Raw is War

Spingfield Civic Center, Springfield, Massachusetts
March 6, 2000

RAW IS WAR kicked off live from Springfield, Mass. with Shane McMahon and Big Show speaking to the crowd about last Thursday's SmackDown! Shane expressed distaste for Triple H hitting him with a chair. He then accused the Game of brainwashing his sister, and blamed him for her slut-like appearance and actions. Triple H and Stephanie quickly came to ringside to rebut Shane's comments. An upset Stephanie booked Big Show in the first match of the evening against Kane. She then turned and slapped her brother, Shane.

In the first match of the evening, Kane took on Big Show. Triple H and Stephanie watched backstage as the two behemoths absolutely destroyed each other. The match appeared to be over when Kane caught Show with a clothesline from the top rope. However, Big Show miraculously got up, only to be caught with a Rock Bottom from the interfering People's Champion.

Next up, Mark Henry battled one-half of the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions, D-Von Dudley. The one-on-one battle quickly turned into a two-on-two, when Buh Buh Ray Dudley and Mae Young interfered. The match ended in Mark Henry's favor, but it quickly turned ugly for Mark and Mae when Buh Buh Ray put Mae through a table.

After the commercial break, Road Dogg and X-Pac teamed up to face Too Cool. The reaction Scotty Too Hotty and Grand Master Sexay received on their way to the ring was second to none. The ever-popular Scotty Too Hotty started the match, along with X-Pac. With the capacity crowd on their side, Too Cool gained the early advantage. However, the DX members somehow found a way to gain the momentum. The advantage swayed several more times before the match was interrupted by Kane. The Big Red Machine quickly went after X-Pac. The degenerate immediately retreated to the backstage area.

Kurt Angle then defended the Intercontinental Championship against Chris Jericho. Before the match, both Superstars poked fun at each other's appearance. The action was fast and furious. Y2J came close to re-capturing the Intercontinental Championship several times in the early going, but Angle refused to give up. Y2J continued to destroy the Champ, and just when it appeared as if the challenger was going to force Angle into submission, Bob Backlund attacked him from behind. Jericho screamed in pain, as Backlund refused to let go of his cross-faced chicken wing.

Triple H and Rikishi Phatu competed in the next match. Both competitors look impressive in this contest. Just when it looked as though Rikishi was going to pull off the victory, Stephanie slipped the Game a chair. Triple H quickly walloped Rikishi with the chair, giving the match to Rikishi via disqualification. After the match, The Rock came down and attacked Triple H. Also after the match, Rikishi and Too Cool electrified the capacity crown with their patented dance moves.

Accompanied by Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy then took on Steve Blackman, who was seconded to ringside by Al Snow. Blackman pinned Matt after hitting him with a martial arts kick from the top rope.

After the commercial break, the number one contenders to the Tag Team Championship, Edge and Christian, took on Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko of the Radicals. During the match, Terri joined J.R. and the King at ringside for commentary. The crowd was firmly behind the team of Edge and Christian. However, Terri wasn't. Terri faked an injury, thus distracting Edge's attention from the match. This was enough for the Radicals, as they rolled Christian up for the pin.

Next up, Crash Holly defended the Hardcore Championship against Viscera. Big Vis was Pearl Harbored by Crash with a steel chair to start the match. Unfortunately for Crash, the attack did not stun the big man. Vis absolutely punished Crash all over the arena, including the APA office. This obviously upset the Acolytes, who nailed Viscera with a foreign object. The attack kept Viscera down long enough for Crash to get the pin and the victory.

In the final match of the evening, Chris Benoit battled The Rock in a steel cage match. Shane McMahon and Big Show made their way down to ringside early on in the match, Triple H and Stephanie quickly followed. The four watched what can be considered an instant classic between The Rock and Chris Benoit. On numerous occasions, both Superstars came close to making their way up and over the cage, only to be jerked down. Finally, The Rock was able to touch both feet on the floor, thus being declared the victor. However, after the match, Big Show and Triple H brought The Rock into the cage, hoping to decimate him. Their efforts fell short when Triple H smacked Big Show with a chair. As the show went off the air, J.R. questioned whether or not the chair shot was intentional.