WCW Nitro

Cedar Rapids, South Dakota
August 10, 1998



And we're LIVE from Rapid City, SD, for three hours of WCW Monday Nitro!

Tonight, we're going to have a double main event.

The Nitro Girls are in the ring, looking fine. Tony says Kimberly is not here tonight, because DDP isn't supposed to be here. DDP doesn't want Kim here if he's not here, due to nWo actions.

Tony, Tenay, and Zbysko are in the booth. Tony says everyone wants to know what went down in the main event. But Tony has gotten a note from the WCW Executive Committee that he cannot tell the fans or show the fans what happened during the main event. Tony says, though, that a WCW official will come out later to show and tell. What-ever.

Tonight, Goldberg vs. Meng, and Giant/Hall vs. members of the Wolfpac.

Match 1: Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Jim Duggan
Barbarian comes out for his normal opening match. Dollars to doughnuts he's fighting Jimmy One-Eye. Can I call it, or what? One-Eye gets a huge pop, and I weep for the future. This isn't a good sign. And I don't even have my fiancee here to scratch my head and make it bearable. Duggan avoids a Barbarian charge, and starts frailin'. Duggan clothesline, followed by a beefy right, followed by a clothesline over the top rope. Big "USA" chant, which actually makes sense this time. Duggan whips Barbarian into the ropes, then immediately turns to deal with Hart, allowing Barbarian to get an advantage. Hart chokes Duggan, and gets a cheap shot. Duggan headbutts Barbarian, but ends up knocking himself down. Barbarian still has a carrot on his trunks. Duggan starts to come back, but a hair pull ends that. Barbarian drops an elbow or two. Duggan hulks up, but ducks too soon for a backdrop and tastes some fist. Tenay: "You can almost see the look in Duggan's eyes as he hears the chant." Eye, Tenay. Singular. Duggan with ten punches in the corner. Duggan avoids a Barbarian corner charge, and rolls him up for the win. Duggan brings Hart in, bringing out Hugh Morrus. The three heels lay into Duggan. Meng runs out, kicks Morrus, and puts the Tongan Death Grip on Hart and Barbarian. Morrus gets back up, only to get a Death Grip for his very own. Doug Dillinger tries to get Meng off, but gets a Death Grip, too! Just to make my life better, Duggan gets one as well. A couple of other random security types get laid out, and Meng stands alone among a pile of bodies. This is, of course, so we can be really impressed when Goldberg breaks out of the Tongan Death Grip later tonight.


We see some footage from last week of the beat-down Luger, and Luger's interview from Thunder.

Mean Gene is in the ring, and calls out said Package himself Hot crowd tonight. Gene says that there were others involved in laying Luger out last week. Luger says there were two guys: Hall, and Hart. Luger challenges Hart tonight, and says he's not leaving this building until his taxi comes. Er, that is, until Hart accepts his challenge. Hart's music comes on, and Hart comes out with the belt. Hart says that Luger is a "damn liar." Hart says he was nowhere around when Luger got his butt kicked. Hart says that Luger's story sounds better than the fact that a vendor backstage kicked his butt. Hart says Luger has to earn his shot at the belt, and says Luger is jealous. Hart says that Luger is jealous that his best buddy Sting is like a brother to Hart. Luger says all he wants it the belt. He says that either Hart can put the belt up tonight, or Luger can knock Hart's teeth down his throat right now. Hart agrees to give Luger a title match tonight.

We see stills of Chavo getting an unfortunate beatdown at Road Wild That was a shame. Chavo deserved better than that.

Match 2: Tokyo Magnum (w/o The Dancin' Fools) vs. Eddie Guerrero
Yes! Disco! Fresh off a three-table performance at Road Wild. The color of Disco's shirt is illegal in most states. Apparently, this match is supposed to be Eddie Guerrero vs. Tokyo Magnum Alex Wright's music comes on, and Das Wunderpackage makes an entrance. Tokyo Magnum is behind him, in full "Sailor Moon" gear. Tokyo looks like he feels sorry. Wright grabs a mic, and yells at Tokyo in German. Wright calls Tokyo: "You stupid little Japanese. I'm so disappointed in you. You should commit hari-cari." Disco says that if Tokyo is going to continue worshiping and idolizing the Dancin' Fools, he needs to perform at a higher level. Disco says Tokyo is on his own tonight. Eddie slowly sleazes to the ring. Disco and Alex tell Eddie that Tokyo's all his. Eddie opens up early on Tokyo. Tokyo hits a spinwheel kick. Tokyo misses a corner charge. Eddie does as well, and gets a head-grab bulldog! Eddie, though, with the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Eddie with a brainbuster, and goes up top. Nice froggie, and Tokyo's down like the yen.

