Raw is War

New Haven, Connecticut
January 17, 2000

RAW kicked off live from New Haven, CT with Cactus Jack alerting the capacity crowd to the TitanTron, where Cactus had clips prepared. The clips were of Cactus Jack destroying Triple H two years ago in Madison Square Garden. After the clips, Cactus claimed that the beating he gave Triple H was just an inkling of what he would give him at the Royal Rumble. Cactus also commented that he couldn't wait until the Rumble, and that he wanted to get his hands on Triple H then. Triple H obliged, but not before inviting the rest of DX into the fight.

An out manned Cactus found himself on the wrong end of an ass beating. The Rock then came to Cactus' rescue. However, before he could hit the ring, Big Show attacked The Rock form behind. From there, the Acolytes entered the brawl. In a matter of truly minutes RAW became a war zone.

After the commercial break, the World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Champion, Big Boss Man defended the title against Test. The match quickly took to the backstage area. The two superstars exchanged the advantage several times before Test was able to capture the Championship after Prince Albert distracted the Boss Man. After the match, Boss Man vowed revenge on Prince Albert.

Three of New Haven's finest hos accompanied the Godfather and D'Lo Brown to the ring as they prepared for Edge and Christian. During the match, Christian accidentally knocked over a ho - this eventually led to Christian getting pinned by D'Lo Brown. After the match, the Godfather gave his hos to his opponents for the whole night.

Next up, Kurt Angle addressed the crowd concerning his match against a mystery opponent at the Royal Rumble. According to Angle, he could beat any roster member backstage. After his comments, Angle battled Steve Blackman. Angle was able to get the victory after the Bulldog gave Blackman a low blow with a kendo stick.

After the commercial break, the King welcomed the participants of the Miss Royal Rumble Swimsuit Competition into the ring for an interview. The segment quickly ended when Ivory complained, saying that the fans were perverts for wanting to see this type of event. A brawl between the participants quickly ensued. After Federation officials broke up the fight, Mae Young attempted to give the fans what they supposedly wanted - her puppies.

Accompanied by Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, X-Pac and Triple H battled the Acolytes. The match began with Triple H and Bradshaw battling in the stands, while Faarooq and X-Pac took it to each other in the ring. The match ended when the New Age Outlaws interfered on behalf of Triple H and X-Pac. The four members of DX absolutely destroyed the Acolytes, leaving them almost lifeless in the middle of the ring.

After the match, Michael Cole, reporting from San Antonio, informed fans that Stone Cold Steve Austin's neck surgery went as well as could be expected. After Cole's comments, Dr. Lloyd Youngblood addressed the media in a press conference. Dr. Youngblood was very optimistic concerning a return to the ring for Stone Cold.

In a backstage interview, The Rock congratulated Stone Cold Steve Austin on a successful surgery. The Rock then turned his attention on the Big Show, claiming that Show is in fact a jabroni.

In singles competition, Jeff Hardy took on Buh-Buh Ray Dudley. In typical Hardy fashion, the action was fast and furious. When it was all said and done, it was Jeff Hardy pinning Buh-Buh Ray after delivering a centon bomb. After the match the Dudleyz brutally attacked the Hardys, highlighted by Matt being superbombed onto his brother on top of a table.

Too Cool and Rikishi brought the fans to their feet after the break. However, Grand Master Sexay and Scotty Too Hotty left for the backstage area, leaving Rikishi to fight Chris Jericho on his own. Jericho's title defense ended when Chyna and Hardcore Holly came down to interfere. Before Hardcore could do any serious damage to Rikishi, Too Cool came down and cleared the ring. Afterwards, the capacity crowd erupted as Too Cool and Rikishi showed off their entertaining dance moves.

In a match set up earlier in the evening, Kane battled Prince Albert. This match ended as quickly as it began, as Kane destroyed Prince Albert, pinning him after a chokeslam. After the match, Prince Albert asked Kane if he liked being dominated by women. Albert then admitted that he enjoys it.

In the final match of the evening, the New Age Outlaws battled The Rock and Big Show. Before the match got underway, The Rock and Big Show exchanged punches with each other. The partners eventually separated and the match began. Triple H, X-Pac and Stephanie watched at the top of the stage. The match almost ended prematurely when The Rock nailed Road Dogg with the Rock Bottom. However, Mr. Ass made the save for his team. The match ended when The Rock hit his own partner with a steel chair, allowing Mr. Ass to make the pin. After the match, The Rock delivered the People's Elbow to a knocked out Big Show