Raw is War

The GeorgiaDome, Atlanta, Georgia
February 21, 2000

D-Generation X's theme song played throughout the Georgia Dome as RAW IS WAR kicked off live from Atlanta. Triple H and Stephanie immediately attempted to berate the crowd, but their attention was turned in The Rock's direction, as he made his way through the TitanTron. The Great One told DX that he was sick and tired of seeing them come out every week and book the show. Triple H quickly pointed out that he no options but to watch as he books the show, because The Rock is only one person, whereas DX is four. Cactus Jack and Kane then came to The Rock's side. The seven Superstars engaged in an all-out brawl in the middle of the ring. The Rock, Cactus and Kane held their own against DX, until Big Show came to the ring with a steel chair. DX and Big Show absolutely destroyed their three enemies.

Chris Jericho and Chyna then teamed up to take on the team of Kurt Angle and the returning British Bulldog. The match started prematurely, as Y2J attacked Angle during his usual pre-match dialogue. Despite looking bad in the early going, Angle and Bulldog pulled out the victory when Angle pinned Jericho after hitting him with the European Championship belt.

The roof on the Georgia Dome nearly blew off as Too Cool entered the arena to a deafening ovation. The match was almost over before it even started. Grand Master Sexay and Scotty Too Hotty were very impressive in the early going, absolutely destroying the duo of Steve Blackman and Al Snow. However, Blackman and Snow somehow found a way to gain the momentum. Notwithstanding, Blackman and Snow lost the match as they soon as they gained the advantage. Scotty was able to roll-up Blackman from behind while the Lethal Weapon was attempted to dance.

Next up, the Godfather and D'Lo Brown battled the team of Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko. Godfather and D'Lo Brown were accompanied to ringside with approximately one dozen of Atlanta's finest hos (which can be seen at WWFHo-Train.com). The Radicals scored the pinfall victory after Perry Saturn successfully landed a top rope elbow onto D'Lo.

After the commercial break, Edge and Christian teamed up with the Matt and Jeff Hardy to take on the New Age Outlaws and the Dudley Boyz. The action was both fast and furious. It appeared as though the strength of the Dudleyz and the Outlaws was going to win out. But the extremist style of the Hardys and Edge and Christian eventually enabled the high-flyers to gain the advantage. Edge and Christian and the Hardys got the win when Buh Buh Ray intentionally hit his own partner, Mr. Ass, with a steel chair.

The Acolytes and Mark Henry teamed up to battle the Holly cousins and Viscera. Pandemonium broke loose early on in the match, as all six competitors went to blows in the middle of the ring. The Acolytes and Mark Henry won the match via pinfall. After the match, Mae Young attempted to attack the Hollys, but the opposite happened when Hardcore clotheslined Mae, which was followed by a big splash by Big Vis.

Next, Chris Benoit made his way to the ring, as he prepared for his match with Test. Test, who had been missing as of late due to injury, looked to be at 100 percent. However, his top-notch conditioning wasn't enough, as Benoit got the win after successfully executing a head butt from the top rope.

After the commercial break, Rikishi Phatu made his way to ringside, despite having to use a reinforced crutch to assist him in walking. Eddy Guerrero then made his way to ringside for this no disqualification match. Only seconds into the match, Rikishi pinned Guerrero after hitting him with his reinforced crutch.

Tazz and Big Boss Man met in singles action. The Cobb County native is one of the toughest men in the game. However, he wasn't tough enough to take out Tazz. Tazz scored the victory via disqualification after Boss Man nailed him with the nightstick.

In the final match of the evening, The Rock, Cactus Jack and Kane teamed up to take on Big Show, X-Pac and Triple H. The match was full of chaos. The action was everywhere, including on top of the commentators' booth. Emotions were running wild in this match, as Cactus Jack was competing in what may be his final match on RAW. Unfortunately for Cactus, he and his partners were on the wrong end of the match, as Triple H, Show and X-Pac got the win after the Game hit Cactus with a fire extinguisher. After the match, the action was equally as fierce. The six Superstars fought all over the arena. Triple H and Stephanie narrowly escaped Cactus' wrath by boarding the DX Express. The bus quickly made its exit. What will happen when these same personalities are under the same roof once again for SmackDown! this Thrusday?