Stills from Raven vs. Saturn vs. Kanyon.

Match 3: Saturn vs. Kanyon
The Siren Song brings out Saturn. Saturn, also, wants a mic. Saturn calls out Kanyon. Said Kanyon does indeed make an appearance. They brawl back and forth, and Saturn ends up with a belly-to-belly. Stiff kneelifts from Saturn, and a takedown. Saturn with kicks in the corner. Saturn eats boot running into the corner, and Kanyon unloads with some punches. Kanyon with a top-rope Rocker Dropper!! Kanyon with a sitdown-bulldog type move, and rolls over into a pin. Kanyon with a SWEET facebuster while Saturn is on his shoulders. Nice back-elbow from Kanyon. Sleeper, but Saturn runs Kanyon into the corner. Kanyon reapplies, but Saturn reverses it. Kanyon with another, and Saturn starts to go out. Of course, since Kanyon's name doesn't rhyme with "Roddy Piper," Saturn gets out of it. Saturn hotshots Kanyon, and hits a T-Bone suplex. Saturn ducks too soon for a backdrop, and eats a Russian Legsweep. Kanyon puts Saturn on the top, and delivers a REVERSE NECKBREAKER from the top!!! Only gets two, though. Kanyon positions Saturn, and goes to the top. Of course, he gets crotched on the top. Saturn nearly blows a top-rope suplex, but hits it. Lodi runs out to distract the ref, allowing Raven to run in and deliver an Evenflow. Kanyon rolls over, dazed, and manages to get an arm on Saturn for the pin! Kanyon wonders what happened.

Tony says something is going down backstage: Meng is putting out two security officers. Why doesn't Meng put the Death Grip on the cameraman? That would be funny.

They show a preview for "Saturday Night Fever" on TNT. Some guy who looks like Disco Inferno is in it.

More Nitro girls, sans Kim, but with a Spice solo, so it's a net gain.

The newest grand-prize Nitro Party winner - some high school kids from Ohio.

Match 4: Sick Boy (w/Lodi) vs. Steve McMichael
Sick Boy comes out. Lodi sign: "Sick Boy Ain't Any Better." His opponent - Mongo. Mongo makes some Horsemen reference. Sick Boy spits at him, and Lodi distracts Mongo. Sick Boy with the early advantage. Bodyslam from Sick Boy. It'd be cool if Sick Boy came out with phat suits and called himself "The Doctor of Style" Slick Boy. Springboard dropkick from Sick Boy. A springboard back-elbow from the Flocker. Mongo fights back, but gets an eyerake. Mongo reverses an Irish whip, and hits a clothesline. Mongo with a kick to the gut, and a tilt-a-whirl slam. Mongo with a pair of three-point-stances that come fairly close to connecting. Mongo hits his head on the turnbuckle on the second one, and Sick Boy sets up for The Cure. Mongo powers out of it, and hits the Mongo Spike for the win.

And we're back for Hour Number Two!

Five title matches in the next two hours! With my keen math skills, I realize that means that "every title is on the line."


Voodoo Child comes on, so that WCW can see how big of a mass exodus to RAW they can create Vince McMahon must be ruining his shorts thinking about the millions of homes that are simultaneously switching to RAW right now. It's Hogan, Booty Leslie, and Bischoff. Bischoff says he generally doesn't like to come to South Dakota, but the love in the arena warms his heart. Hogan: "Well, you know, Mr. Bischoff...." Hogan says he's taking care of the clowns in his life, and DDP is on the way out. Hogan says that nWo Hollywood wants his world title back. Hogan is putting WCW and Goldberg on notice that the clock is ticking. Hogan wants someone to bring him Goldberg on a silver platter, with some "wild rice" and a nice parsley garnish. Hogan says that Bischoff has a public service message. Bischoff says he wants to see the stills from the Page/Leno disaster. Bischoff says that since Meng has decimated WCW public service, nWo Hollywood will provide ringside security for the Meng/Goldberg match tonight. I can literally hear millions of TV sets switching channels right now. It's almost scary. WCW security is about as effective as the security team on the original "Star Trek" series, where you knew that if you saw a security guy, he'd be alien souflee within 30 minutes.

