that the Cruiserweight Title change never took place, and Jericho gets the belt back. Jericho wants "Ron Misterio Jr." to give him his belt back. Gene asks Rey to give the belt to Dillon. Misterio drops the belt as Deano Machineo comes out. Jericho gets the belt and kisses it. Malenko tells Jericho he's not going to get away with this. Jericho says that if Malenko and Misterio want a shot at his belt, they can wrestle tonight to determine the top contender.

The Nitro Girls are back in the ring.

This week's Nitro Party winner, some high school kid from San Diego.

We take a look back in June at the Savage/DDP cage match, where Savage made an exit for a while.

Match 2: Rick Fuller vs. Jim Duggan ACK ACK ACK!!! Duggan! Damnit, Aldo, I hope you're happy. He'll be facing the master of the Vertical Suplex of Doom, Rick Fuller. Fuller shoves Duggan, and Duggan attacks Fuller when his back is turned. Duggan hits a Polish Hammer, and clotheslines Fuller over the top rope. Fuller floors Duggan with a sloppy clothesline. Fuller slams Duggan, and hops up to the middle turnbuckle. Duggan avoids the splash, and punches Fuller. Duggan with another Polish Hammer. Duggan hits the Three-Point-Stance Clothesline, followed by Old Glory for a mercifully quick win.

It's Hour Number Two!

Tony calls Goldberg "unblemished." Didn't he see that thing on Goldberg's head???

We see footage of Buff Bagwell's return last week.

Mean Gene calls Bagwell out again. Bagwell is wheeled out to nWo music. Dr. Michael Capella wheels Bagwell out. Gene says that everyone is asking him about Bagwell. Gene asks Bagwell about his nWo leanings. Bagwell says that a lot has happened since he got hurt. Bagwell says there's something he's got to do to get his mind straight. Bagwell says he's got to face Rick Steiner after he gets better. Bagwell says he's having a hard time getting back in the saddle. Bagwell wants Rick Steiner to come out. Rick comes out with his arm in a sling. Bagwell starts to talk, and Hogan and Disciple come out. Hogan says the one thing he hates more than a couple of cowards is a couple of cripples. Hogan says that when Bagwell joined the nWo, it was for life. Hogan says he taught Bagwell how to be a man, so Bagwell should start acting like one.Hogan: "All the babyface crap I've been hearing, instead of Buff Bagwell, it should be Creampuff Bagwell." Hogan says he's tired of looking at Bagwell, and Bagwell makes him sick. Hogan shoves the wheelchair over! Bagwell's down, and the doctor is having a conniption. Steiner and the doctor help Bagwell up as we go to commercial.

We see footage from Booker T/Bret Hart from last night.

Match 3: Fit Finley vs. Bret Hart Fit Finley makes his entrance. Tenay says that Booker T has torn his knee up. Finley will be facing Bret Hart. Hart comes out to nWo music. This could be a good match. Finley with a headlock. Hart punches on the corner break. Hart chokes Finley. Hart rakes Finley's face over the ropes. Finley comes back with a thumb to the eye. Finley floors Hart with an European uppercut, and stomps on his hands. Short-arm clothesline from Finley, who then drops a knee. Hart crotches Finley on the outside. Hart hits his over-the-knee backbreaker. Hart with an atomic headbutt. Finley with a bodyslam, and drops an elbow. A "We Want Flair" chant starts. Finley with another clothesline. Hart hits an inverted atomic drop, and hits a clothesline. Hart tries the Sharpshooter, but Finley gets to the ropes. Hart pulls him back to the middle of the ring, and locks on the Sharpshooter for the tap-out.

The Nitro Girls dance a bit more.

