Raw is War

Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
April 3, 2000

Shane McMahon walked down to the ring as the sold out Staples Center crowd looked on to begin RAW IS WAR. Shane said that after The Rock gave his sister Stephanie the Rock Bottom and People's Elbow at WrestleMania, the "Boy Wonder" wanted a piece of the "Great One." It was Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley that came out instead. Triple H said he was so irate that he wanted a piece of The Rock as well - but the Federation Championship would not be on the line. Triple H called out the People's Champion, but it was Vince McMahon who appeared this time. Vince hugged his daughter, and then he shook hands with both Triple H and Shane as a sign of reconciliation. Vince said that he too wanted a piece of The Rock. He knew the fans him to explain his actions at WrestleMania - but since Vince didn't have to answer to anyone, he wasn't going to provide an explanation. However, he did throw a few insults at the fans in Los Angeles for good measure. He said The Rock had as much chance of becoming Federation Champion again as the LA fans had of becoming famous celebrities -no chance in hell. Vince promised that whoever faced The Rock on RAW - Vince, Shane or Triple H - would drive The Rock out of the sports entertainment business and into a field he was more cut out for … waiting tables!

The European Championship was at stake as Chris Jericho, seconded by Chyna, took on Eddy Guerrero. Jericho hit the Asai moonsault and had the match won, but the referee had been inadvertently knocked out. Chyna entered the ring and administered an unofficial three count, and then raised Jericho's hand as if he had won the match. Then she surprised everyone - including Guerrero himself - when she kicked Y2J in the midsection and delivered a DDT. She dragged Guerrero and top and threw the referee back in the ring, who made the three count and awarded the European Championship to Guerrero. After the match, the Ninth Wonder of the World gave the title to Guerrero and left with him!

In tag team competition, Road Dogg and X-Pac, with Tori, took on Test and Albert, accompanied by Trish Stratus. While the referee was distracted, Road Dogg hit a low blow on Albert, and X-Pac delivered the X-Factor for a DX victory.

Backstage, Kurt Angle complained to ring announcer Howard Finkel that the Olympic hero had lost both the Intercontinental and European Championship at WrestleMania without being pinned. When Finkel explained that those were the rules, Angle locked the cross-face chicken wing on Finkel!

One of the titles that Angle lost the previous night, the Intercontinental Championship, was up for grabs on RAW as Chris Benoit defended against Tazz. When the challenger locked on the Tazzmission, Perry Saturn came from the back and climbed to the top rope. Tazz threw Benoit into the ropes, knocking Saturn down. Tazz then delivered a head-and-arms suplex off the top rope on Saturn, who went flying out of the ring. But Saturn's distraction proved beneficial, as Benoit recovered and gave Tazz and overhead suplex into a bridge for the pin. After the match, Tazz attacked Perry Saturn.

Before the Big Show's match with Rikishi, Shane and the Show talked backstage. Show said that he and Shane are still friends and the Show is there if Shane needs him. But the Show said he kind of liked Hollywood, and he was going to go out there and "cut a rug" and become a real superstar.

Back in the ring, Michael Cole interviewed the new Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian. Edge told Cole that they could "take it from here," and they proceeded to call out the Hardy Boyz. Edge and Christian condescendingly suggested to the Hardys that there was "nothing wrong with being second best." Just when it looked like there may be a scuffle between the Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian, the Dudley Boyz came out - and a melee ensued among all three teams!

Next up, Rikishi Phatu, accompanied by Too Cool, took on the Big Show. After flooring Phatu with a clothesline, Big Show proceeded to do his own version of Scotty Too Hotty's worm! Too Cool apparently didn't like the impression too much, as they ended up interfering in the match, causing a disqualification. After the match, Scotty executed the "real" worm on the Show, and then Rikishi and Too Cool danced to the delight of the crowd. Looking on from the opposite end of the entrance ramp below the Titan Tron, Big Show seemed to like what he saw.

After the break, the McMahon boys and Triple H drew straws to determine who would face The Rock, and Shane ended up getting the nod. However, the "Boy Wonder" didn't seem nearly as confident about facing the "Great One" as he had earlier in the night. Meanwhile, the Big Show was back in the ring. He said that he's more than just a big, unstoppable athlete - he's also an entertainer. He asked the fans if they had seen him on "Saturday Night Live," and they agreed that he could be funny. Show said that sometimes he felt like fighting, sometimes he felt like relaxing, and sometimes he felt like …dancing! Show instructed the guys in the truck to hit the music, and the Big man proceeded to tear up the dance floor (the ring in this case). The crowded even chanted "Go Big Show" as the former Federation Champion got down.

Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed The Rock, who promised to beat Shane McMahon's ass and eventually go on to become the Federation Champion again.

After the controversial ending at WrestleMania, Crash Holly tried to win back the Hardcore Championship from his cousin Hardcore Holly. It looked like Hardcore had things firmly in control as he slammed his cousin over the head with a glass candy jar - just as he had done the night before at WrestleMania. But the Acolytes came from the back and put a beating on Hardcore - and threw Crash on top of him. Crash scored the pinfall and became the new Hardcore Champion. After the match, as the new Hardcore Champion retreated to the locker room, he was attacked by the Mean Street Posse, but the "Houdini of Hardcore" was able to escape with his title.

Backstage, Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty Too Hotty were talking about Big Show's dancing ability. Sexay was clearly not impressed. Later, the Big Show confronted Grandmaster - who said the Show's dancing was not that bad, but it was also not that good. Show slugged Grandmaster and splashed him through a table. He took Grandmaster's 'do rag and glasses and strutted away.

Next up, Kurt Angle took on Val Venis. Angle said that because he was taking on Val and didn't want to taint himself, he would wear sanitary rubber gloves during the match. Before he could put the gloves on, however, Val attacked him and the match got underway. Angle went up to pick up the victory by forcing Val to submit to the cross-face chicken wing.

In another singles contest, Kane, with Paul Bearer, took on Bull Buchanan, with Big Boss Man. After the Big Red Machine got the win with a chokeslam, he was double teamed by both Bull and Boss Man. The two superstars handcuffed Kane to a ringpost, and then Bull smashed his hand with a steel chair.

In the final match of the episode, Shane McMahon took on The Rock. Shane was joined at ringside by Vince McMahon. After The Rock tried unsuccessfully to get his hands on Vince, he chased after Shane, who ran back toward the locker room. The People's Champ finally caught him, but was attacked from behind by Triple H, who ended up throwing him into the steel ring steps. The match hadn't even officially got underway yet; when it did, both Vince and Triple H interfered liberally while the referee was distracted. When The Rock inadvertently knocked out the referee, Triple H hit The Rock with the Pedigree, but the "Great One" somehow managed to kick out at two. Frustrated, Triple H entered the ring again, as Vince and Shane ran back up the ramp to safety. Triple H initially got the upper hand on an exhausted Rock, but the People's Champ eventually hit the Rock Bottom, and a befuddled referee administered the three count. The Rock picked up a victory - and although the title was not at stake, the "Great One" lifted the championship overhead as RAW came to an end.