May 4, 2010

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Week 11 of WWE's NXT show started with the usual NXT intro video on the eight Rookies, eight Pros, and one dream to win this thing. After being reminded for the umpteenth time that the Rookies are wild and young, Michael Cole and Josh Mathews introduced the show with a plug for R-Truth vs. David Otunga tonight.

Ringside: Matt Striker stood on the floor with the NXT Rookies assembled for their weekly words of wisdom. They all sold this with their facial expressions of it being a huge deal that one of them will be eliminated next week when they reveal the next Pros poll. Striker plugged R-Truth vs. David Otunga tonight, then introduced the Obstacle Course challenge for tonight's competition. The crowd was silent for this announcement. It starts with the X Division monkey bars, some sort of run through the stairs, down to the concession stands to drink a beverage, run back to the ring, juggle, do the dizzy-bat challenge with a baseball bat, then push a cart up the entranceramp. It's freakin' Wild & Crazy Kids. Except Striker is no Don Jeffcoat. The winner of today's contest gets immunity from elimination next week. Striker told Daniel Bryan, who had the taped ribs, he would be up first. Cole noted the multiple Batistabombs by Batista on Raw last week while also noting he enjoyed it.

Bryan scaled the monkey bars while selling the ribs, then climbed a rope to ring a bell. He charged out of the arena up some steps, and landed in the concession area to drink a cold beverage. Mathews asked if vegans eat soda. Cole, again exposing himself for not knowing anything, said vegans just don't eat meat. Bryan took forever to drink his soda, saying he doesn't drink soda. Bryan took his sweet time here and Mathews said perhaps the ribs were affecting him. "Speaking of ribs, this might be a rib on all of us," Cole said. Bryan finally finished the cold drink and scrambled down the stands back to ringside. He entered the ring and proceeded to juggle some balls. He then entered the ring and did the bat spin before pushing a trunk up the ramp past the yellow line. Bryan's time: 2:45.5.

Suddenly, The Miz's theme music hit and Miz came out on stage to stare down Bryan. Miz: "Are you kidding me? Really?" He said any of the people in the arena could have done that obstacle course better. Miz said he could have eaten a bunch of burgers, eaten a hot dog, and watched the Cavs in that time. He told Bryan he's putting his winless streak on the line tonight against Michael Tarver, who is also winless, and that match is next.

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In-ring: Bryan was still selling the ribs in the ring, then Michael Tarver came out with Carlito in a battle of the winless Rookies. Tarver was sporting an "nXt" t-shirt in the NWO theme. Give the guy credit for coming up with creative t-shirt designs.

1 -- DANIEL BRYAN (w/The Miz) vs. MICHAEL TARVER (w/Carlito)

Bryan went to work on Tarver with a surfboard stretch early on, but Tarver smashed him in the ribs to slow Bryan before whipping him hard across the ring. Bryan suddenly came flying out of the corner with a big kick strike as Cole actually said something positive about Bryan working hard despite being sick and having the "ribs injury." Tarver then cut off Bryan and worked him over with a Camel Clutch as they cut to break.

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Back from break, Tarver executed an overhead suplex on Bryan as Cole reset the show. "Michael, you said something stupid before the break," Mathews dryly said in a transition to talking about Cole suggesting Tarver has given it his all on NXT despite quitting all of the competitions. Subtly great from Josh. Daniel made a comeback and slapped on an armbar, but Tarver lifted Bryan in the air and dropped him on his back to escape. Tarver then dropped Bryan with a swinging slam on the ribs and he scored the pin for the win.

Post-match: Miz rolled his eyes ringside as Tarver acted shocked that he won. Carlito told Tarver to calm down and act like he's been there before. Of course, he hasn't. Miz then entered the ring and watched as Tarver slowly picked up Bryan for Carlito to deliver the backstabber on Bryan. Miz simply crouched over Bryan and talked trash to him as Bryan sold the ribs. Ringside, Mathews and Cole talked about the second Pros poll next week.

WINNER: Tarver in 7:00. And the beat goes on for Bryan, as he reaches 0-10 status with the latest loss. At least it's half-way interesting to see where this leads with Daniel perhaps finally being booked to make that babyface comeback and "kick out" of the losing streak. (*1/4)

Last week recap: Darren Young tried to get people to buy programs to watch him vs. C.M. Punk. ... Backstage: Punk, Luke Gallows, and Serena addressed Darren Young in the locker room. Punk asked Young if he really wants to fight him. Young said he wants to make a statement. "You will not make a statement using me," Punk told him. He told Young to win the obstacle course challenge or else he's going to make the decision for Young on who he's going to be.

Announcers: Cole and Mathews were back on camera to hype the next obstacle course. Cole tried to act excited like he does for lame comedy bits on Raw, so Mathews mocked him. Cole acknowledged it was lame, then they fed it to the obstacle course.

Stage: Heath Slater was up next and he cut a better pace than Daniel Bryan. He chugged a soda before running back into the arena and nearly tripping on the top steps. Slater hopped the guardrail and juggled five balls before picking up the baseball bat. He spun the bat, then pushed a cart up the ramp to easily beat Bryan's time with 1:36.9.