Match 4: Stevie Ray vs. Rick Martel Yes yes yes...no no no.... Stevie Ray comes out with the TV belt, grinning his head off. Stevie says he's going to tell everyone why he is the TV champion. Couple in the audience with a sign: "Just Married." My fiancee would shoot me for even thinking about that. Funky music brings out..... Woah! Rick Martel! He's still here! Martel's playing the face tonight. Martel says he wants a shot at the belt. The announcers are confused as to whether the belt Stevie has is the TV belt. Stevie starts off with some power moves. Martel comes back with forearms. Stevie charges the corner, but Martel gets his knees up. Martel his a top-rope clothesline. Martel avoids another corner charge. Martel locks on an armbar. Stevie throws Martel to the floor. Martel's clutching his knee. Commercial. As we come back, Martel is hitting a sunset flip on Stevie. Martel floors Stevie, and starts kicking. Martel hits a low dropkick. Martel starts working on the left arm. Martel tries a cross-body, but Stevie Ray hits a standing powerslam. Martel avoids an elbowdrop. Martel backdrops Stevie, and hits a running back-elbow. Martel charges the corner, and gets met with an elbow. Stevie hits a kick. Martel slides out of a bodyslam, and hits a belly-to-back suplex. Martel sets up for the Quebec Crab. Bret Hart runs down, and as Martel turns Stevie over, Hart brains Martel with a chair. Stevie recovers and hits the Slapjack for the pin.

Mene Gene is out with Stevie Ray Gene asks Stevie about the deal between he and Hart. Stevie says there is no deal. Stevie says that Booker gave him power of attorney to defend the TV belt. Gene asks if Stevie Ray is the TV champion. Stevie: "Do I have the belt?" Stevie says that he'll defend the belt against any and all comers.

We see stills from Bash at the Beach, from Disco vs. Konnan.

Match 5: Barry Darsow vs. Konnan (w/Sting) Barry Darsow comes out to break yer stinkin' arm off. Darsow threatens Wildcat Willie. Wolfpac music brings out Konnan and Sting. Konnan will be doing the duty tonight. Konnan wants to "speak on dis." He says his lines. Sting adds soem words, too. Darsow attacks at the bell. Darsow chokes Konnan right in front of Sting. Darsow's pretty funny to listen to. Darsow starts working on the left arm, saying that he'll break Konnan's "stinkin'" arm off. Darsow hits a weak clothesline. Konnan avoids a corner charge, and starts punching with his right hand. Konnan hits his rolling clothesline, and scratches. Konnan dropkicks the seated Darsow. Facebuster from Konnan. Konnan locks on the Tequila Sunrise for the submission win.

Mean Gene is out Gene says that people are "literally hanging from the rafters." Gene and Tony must have gone to the same school that taught the wrong definition of "literally." Gene calls out DDP. Someone has a Nevada plate with "SELFHI5" on it. Page makes his way through the fans. Page wants to get it straight: Hollywood "Scum" Hogan's shadow is crying because Page hit him with a chair and got him 47 stitches. Apparently, that's legit. Page says he's been hit with everything, and he's not crying. Page says if Booty Disciple wants some, he can come get some. Page wants the match now.

Match 6: Diamond Dallas Page vs. Disciple Disciple comes out sans glasses. Page meets Disciple coming into the ring. Page hits a belly-to-back suplex. Disciple crotches Page. Disciple chokes Page against the ropes. The Man With No Face is in good shape. Double-thrust from Zodiac. Disciple hits a very weak piledriver, and mocks the Diamond Cutter sign. Rick Rude comes to ringside. This allows Page to get a jawbreaker. Page goes up top, but Rude crotches Page on the turnbuckles. Disciple tries to run Page into Rude on the apron, but Page shoves Disciple into him. Page then rolls up The Barber for the win. Brother Bruti isn't happy. Page starts to go to the back, but Hogan chairs him. Vincent and Disciple hold Page, while Hogan chairs him again. Hogan schoolboys Page on the floor. Tony mentions something about "The ego that drives [Hogan]".

The announcers talk about some guy named "Goldberg." Heard of him?