The announcers spend 5-10 minutes talking about how worried they are for Goldberg's safety. Why are they wasting so much time?

Ah. Tony says he's just gotten a message that the Wolfpac has just responded to Hogan's challenges. The Wolfpac says that they will also provide security at the title match.

Match 5: WCW World Television Champion Stevie Ray vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
The "TV Champ" makes an appearance. I really wish they'd let Chavo make a better showing last night. His opponent: The aforementioned Chavo! Chavo is calling for Pepe! Chris Jericho is hollering for Chavo. Jericho says he's found Pepe. Jericho has Pepe, and says that Pepe wants to talk to him. Jericho leads Chavo to the back, and we hear Jericho beat Chavo with Pepe. Jericho comes back out with a broken Pepe. Jericho walks to the ring, and throws his shirt on the camera. Jericho says that since Chavo is busy in the back, Stevie seems to be looking for a challenger. Jericho says that Stevie's not the only guy from the streets: Jericho grew up on the mean streets of Calgary, and he's one bad mamma-jamma. Jericho challenges Stevie for the belt tonight. Stevie says he didn't come all the way to Rapid City to hear somebody run their mouth, and accepts the challenge. Big "Jericho Sucks" chant. Stevie powers Jericho out of the ring. Stevie with some big forearms. Stevie throws Jericho into the air, and lets him drop. Jericho with a dropkick to the knee, and goes to work on the leg. Jericho chops have no effect. Jericho tries a crucifix, and gets it for two! Jericho runs right into a Big Boot. Stevie drops Jericho gut-first over the top, and looks like he blew it. Jericho backdrops Stevie over the top, and then hits a top-rope dive onto Stevie on the outside. Jericho goes back up top, but gets met with a powerslam as he flies off the top. Stevie with a big backdrop. Stevie tries a throw, but Jericho dropkicks him. Jericho with a dropkick in the corner. Jericho low-blows Mark Curtis as Curtis tries to break up a corner scuffle. Stevie Ray sets up for the Slapjack, but Giant runs out???? Giant chokeslams Stevie Ray, as Jericho tries to wake the ref up. Jericho turns Stevie over into the Liontamer. Curtis sees that the ref is out, and calls for the bell! Jericho is the new TV champion!!! Does the talent drain into an nWo faction continue? Tune in for more, true believers!

Bobby Heenan joins the booth.

Eric and Liz make another appearance. Eric blathers something that my brain is kind enough to filter. Bischoff says that he's going to show the world what happened at Road Wild. We see stills that are quite complimentary of Hogan & Co. Bischoff says that he and Hogan won, and that we shouldn't watch the Tonight Show tonight, because Leno is a liar. Tony says that Bischoff's little thing is all we're going to get from Road Wild.

Match 6: Triple Threat Match - Lizmark Jr. vs. Psychosis vs. Rey Misterio Jr.
Liz Markie comes out. Yes! Psychosis!!! Psychosis plays the heel. Wasn't he a face until last week? I'm confused. What the hey? Rey Misterio's music comes on.... Misterio comes out. Apparently, this is a triangle match. Hell, I can't call a regular Lucha match, much less a triangle. Psychosis hits a split-legged gourdbuster on Rey. Psy flips out of a Lizmark tilt-a-whirl, and levels him with a left-handed clothesline. Psychosis hits a combination missile dropkick and senton. Psychosis with a flapjack on Misterio. Lizmark finally gets some offense, and tilt-a-whirls Psychosis. Lizmark with a plancha onto Psychosis. Tenay says that Lizmark was a cliff-diver in Mexico. Random doubleteams. Lizmark and Rey team up with a version of the Rougeau Bomb from the 80s!!! Lizmark with a hotshot on Psychosis, followed by a running legdrop from Rey. Lizmark pulls Rey off the pin. Rey and Lizmark have words. Lizmark puts Psychosis on his shoulders, but Psychosis avoids a diving Rey to roll up Lizmark for two. Rey breaks a Lizmark pin, and Lizmark attacks him. Rey and Lizmark mix it up. Rey with a split-legged moonsault for two. Avalanche clothesline from Psychosis on Rey. Rey with a corkscrew Rocker Dropper on Psychosis. Lizmark goes up top, but eats Psy's boots. Rey charges Psychosis, who accidentally flips Misterio into the Hurricanrana on Lizmark for the win! Rey is favoring his knee after the match, and leaves very quickly. That match started off poorly, but ruled at the end.

