Raw is War

American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida
January 3, 2000

RAW started off with a bang from the American Airlines Arena in Miami. Finally, The Rock had come back to his home, apparently with some new clothes from Lucky's. The Rock introduced us to his family - the millions and millions of his fans. He then addressed the Mick Foley issue, saying that he was quite upset about the way Mick's career ended. The Rock then challenged Triple H to a match, prompting the McMahon-Helmsley Era to appear. Triple H said that he wanted to beat The Rock's ass, but that he would instead fight the Big Show for the World Wrestling Federation Championship. The Rock, on the other hand, would be in the first-ever Handicap You're Fired Match against three men - X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. D-Generation X then rushed the ring to attack their adversary.

In tag competition, the Dudley Boyz took on Too Cool as the Mean Street Posse and Rikishi watched. The action was fast-paced, particularly when Too Cool had the advantage. However, when the Posse attacked Rikishi on the outside before being chased away by the Acolytes, the Dudleys gained the upper hand, ultimately winning via disqualification when Rikishi interfered. Backstage, Faarooq and Bradshaw said they'd fight the Posse with one hand tied behind their backs.

Triple H set up a match between Kurt Angle, whose winning streak Hunter wanted to end, and Kane. Further, "The Game" disallowed Steve Blackman from smashing Kane with his Kendo stick. Angle explained to the crowd that Kane has only one "I" - intensity, but that Kurt has all three "I's," thereby giving the Olympian the advantage. The Big Red Machine was on top for most of the bout, even chokeslamming Angle before Steve Blackman came to the ring. The Lethal Weapon smacked Angle with his stick, handing the match to Kurt via disqualification.

Stephanie then headed to the ring with three referees and the Intercontinental Title in hand. She was to answer the question of who the real IC champ is. Steph called both Chyna and Chris Jericho to the ring. Stephanie ruled that both superstars are the IC Champion. Only one could defend the belt at a time, but if one of them lost, then both would lose the title. This brought out the Hollys, as Hardcore demanded a title match against Chyna. Jericho sat at ringside, shouting encouragement to Chyna, and then helped Chyna attain victory after punching Hardcore Holly behind the referee's back. After the match, Crash and Hardcore battled into the crowd.

Backstage, the Era set up a match between the team of Prince Albert and the Big Boss Man against Test and two partners.

In a Championship bout, the Big Show defended against Triple H, who ordered DX to stay away from the ring. Show pounded Hunter for much of the early part of the match, but Triple H finally gained control after tossing the champ into a ringside table and the timekeeper's bell. Undaunted, the Big Show regained his stamina and chokeslammed Hunter, but "The Game" managed to get his foot on the ropes. X-Pac then ran to ringside to distract the referee long enough for Hunter to low blow the champ and deliver the Pedigree for the pinfall. Triple H became Federation Champion for a third time.

Next up, Test, the Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young took on the Boss Man and Prince Albert. Mae got an early bronco buster on the Hardcore Champ, but that was it for Test's team, as Albert got the win after a scissor kick.

With one arm tied behind their backs, the Acolytes took on the Posse. The Dudleys quickly ran to the ring and all five superstars seemed determined to destroy the Acolytes. The Posse then beat Faarooq and Bradshaw with their belts.

DX then presented their film, "Have a Bad Day." The short cinematic triumph made fun of Mick Foley and his firing, showing a pathetic Mankind at the unemployment office.

In a cage match, Jeff Hardy battled Al Snow. Al began the match by slamming the door and a chair on Jeff's head. He then tossed Terri into the cage and locked the door. Snow tried to use the cage to his advantage, and a chair as well, but Jeff Hardy ended up planting his opponent with the steel chair. When Hardy tried to escape, Snow climbed to the top of the cage to slam Jeff to the canvas. However, Jeff got the victory after using Al's body as a springboard to escape the cage.

"Have a Bad Day" continued, as Mankind was told to get his "fat, loser ass" out of a children's hospital by "Dr. Hung Lo." The doctor from the orient kicked Mankind in the groin and told him he could only come back to see the kids if he brought Triple H.

Later, Mankind was at a store signing his new book, "I've Been Fired." No one showed up to get their copy, and Mankind was fired by the bookstore owner.

Backstage, DX waited for their match with The Rock until the Great One suddenly attacked!

DX then took on The Rock in the main event, which Triple H deemed a no disqualification match. The Rock tried valiantly throughout the bout to overcome three opponents and avert being fired. The People's Champ continually managed bright moments of offense only to be quickly shut down by DX. The degenerates pounded The Rock outside the ring and inside.

Suddenly, The Rock became a house of fire in the ring, unleashing a Samoan Drop, a spinebuster and a People's Elbow before DX snatched victory from him when they pulled The Rock off X-Pac. When Road Dogg went for a chair outside the ring, Mick Foley appeared from the stands to blast all of DX with a chair himself! The Rock managed to get to his feet to give Mr. Ass the Rock Bottom for a win as RAW went off the air.