August 10, 2010
Season 2,  Week 10

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Tonight's tenth week of WWE NXT Season Two started with a video from earlier in the night before the fans were let in the arena. Matt Striker was on stage with Josh Mathews and Michael Cole, who was playing WWE fanboy. Cole, dressed in Cena and Miz gear with a spinner title belt and Morrison's shades, pumped himself up on stage for a punch-out challenge. He's like how Eric Bischoff described DDP early in WCW as a combination of every gimmick possible. Cole punched a boxing glove deal and scored 728. Josh Mathews was up next and scored 806. Cole dejectedly walked off stage, leaving Mathews the winner.

Arena: The show went live to the arena after the clip from "earler in the night," where Cole claimed he didn't try his best. The Pros and Rookies were then introduced on stage. Lucky Cannon came out sans Mark Henry to sell his injury last night on Raw. Cole went nuts for Alex Riley and The Miz walking out on stage. Cole called Miz the "Bill Walsh" of NXT this week.

With everyone out there, Striker noted Mark Henry's injury at the hands of Nexus last night on Raw. Striker recapped the deal where they will reveal a new poll tonight and someone will be eliminated. Striker said the season finale will be in three weeks and the winner will receive a championship match live on PPV. He reminded everyone there will be an elimination first tonight, so they need to impress the Pros and WWE fans tonight with the "Power of the Punch" challenge. Striker said the winner will get an individual appearance next week on Raw instead of being stuck in a six-man tag. So, the winner replaces Bella Twins as arm candy for the guest host?

Joe Hennig was up first and registered a 863 measure on the punching bag. Kaval was up next and he received a strong pop, not just from Lay-Cool. Kaval opted for a kick over a punch and only registered a 297. Striker said he's DQ'ed. Percy Watson measured and delivered a 716 score. "I beat him!" Cole shouted. Lucky Cannon kinda tripped over himself and delivered a 744 score. Husky Harris smiled and soaked in boos before he delivered a punch that barely connected. "Oh my God, he almost whiffed," Cole said. It barely hit the 300 level.

Alex Riley, last in the competition, smashed the punching bag, but had more screaming than punching. The measure kept going and surpassed 863 to land at 896 for the win. That was worked. Miz and Riley celebrated, then Riley said his Pro, Miz might be a reality TV star, but he is a "star in reality." Cole noted he beat most of the Rookies before confirming Riley gets an "individual appearance" on Raw next week.

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During the Break: The Miz was shown confronting John Morrison about Team WWE being one man short against Team Nexus at Summerslam. Miz told Morrison he wants to hear him say, "I want you to join Team WWE." Morrison said he won't ask Miz, but if he's so sure, they should have a match tonight so he can prove they don't need him. Miz quietly said that's fine; have it your way.


Announcers: Mathews and Cole debated whether Team WWE needs The Miz. Cole quickly cut him off and said they definitely need Miz, which drew an eye-roll from Mathews.


This would be the perfect spot to show a pinfall can happen at any moment, which was a key part of the discussion on the Livecast today. Cannon almost succeeded with a quick pin attempt on Harris that resulted in a nearfall. The re-match from last night's Raw included Kaval looking just fine and healthy on the babyface team. That seems to undermine the WWE champ, Sheamus's, finishing move and offense if Kaval is fine for a match the night after Sheamus destroyed him. Cannon and Watson tagged in and out for the babyfaces, leaving Kaval on the outside, as the announcers said Lucky needs to find an edge or he could be eliminated. Lucky then measured Riley and took him out with a suicide dive on the outside. After the spot, Lucky sold his shoulder and Riley sold a blow to his face as they cut to break.

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Back from break, Lucky was selling in the ring after Riley regained control of the match. The heels tagged in and working over Lucky as Mathews quizzed Cole on who he voted for in the NXT poll. Miz said he voted for Alex Riley. It was a trick question - he was supposed to say Linda McMahon...or his integrity as a broadcaster meant he did not want to show favoritism and opted not to vote. Or not.

Kaval eventually tagged in at 10:00 and worked on Hennig with kick strikes. He then applied a unique submission hanging on Hennig's back, but Husky broke it up. The action totally broke down, then Kaval and Hennig were left in the ring. Hennig went for a neckbreaker, but Kaval moved and landed a big double foot smash in the corner. Kaval then went up top a big cheer and landed his Warrior's Way double foot smash to the chest. Kaval with the pin - with the crowd shouting one...two...three - and the win. Cue up Lay-Cool with the big celebration. Cole said that was huge for Kaval, who he said has been the favorite of the "Internet folks." Mathews said Kaval might have swayed some votes from the Pros. The babyfaces celebrated in the ring while Kaval smiled at the heels retreating on the outside.

WINNERS: Team Kaval in 11:00. Decent tag match. Lucky's role was pretty apparent - take the crowd down, then set them up for a big high when Kaval tagged in and started executing his offense. Nice showcase for Kaval, who has certainly been over with this crowd tonight. (*1/2)

On-stage: Striker brought in the Pros to get their votes to tally things up. Striker said the NXT Poll will be revealed tonight. Zack Ryder and Cody Rhodes were shown comparing notes as the announcers plugged "frenemies" Miz and Morrison facing off tonight.

Summerslam plug: They reinforced Sheamus as a big deal showing him in a menacing video package to hype Sheamus vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title.

