Raw is War

Compaq Center, Houston, Texas
March 27, 2000

With just under one week until WrestleMania, RAW IS WAR was live from Houston. At the top of the show, Linda McMahon addressed the crowd. She apologized to the fans for the ugly family affair that has been played out in front of the TV cameras. Linda then demanded that Stephanie come out and apologize for her actions. It was then that Vince McMahon came to ringside and voiced his concerns for Linda's safety at WrestleMania. After Vince made his concerns known, he too demanded that Stephanie apologize.

Stephanie quickly made her way from the back and actually apologized to her mother. She said that she didn't want to slap her. She wanted to slap her father instead. Vince then threatened to slap her fanny until it turned blue. Luckily for Stephanie, Triple H's presence kept Vince from coming through on his threat.

The fourth McMahon, Shane, then came to ringside and just when it appeared as though he was going to side with his parents, Shane attacked Vince from behind. He and Triple H decimated the WWF Chairman. The four participants in WrestleMania's main event then took to the ring and offered a preview of what we may see on April 2.

After the commercial break, Chris Jericho and Chyna teamed up to take on Chris Benoit and Eddy Guerrero. Y2J and Chyna worked well together as a team, catching Benoit and Guerrero off guard on several occasions. However, Benoit and Guerrero wound up with the victory when Guerrero illegally attacked Y2J from behind.

Backstage, Vince McMahon told Michael Cole that he was going to call Shane out.

The World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Championship was on the line when Crash Holly defended against Hardcore Holly. The match was barely underway when Tazz, Big Vis, Mosh, Thrasher, the Mean Street Posse and a whole mess of other Superstars attempted to pin Crash. Once again, the Hardcore Champion somehow found a way to escape with his title.

Backstage, Shane McMahon told Michael Cole that he was not going to accept his father's challenge.

Rikishi Phatu and Road Dogg met in one-on-one action. Rikishi won the match by count out when Road Dogg retreated to the back after having his face planted in Rikishi's rear end. After the match, Too Cool and Rikishi danced in the middle of the ring. As always, the capacity crowd was on its feet, dancing along with the talented threesome.

Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko then teamed up to battle the Hardys. As expected, the action was fast and furious. Edge and Christian provided color commentary for the match. However, that was not all. Edge and Christian also interfered in the match, assisting Saturn and Malenko to the win.

After the commercial break, Kane battled Kurt Angle. Bob Backlund watched backstage as Angle attempted to make up for the size disadvantage with several underhanded maneuvers, including using one of his belts as a weapon. Angle's blatant breaking of the rules led to his disqualification.

Accompanied to the ring by Trish Stratus, Test defeated Al Snow in a timely fashion.

Next up, the Acolytes faced off against Bull Buchanan and Big Boss Man. However, the match never really got underway, as Godfather and D'Lo Brown paid the APA to leave. Godfather and D'Lo then attacked Bull and Boss Man.

X-Pac then took on D-Von Dudley. Just minutes into the match, Buh Buh Ray pulled a table from under the ring. D-Von attempted to put his opponent through the table, but X-Pac managed to break free from D-Von's clutches. X-Pac eventually scored the pinfall victory after successfully hitting the X Factor. After the match, Kane came to ringside and attacked X-Pac. However, X-Pac and Road Dogg eventually put the Big Red Machine through the table.

In the final match of the evening, Big Show and Shane teamed up to take on The Rock and Vince. Both Triple H and Mick Foley served as special guest referees. The action took place both in and out of the ring. Linda watched backstage as the two men in her family literally tore each other apart. All hell broke loose when the referees began to take part in the action. Order was finally restored, and when it was, The Rock caught Shane with a Rock Bottom, giving him and Vince the victory.