Match 7: Kanyon vs. Raven vs. Saturn in a Triangle Match Yes! Kanyon!!! Raven runs from behind Kanyon and attacks him. Saturn runs and attacks Raven from behind. This will be a triangle match. Saturn hits a suplex on Raven, and Kanyon hits a swinging neckbreaker on Saturn. Saturn and Kanyon brawl with each other, allowing Raven to recover. Raven's smiling as he watches. Saturn turns his attention to Raven, but Kanyon grabs Saturn. Kanyon hits a split-legged facebuster on Saturn, allowing Raven to attack. Kanyon gives Raven a fireman-carry flapjack. Saturn clotheslines Kanyon over the top rope. Saturn finds a conveniently placed table under the ring, and sets it up. Saturn places Kanyon on the table. Saturn goes up top. Saturn splashes Kanyon through the table. Raven's in the ring, loving life. Lodi runs out, and throws Saturn back in the ring. Raven puts Saturn up top, and tries a superplex. Saturn throws him off the top. Kanyon crotches Saturn on the top. Kanyon goes up top slowly. Raven avoids a Kanyon splash, but not a Saturn one. Kanyon makes the save for Raven. Kanyon sets Saturn up top, and goes for a belly-to-back superplex, but Raven gets between Kanyon's legs and delivers a superplex to BOTH men. Raven can't get the pin on either guy. Raven tries to pick Kanyon up, but Kanyon delivers a Flatliner. Saturn makes the save for Raven. Saturn delivers a Spicolli Driver to Raven, but Kanyon again makes the save. Kanyon and Saturn brawl on the floor, while Billy Silverman counts. And there's the bell. Raven wins by countout. Raven's feeling the pain in the ring. Kanyon and Saturn brawl over to the announce table.

We're back with hour number three!

We see footage from earlier tonight, with Rey Misterio turning the Cruiserweight belt over to Chris Jericho

Match 8: Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Dean Malenko - Cruiserweight Top Contender match Misterio comes out first. Malenko gets the second entrance. Tenay and Heenan agree that Jericho getting the belt was the right thing to do. They trade lockups to start. Malenko gets armdragged out of the ring, but avoids a Misterio baseball slide. Malenko with an overhand wristlock. Misterio with an inverted full-nelson. The announcers wonder about Arn Anderson's involvement in the Misterio/Jericho match. Malenko reverses some headscissors into a side suplex. Misterio sends Malenko out of the ring, and hits a HUGE somersault sitdown splash over the top rope. Malenko avoids the hurricanrana, and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Malenko tries the Cloverleaf, but Misterio turns it into a small package. Malenko escapes. Several near-falls. Malenko throws Misterio onto the turnbuckles, and Misterio wraps his knee around the ropes. Malenko tries a powerbomb, but Misterio rolls him up for two. Both men are tired. Misterio goes up top, but Malenko catches him. Malenko looks like he's going for the gutbuster, and hits it!!! Jericho is out with the belt, and whacks Malenko with it while the ref isn't looking. Misterio rolls on top of Malenko, and gets the win. Misterio gets the cruiserweight title shot.

Match 9: Disco Inferno and Alex Wright vs. Kevin Nash and Lex Luger (w/Konnan and Sting) Yes! Disco!!! And, getting his customary separate entrance, Alex Wright. Wright speaks in German, saying something about Lex Luger and Kevin Nash. Disco says that Wolfpac rules must mean that there are no rules, because the Wolfpac took his victory away over Konnan. Disco challenges Nash and Luger for some payback. Speak of the Wolfpac, and thy shall appear. Sting and Konnan come out too. Sting's laughing. Nash scares the Dancin' Fools out of the ring. Nash has a mic. Good crowd response for the Wolfpac. Wright and Disco argue about who has to start, and it's Disco. Lex flexes at Disco, and Disco goes to tag Wright. Wright with an armtwist, but Luger flips him with one of his own. Wright armdrags Luger, and dances at him. Luger charges with a clothesline, followed by a hiptoss. Luger hits a backdrop. Disco comes in, and gets clotheslined, too. The heels hit the floor. Wright works on Konnan on the outside, but Konnan comes back. Sting hits a Stinger Splash on Wright on the outside. Luger clotheslines Disco. Nash hits the big boot on Disco. Luger racks Wright, while Nash jackknifes Disco. Nash pins Disco for the win. The Wolfpac celebrates while Luger kicks Disco out of the ring.

We see ANOTHER look at Steve McMichael lobbying for a Horseman reunion.