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Summerslam plug: They aired a video package on the build-up to Team WWE vs. Team Nexus as Summerslam, going back to the original Invasion and showing their recent attacks taking out members of the Raw locker room.

Announcers: Cole and Mathews were shown on-camera to reinforce the hot atmosphere last night in Sacramento for Raw when Team WWE finally came together against Nexus for Summerslam. Mathews recapped the injury angle with Great Khali being out of Summerslam, leaving an open slot on Team WWE. The announcers then broke down the PPV line-up.

In-ring: The Miz came out first for the featured match of the show with Summerslam implications. Morrison came out to face Miz as Cole snapped to attention screaming that Miz is a perfect fit for Team WWE. Mathews slowed him down and said there's something called team chemistry and Miz could ruin that at Summerslam.

2 -- U.S. champion THE MIZ vs. JOHN MORRISON -- non-title match

Miz took control of the match as Cole attempted to shoot down the team chemistry concept considering Chris Jericho and Edge are now part of Team WWE. Morrison then came back with a corner attack before executing a nice corkscrew plancha onto Miz on the floor. They cut to break with Morrison in control.

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Back from break, Miz had Morrison in a reverse chinlock back in the ring. They replayed the corkscrew plancha from during the break as Morrison tried to break free of the chinlock, but Miz cut him off with a yank of the hair. Miz continued an aggressive attack, including his signature running corner clothesline. Cole tried to make himself relevant on Madden 2011 day with a "Miz is like the John Madden of NXT" reference. Morrison fought back from his knees against Miz, then executed a roll-up for a two count. Morrison landed a kick thrust, then an explosive clothesline, followed by a pancake. Morrison fired up the crowd before nailing the springboard Flying Chuck for a two count. Morrison attempted a running knee strike, but Miz ducked and kicked J-Mo in the head for a two count.

They went to the finish where Morrison teased Starship Pain, but Miz moved out of the way. Morrison then attempted a leaping enziguiri kick, but Miz ducked. Morrison sold smashing his knee into the ropes and hobbled out of the corner where Morrison executed a Skullcrushing Finale. Miz with the pin for the win. Cole said Team WWE doesn't need another injury before Summerslam. He added an odd line that this didn't accomplish anything other than Miz winning yet again. They replayed the finish as Miz held the U.S. Title belt and MITB briefcase in Morrison's face. Cole suggested Miz controls the fate of Team WWE come Sunday when he decides whether to join the team or not.

WINNER: Miz in 11:00. Good TV match with some good back-and-forth. A Morrison match is always subject to a mistimed spot or two, but he kept a pretty clean sheet here. (I miss the World Cup.) Nice emphasis on Miz heading to Summerslam to reinforce his heel persona. (**)

Up next: Someone's eliminated.

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Legendary promo: They aired a trailer for John Cena in "Legendary" due out in one month. One of the quotes from a critic read: "Terrific acting for John Cena." That's a true definition of back-handed compliment.

Ringside: Striker was with the six remaining NXT Rookies to set up the elimination proceedings. The Rookies were given mic time first. Joe Hennig cut a promo on Lucky Cannon, saying he needs to go home. Kaval said he thinks Lucky hasn't made an impact yet. Percy Watson said they've all done a great job, so he can't give an answer. Cole groaned. Watson then picked Alex Riley for talking too much. Lucky was next. He said everyone but him should be eliminated. He said he wants this more than anyone else. Cole just mumbled. Husky Harris abruptly said Lucky Cannon. Riley had a great comeback to Striker's questions that he should be eliminated, but if he had to pick . Cole and Mathews actually agreed for once on Riley.

[Q5 -- over-run] Kaval is back to #1. Lay-Cool celebrated in fine fashion. Hennig is #2, dropping from #1 in the last poll. #3 is Percy Watson, who leapfrogged Alex Riley, surprisingly. Husky Harris was #4, so he's out of the danger zone for the first time. So, it's Riley or Lucky. Striker asked them to step forward to see how this is going down. And #5 is Alex Riley, who breathed a sigh of relief. Actually, Miz breathed a deeper sigh of relief. #6 is Lucky Cannon, and he's gone.

Lucky was given mic time. He mocked Kaval first, then had final words for the fans. He said he's not going to flip out (he ripped his hair). Lucky pandered to the audience, saying NXT Season Two has been like a giant adventure every week. He mocked Eli Cottonwood, Husky Harris, Percy Watson, and Kaval. "Somebody please punch him in the mouth," Cole said. Lucky said this is not the last they have seen of him. Harris was so great leaning back on the ramp wanting nothing to do with a parting handshake from Lucky.

Striker then brought in Riley to ask why he's disconnecting with the audience. Striker said two weeks ago, he said he's not here to cater to the fans and he's not going to change who he is to do that. Miz and Cody Rhodes were shown clapping on the stage. Riley said he can't figure out how he dropped in the polls when the only thing he was evaluated on was how they fared kissing the woman last week. Riley reminded everyone he'll be featured on Raw this Monday, then he'll go on to become a WWE champion.

Striker gave it up for the five remaining Rookies before tossing out some more news. Striker announced a double elimination on next week's show. He said they're going to find out who's getting closer to becoming WWE's next breakout star. Cole and Mathews plugged the voting for next week opening tomorrow afternoon at noon EST. Kaval walked up the ramp to celebrate with Lay-Cool and receive a new pink t-shirt. They went back to a shot of Lucky's reaction as he watched the poll results come in with him losing. Two more are gone next week. End show.