July 27, 2010
Season 2,  Week 8

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Tonight's eighth week of WWE NXT Season Two started with a video package hyping that someone will be eliminated on the show. After the standard NXT intro, Michael Cole introduced "elimination night" on NXT. It sounded like Cole was in a phone booth or tunnel.

On-stage: The NXT Pros were assembled for the elimination show. In the ring, Matt Striker introduced the Rookies, starting with "Showtime" Percy Watson, Alex Riley, Joe Hennig, #1 ranked Kaval, #7 ranked Husky Harris, Eli Cottonwood, and Lucky Cannon. With everyone in the ring, Striker recapped the NXT Poll being half Fan vote and half Pro vote. Striker said the Rookies will have one minute to talk about anything, except for why they should not be eliminated.

Lucky Cannon was up first. He said he wants to talk about friends...because he didn't have any. Cannon said when he was hurt and down, no one really cared about him. The fans booed this. Cannon said everyone cheers for him when he's going for the pin. Just nothing happening with the promo. Eli Cottonwood was next with the informal spelling of moustache - "mustache" - on his t-shirt. Cottonwood called out The Undertaker, which drew no reaction. Cole mocked his promo as John Morrison, complete with a heavier beard than on Raw, nodded approvingly.

Husky Harris was next mocking the bodies on this show. Harris called out MVP, which drew great laughter from Cody Rhodes. He said he looks like Tarzan, while the others fight like Jane. Cole liked it. Kaval talked about dreams. An Inception promo? Cole interrupted on commentary as Kaval talked about wanting to perform on the greatest stage of them all. Kaval paused and said people doubted him all along. Suddenly, a fire alarm sounded in the background. Cole was talking over Kaval, who apparently referenced being Low-Ki at one point in his career. Cole, still sounding like he was in a wind tunnel, mocked the promo.

Joe Hennig didn't want to name his topic, which agitated Striker. Hennig talked about the Pros liking his work thus far...except for one guy - The Miz. Hennig asked Miz if he really called him mediocre in the NXT Pros video last week. "Yes, I did...and yes, you are," Miz said from the stage. Hennig said he's undefeated and a whole lot better than mediocre. Hennig called out Miz to show him he's mediocre while he's the one who's...awesome. Miz told Hennig to get a WWE contract, then talk to him. Until then, he's a wannabee.

Alex Riley was next to talk about Starbucks. Riley said if this was up to the WWE Pros or anyone with an education, this would be his contest by a landslide. Riley said his fate is in the hands of a "democracy of dorks." He mocked Kaval for being a wannabee Morgan Freeman and Percy Watson for being a wannabee Eddie Murphy. Riley said he's a star while the rest of the Rookies are Star...bucks. Percy Watson was up next to talk about having fun. Watson said life is hard and he has worked hard to get to where he is. He said his motto is work hard, play harder. The crowd was quiet for this whole deal. Watson told the crowd to get themselves Perci-fied.

NXT Rookie video: Mark Henry said he's the only Rookie who has made him want to see what he's going to do next. MVP said the audience is connected to him already. Miz mocked the shades with no lenses. Cody Rhodes said beneath the surface is a solid athlete. Zack Ryder said he doesn't get what Watson's gimmick is. Rhodes said Watson has a whole lot going for him beyond glasses and a goofy smile.

In-ring: Cue up MVP's theme music to bring out MVP with Percy Watson. Watson's in action next.


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Back from break, Zack Ryder was in the ring to face Percy Watson. MVP was on the ring apron to get a closer look at the action (complete with wearing Watson's glasses), which drew complaints from Ryder. Cole's audio is still screwed up, like he's broadcasting on the radio. Ryder dominated Watson early on, then made a comeback with a clothesline off the ropes. Ryder tried to come back with a Rough Ryder drop, but Watson blocked and hit his leaping mid-air turnaround splash. Watson with the pin for the win. Ryder's getting buried on WWE TV lately. Josh Mathews covered for Ryder, saying he has walking pneumonia. Watson celebrated with MVP post-match, while Ryder walked up the entrance ramp complaining about things.

WINNER: Watson in 3:00. Basic TV match with no real consequences attached to it despite Watson being the first Rookie to beat a Pro on Season 2, according to the announcers. (*)

Backstage: Morrison was with Cottonwood to discuss philosophy. Cottonwood wasn't following along. Morrison moved along to reviewing a tape from the obstacle course last week. Instead of going right to a clip ala the Dean Douglas formula, it was an awkward set up to simply introduce a standard video package with Cole mocking Cottonwood's performance. Back in the locker room, Morrison tried not to laugh as Cottonwood shouted, "I'm not an acrobat!" Morrison told Cottonwood he has Hennig tonight. Cottonwood said he's not worried because it's about the moustache. And they stared at each other going to break.

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2 -- MICHAEL MCGILLICUTTY (JOE HENNIG) (w/IC champion Kofi Kingston) vs. ELI COTTONWOOD (w/John Morrison)

Cottonwood quickly went to work on Hennig, who is undefeated on NXT thus far. Cole sounded like Vince McMahon calling Cottonwood a "unique presence" in the ring. Cottonwood continued to dominate as Cole tried to score brownie points in my book calling Miz the "Mack Brown of NXT" since they're in Texas. Hennig tried to make a comeback at 3:00, but Eli cut him off with an atomic drop. Eli looked like Great Khali getting his knee caught on the top rope attempting a big boot. Cole and Mathews bantered back and forth about Cole's Slammy award win in the same building at the end of 2009. Meanwhile, Hennig dropped Eli with a swinging neckbreaker as Kofi cheered him on from the ring apron. Hennig with the pin for the win.