Match 10: Eddie Guerrero vs. Steve McMichael Eddie Guerrero comes out saying he's still go his hair, and "Eddie Guerrero is back." Speak of the Mongo, and he shall appear. Mongo gives the four fingers, but Eddie dropkicks him in the back. Eddie attacks Mongo with reckless abandon. Eddie goes to work on the back. Eddie dropkicks Mongo into the back. Eddie clotheslines Mongo down. Mongo hits a big modified belly-to-back suplex. Mongo with a vertical suplex on Eddie. Chavo comes down with Pepe and a cowboy hat. Mongo clips Eddie with the three-point-stance. Chavo distracts Mongo, while Eddie dropkicks Mongo in the knee. Eddie goes up for the Frog Splash, and Chavo comes in the ring. The ref calls for the bell, DQ'ing Eddie. Chavo rides Pepe around Mongo, and Eddie dropkicks Chavo into Mongo. Mongo gets pissed, and gives the Mongo Spike to Chavo as Eddie leaves.

We see Hogan in the ring earlier tonight, talking smack to Scott Hall.

Match 11: Hollywood Hogan (w/Disciple) vs. Scott Hall, with special referee Eric Bischoff We're at our first main event, with Michael Buffer. Buffer introduces the special referee: Eric Bischoff. Bischoff is wearing a Hogan shirt. Buffer introduces Bischoff as President of WCW and the nWo. Hogan's music comes on first. Hogan comes out with BootyDisciple. nWo music brings out Scott Hall. Hall's gotten quite a spare tire arond the top of his trunks. Hall's making the "Huh?" motions toward the ring. Hall throws his toothpick in Hogan's face. Hogan's not impressed. Bischoff gets a toothpick, too. Hogan starts with a kick, and shoves his do-rag in Hall's mouth. Hall starts biting Hogan's hand. Hall hits his armtwist-shoulderblocks. Hogan takes Hall down by the hair. Hall applies a stepover armbar, and paintbrushes Hogan's bald head with slaps. Hogan with the double-thrust. Hogan gets the advantage. Bischoff is clearly favoring Hogan at this point. Disciple interferes, but Bischoff lets it go. Hogan hits an atomic drop, and rolls Hall up. Hall's in the ropes, but Bischoff counts to two. He then stops the count. Hogan's pushing Bischoff. Hall blocks a turnbuckle shot, and starts frailin' on Hogan. Avalanche clothesline from Hall. Hall hits his fallaway slam, and covers Hogan. Bischoff refuses to count. Hall shoves Bischoff. Hogan applies a choke to Hall, but Hall applies a sleeper. Bischoff makes Hall break his. Hogan crotches Hall in plain view of Bischoff. Hogan kicks Hall in the 'nads. Bischoff lets it go. Hogan hits the big foot, and listens for the cheers. DDP hits the ring, and gives Hogan the discus clothesline. Bischoff gets a Diamond Cutter. Hogan and Disciple get the advantage on Page. Kevin Nash hits the ring, and opens up on Hogan and Disciple. Nash goes over to Hall, and gives the Wolfpac Hi-Five. Nash sets Hogan up for the Jackknife, and Hall hits Nash. Hall works Nash over, as Hogan and Disciple work DDP over. Hogan drops the leg on Page. Hall clotheslines Nash. The crowd chants for Goldberg, as we go to commercial.

We see footage of Nash hitting the ring from the previous match.

We see Hogan and Hall embrace, during the commercial break.

Match 12: Curt Hennig vs. WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg Michael Buffer is back in the ring for the main event. Hennig comes out alone. Hennig's entrance is taking longer than most major dental work. Some police escort Goldberg to the entrance, where he leaves them to come out to the normal shower of sparks. Hennig vacates the ring for Goldberg's entrance. This match is for the World Heavyweight Title. A staredown to start. Hennig's jawing, and slaps Goldberg. Goldberg likes it, and forearms Hennig. Goldberg hits the spear. Goldberg spins Hennig around in the Jackhammer, and then plants him. Goldberg....Goldberg your winner, in under a minute. And that's the show. Kinda anticlimactic, considering Hennig's earlier soliliquy.