The Nitro girls dance in jeans and nice tops.

Match 7: Lex Luger vs. WCW US Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart
Wolfpac music brings out El Package de "Total." nWo music comes on, and the US champion comes out. This match will, of course, be for the US title. The crowd is not enamored of Mr. Hart. Hart kisses the belt, and gives it to Charles Robinson. Luger takes off his shirt, and flexes at Hart. Luger sends Hart out to the floor. Luger wants a test of strength, which Hart accepts. Hart, of course, pays for his insolence. Hart reverses it into a hammerlock. Luger fights out, and hits a clothesline. Hart threatens a walkout, by taking the belt with him. Luger comes behind, and clocks Hart. Luger sends Hart back into the ring. Luger flexes at Hart again. Luger with a hiptoss, and an armdrag. Luger with an armbar. Hart with an eyepoke on the rope break, and starts kicking Luger down. Commercial. As we come back, Hart is bodyslamming Luger on the floor. Hart returns to the ring to wait for the countout, and does a Hoganesque "listen to the boos." Hart goes back out and rolls Luger into the ring. Hart gets a nad shot in on Luger. Hart hits his side-backbreaker for two. Hart with a headbutt, followed by an elbowdrop. A "Nugget" chant starts. Hart drops a leg. Hart with an atomic headbutt. Hart DDTs Luger for two. Hart works on Luger against the ropes. Luger's down and twitching in the corner. Bret with a vertical suplex for two. Hart with an over-the-knee backbreaker. Luger starts to fight back, and is pulling himself up the ropes. Luger hits an atomic drop, then an inverted atomic drop. Luger with the two running clotheslines, and signals for the loaded forearm. Luger hits the forearm, and covers Hart for a two! Luger with a sleeper, but forgets about the Roddy Piper rule, and Hart runs Luger into Charles Robinson in the corner. Hart gts some knucks, goes to swing them at Luger, but Luger ducks and puts Hart in the rack! Hart's got nowhere to go, and has to submit! Luger drops Hart, and gets the belt! The rest of the Wolfpac comes out to celebrate with the new US champ! I figured Hart would be DQ'd for having the knucks on in the classic Dusty finish, but I guess not! We're 2-for-2 on title changes tonight.

We see stills from QuasiJuice winning the belt on Saturday.

Match 8: Kidman (w/o The Flock) vs. WCW World Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera
Juvi runs out with the belt. Kidman looks a bit cleaner. White T-shirt and clean jeans. Juvi starts off with an armdrag. Juvi with a spinwheel kick. Juvi snaps Kidman's neck over the top, and hits a springboard dropkick to Kidman's back. Kidman avoids a baseball slide, and dropkicks Kidman on the outside. Kidman with a chinlock. Notable by his absence is Lodi Kidman avoids a corner charge, but misses one of his own and gets clotheslined. Kidman misses a clothesline, misses a rollup, and hits a powerslam. Juvi with a type of inverted sunset flip. Kidman gets up and hits his split-legged powerbomb. Juvi crotches Kidman on the top, then frankensteiners him off the ropes. Juvi goes up top, and hits the 450 Splash for a succesful title defense!

The announcers talk about Luger's US title win.

We actually see stills from the Road Wild main event, showing the whole story.

Match 9: Raven (w/The Flock) vs. Horace
Raven's laid-back Nirvana music brings out, well, Raven. The entire Flock is with him (except Reese, who has vanished). Raven blames Riggs, Kidman, and Sick Boy didn't show up to help him at Road Wild. Raven Evenflows Riggs, shoves Lodi, and blames Horace for costing him the match. Raven slaps Horace a couple of times. Horace catches Raven's hand, but Raven clocks him. The bell rings. Raven goes to work on Horace. Apparently, this is Raven vs. Horace. Raven throws Horace over the top, and Russian Legsweeps him into the guardrail. Horace comes back in with a stop sign, and brains Raven with it. Horace with a suicide dive through the ropes onto Raven. Horace rolls Raven back in, and sets the stop sign in the corner. Horace whips Raven into the sign. Horace goes up top the top, but Raven avoids a dive. Raven wants Lodi to give him a chair. After some thought, Lodi does. Raven drop-toeholds Horace into the chair, as per usual. The crowd reacts to something...... It's the Flock holding Kanyon back. This allows Saturn to to run in and deliver a Spiccoli Driver to Raven on the stop sign!!! Saturn then throws Horace on Raven, and the referee counts the pin! The Flock checks on Raven, standing around dumbfounded like monkeys doing a math problem.