Darren Young was up next to run the Wild & Crazy NXT course. Young scaled the X Division gimmick match, then struggled to climb a ladder and ring the bell. He got his foot caught on the way down the ladder before charging the stairs to reach the concourse. Young started chugging a soda, but struggled to finish it off. Young finally finished the soda, but time had already expired on Slater's time. Young finished off the course anyways and ended at 2:07.8. And the obstacle course continues later on, along with R-Truth vs. Otunga.


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Stage: Justin Gabriel was up next for the obstacle course. The crowd watched quietly as Gabriel scaled the items. Mathews called him the "Jonas Brothers" of WWE. Gabriel made good time here quietly approaching the concession stand and chugging a soda. Gabriel made it to the ringside area and slid into the ring to juggle balls one handed. He made it to the baseball bat and did some spinning before pushing the case over the line and winning by seven seconds over Slater at 1:29.0. Well done.

Up next was David Otunga, who made good time with the first part of this bit. Otunga charged up the stairs and reached the concession stands to chug a soda. Otunga made it back to the stairs and slowly made his way down to the ringside area. Otunga struggled juggling balls, then hit the baseball bat, shoved a cart over the line and lost at 1:35.0. Striker told Otunga his reward for completing the challenge is his match vs. R-Truth is up next. Otunga took a breath, then stomped to the ring to do his posing. After a plug for Over the Limit, R-Truth's music hit to wake up a sleepy crowd. Truth did his rap as Otunga did a bored hand motion to hurry up with the gimmick. After his music stopped, Truth asked Charleston what's up.


R-Truth scored some early offense, but was ironically distracted by his own "R-Truth" chant to give Otunga an opening. Otunga landed a big shoulder tackle off the ropes, then a few strikes to the gut before they cut to break with Otunga in control.

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[Q4] Back from break, the story was Otunga getting too cocky on the offensive. Truth then made a comeback and dropped Otunga with a flying spin kick before hitting the spinning forearm blow off the ropes. Truth with the cover for the win. Post-match: Truth danced and Cole tried to act hip as Mathews expectedly mocked Cole for looking like an idiot. No "tool" reference this week, though.

WINNER: Truth in 6:00. Forgettable match with most of the match occurring during the commercial. Otunga still needs time to work on standing out as a performer during the wrestling portion of his act. He doesn't resonate with the audience in the ring yet. He just more time and experience. (*)

Stage: Wade Barrett slipped on the monkey bars twice and complained about the bars being greased. Instead of continuing, he gave up and walked to the back. So, Bryan is not last place this week. Up next was Skip Sheffield, who tried to pull off the X Division match and fared well. Skip made it to the concession stands and chugged a beverage to chants of "chug, chug, chug." He gingerly made it down the stairs and hit the ring to juggle. Skip finished it off, hit the bat, spun around, and pushed the cart up the ramp close to Gabriel's time. He was two seconds short at 1:31.2, though. Striker congratulated him, which drew mockery from Cole and Mathews considering Skip lost. Up next: Michael Tarver. Will he actually compete? That was the hook to stay tuned after the break.

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Stage: And now Michael Tarver's turn. Tarver slipped on the monkey bars, but didn't quit like Barrett. His time was screwed, though, and he finally made it to the concession stands to chug a soda. Tarver sold that he was going to barf like Droz. Cole to Mathews: "That looked like you the other night." Ref Charles Robinson sold this like a submission hold and got in there to ask Tarver if he wanted to give it up. "Ask him!" Tarver finally tapped on the soda and Justin Gabriel was deemed the winner.

Ringside: Gabriel said he's probably stoked he won the deal and said he's just glad Otunga didn't win because he's tired of this guy. Otunga said he checked with Nielson because the ratings are up when his face is on the screen. Tarver made it back to ringside and Striker asked him who should be eliminated next week. "Me. I should be eliminated next week," he said. Striker acted shocked. Tarver said he's sick and tired of waiting for a chance to prove himself and he had to beat up "an injured, over-rated Daniel Bryan" to prove it. Bryan clenched his jaw as Tarver cut a promo on him.

Striker then asked Sheffield who should be gone next week. Skip cut a babyface promo, not hearing the question. He then said Tarver should be eliminated, plain and simple. "You think that's funny?" Tarver asked Skip. They tossed words back and forth before Striker got thoughts from Slater. He said Slater is going nowhere, baby. He, too, wanted Tarver off the show next week.

Meanwhile, Gabriel and Otunga were about to go at it. Gabriel suggested they have a match right now. Instead, Wade Barrett was given mic time to say there's no way he's gone next week because he's the only man in this whole building. Wade said Tarver is gone next week. Striker brought in Daniel Bryan to get his thoughts. Bryan said he's the only one who hasn't won a match, so if there's anyone who should be eliminated, it's him.

Darren Young was given last word to plug himself. He said he wants it more than everyone on the show. He got to Wade Barrett, who piefaced him. The brawl was on ringside with Young on top of Barrett as a ref tried to separate them. It turned into a bar room brawl with fists and forearms flying here. More refs spilled out to ringside to try to separate the two men having the most real-looking fight on WWE TV in a while. Barrett and Young continued to fight as the show went off the air. Very strong conclusion to the show with the wrestlers "in the heat of the moment like a legit athletic event" after the silliness of the latest Nickelodeon kid's game contest.