WINNER: Hennig in 5:00. Eli isn't very polished in the ring and they're exposing him to the audience when it would be best to not show much of him to the audience. The con is he's a threat to the babyfaces because of his size, but they're showing he's not much of a threat in the ring, making him far less marketable for future storylines. They can always repackage him or rebuild him down the road on Raw or Smackdown, but he has no value as a threat in his current form. (*)

NXT Rookie video: NXT "co-host" Ashley Valence introduced an evaluation video package on Kaval. Miz said Kaval's in-ring ability is very, very good. Henry said he's probably the most polished of all the Rookies. Kofi said he has a quiet confidence. Everyone put over his kicks. Henry said him being with Lay-Cool is a good learning experience. Lay-Cool said they're helping him out with his flaws. Miz said he needs to have a bigger-than-life personality. Morrison told him to lighten up. MVP said he's made an impact visually. Cody said if they lived in a fair world, Kaval would be the next break-out star.

Backstage: Lay-Cool asked Kaval where his t-shirt is. Husky Harris then bumped into Kaval in the hallway and told him he didn't see him standing there. Lay-Cool defended him that he's #1. Kaval calmed them down and Husky mocked him for his "girlfriends" backing him up. Kaval said he does all his talking in the ring. Husky sneered at him and ssaid he's going to have some real fun in the ring tonight. Kaval agreed and walked off, with Lay-Cool following behind him.

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3 -- KAVAL (w/Co-Women's champions Lay-Cool) vs. HUSKY HARRIS (w/Cody Rhodes)

It's a match-up of #1 Kaval vs. #7 Husky Harris from the last NXT poll. Harris tried to use his size early on, but Kaval out-quicked him and landed kick strikes. Mathews said Harris has that "Dez Bryant mentality" of not here to play games like a typical Rookie. Nice analogy. Harris cut off Kaval with a snap slam and went to work on Kaval's lower back. Cole proceeded to criticize Kaval and reporting, in general. Harris then caught Kaval in the ropes and Lay-Cool were bumped off the apron in the process. Kaval checked on Lay-Cool, which gave Harris an opening to land a suplex and running sentaun for the pin the win. Meanwhile, Cole criticized Kaval for showing compassion, adding that it's not about showing compassion in WWE. There have been plenty of messages on TV the last two nights after the McMahon bio in the Connecticut Post on Monday.

WINNER: Harris in 3:00. A means to continue getting over Harris while giving Cole an opening to criticized Kaval, the so-called "Internet favorite" of this season. (*)


On-stage: Striker came out and told the NXT Pros to gather up and cast their votes for the elimination coming up.

NBC plug: They plugged the WrestleMania 26 special with Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker on NBC in August.

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Raw Rebound: They went back to last night's Raw for - you guessed it - tension! Team Cena falling apart; Team Nexus strong heading to Summerslam.

Announcers: Cole said Nexus looked strong on Raw last night, continuing to hit the talking point selling the audience that Nexus is evenly matched with established stars. Cole and Mathews then broke down the Summerslam line-up with Team Nexus vs. Team Cena, WWE champ Sheamus vs. Randy Orton, and World champ Kane vs. Rey Mysterio.

On-stage: The NXT Pros were shown on stage contemplating life as Cole said their votes are being tabulated right now. The results are on the other side of the break.

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[Q5 -- over-run]

Ringside: The NXT Rookies were shown assembled ringside as Sign Guy shouted at them in the background. Striker stretched out the drama before announcing the new NXT Poll. Striker reminded the audience that Hennig is safe after earning immunity last week.

#1 is now Michael McGillicutty (Hennig). #2 is Kaval, who dropped from #1. The crowd and Lay-Cool cheered while Cole was beside himself. Alex Riley was #3, up from the last poll. Percy Watson was #4. Lucky Cannon was still in the game at #5. It's down to Husky Harris and Eli. Striker asked them to step up and face the music. Eli stared down at the floor as they cued up the drumroll. #6 is Husky Harris, escaping elimination again. #7 is Eli Cottonwood and he's gone.

Striker asked Eli to talk to the audience. Eli stared down at the ground, then walked over to Harris and kicked him in the gut. Eli then beat up the other Rookies until Riley hopped on his back to try to control him. Eli threw down Lucky, then simply stormed off. John Morrison tried to calm him down, but Eli shoved him in the chest. Eli stormed off, leaving the Rookies talking trash from ringside.

Back ringside, Striker asked Harris why he continues to be at the bottom of the rankings. Harris said he's been on a warpath and he doesn't know what else he needs to do to show he's stepped up his game. Hennig was next to talk about being perfect thus far and he vowed to become a World champion. Striker asked Riley about Eli trying to attack him. Riley said he's a much better athlete than Eli and he's not really worried about being #3 right now. He vowed to jump the top two spots.

Hennig and Riley then had a confrontation and Hennig blasted Riley. Hennig completely dominated the ringside fight until Cannon pulled Hennig off Riley. Eli suddenly stormed back to ringside and attacked Cannon, then Husky. Eli kneed Cannon in the gut before throwing him into the guardrail and they ended the show with chaos ringside. Why does WWE typically wait until the over-run to actually deliver some interesting TV on this show?