The Nitro Girls come out, and get "jiggy" with it.

Match 10: Curt Hennig vs. Konnan
nWo music brings out Curt Hennig. His designated opponent - Konnan. Guess what Gonnad wants to do? If you said "Speak on dis," then you'll get bonus points if you guess what Rapid City and the Wolfpac are. Konnan slings his jacket over the top rope. Armtwists and reversals, and Konnan gets the advantage with an armdrag, takedown, and nice clothesline. Hennig makes a comeback. Hennig with chops, and chokes Konnan against the ropes. Hennig sets up for a piledriver, but twists his thighs against Konnan's ears. Hennig tries a belly-to-back suplex, Konnan fights out, but Hennig hits it anyway. Konnan with a rollup for two. Hennig clotheslines Konnan. Hennig grabs one of Konnan's chains, the referee stops Hennig from using it, and Konnan grabs it to choke Hennig out. Billy Silverman calls for the bell. After being choked for a while, Hennig manages to escape to the safety of the locker room.

Match 11: WCW World Tag Team Champions Giant and Scott Hall vs. Sting and Kevin Nash
The World Tag Team champs come out together. The champs are buddy-buddy. Hall, of course, has the mic. Hey. Yo. Hall's in the mood for a survey: WCW vs. nWo Hollywood vs. Wolfpac. Big pop for the Wolfpac. Commercial. Wolfpac music brings out, coincidentally enough, the Wolfpac: Sting and Nash. Nash, not to be outdone, gets the mic, too. I'll give you a guess what wrestling stable is in the house tonight. Giant holds the belt above his head, so that the ref can't get it. It'll be Hall and Nash to start off. Any idea at all what Hall throws at Nash? Didn't think so. Nash unloads on Hall, and sets up for the Jackknife, but Hall quickly hits the outside. Hall with a shoulderblock-armbar. Hall paintbrushes Nash's head. Giant tags in. Tony: "[Nash's powerbomb on Giant] is something I'll never forget. That move got the powerbomb outlawed for a couple of months." I guess that's their way of saying it's not illegal anymore. My God! They're concluding an angle!!! Nash avoids a clubbing blow from Giant in the corner, hits some knees, and then connects with an avalanche. Giant tags Hall. Nash chokes Hall against the ropes, and decks Giant. However, Hall crotches Nash. This allows Giant to come in with a clothesline. Giant with an atomic headbutt. Hall tags back in. Hall with a discus punch on Nash. Giant back in. Nash ducks a clothesline, and hits the big boot. Sting tags in, sends Giant out, and works on Hall. A Stinger Splash in the front, and one in the back. Sting hits a third. Sting goes for the Scorpion, but Giant comes in and chokeslams the referee, leading to the DQ. The Wolfpac gets the win, but the champions retain on the cheap finish.

Match 12: Lumberjack Match - Meng vs. WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg
nWo music comes on. nWo Hollywood comes out to work "security" - Hogan, Hall, and Giant. The Wolfpac security team also comes down - Luger, Sting, and Nash. Michael Buffer is in the ring for the main event. This will be the only time someone in a main event comes out to Zamfir. Meng is introduced as a former Sumo star. Huge pop for the champ's entrance. Goldberg takes his own sweet time to show up. We're past 11pm EDT - going into overtime. And it's title time! Meng goes to the eyes, and starts beating on Goldberg. Meng works Goldberg over in the corner. Goldberg charges out of the corner, but Meng doesn't go down. Meng rolls around like a dog in poop, and gets some advice from nWo Hollywood. They trade blows, and Goldberg locks on the anklelock. Goldberg release the hold, hits the ropes, but gets met with a kick. Goldberg rolls out on nWo side, and the Hollywood faction beats on him. Goldberg makes it into the ring, but gets met with the Tongan Death Grip! Meng releases the hold for some unknown reason, and Goldberg rolls up and hits the spear. Jackhammer. Splat. Win. 131-0. Hogan stalks Goldberg with a chair. Hogan chairs Goldberg, and Nash comes in, grabs the chair, and chases Hogan off. Goldberg gets up, thinks Nash hit him, and spears him. We fade to black....

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