Raw is War

State College, Pennsylvania
April 17, 2000

The World Wrestling Federation Championship was on the line early-on this week on RAW when Chris Jericho challenged Triple H for the title. Prior to the match, Y2J took over where he left off last week, making fun of Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Also before the match got under way, Jericho told Triple H that the Acolytes would be in his corner. In Triple H's corner was his wife and her brother, Shane. The champ's focus seemed to be elsewhere in the early going, as Jericho assaulted Triple H - several times nearly walking away with the Championship. Finally when it appeared as though Jericho would have Hunter's number, the assigned referee was knocked out. Senior referee Earl Hebner then came down and finished the officiating duties. When it was all said and done, Chris Jericho defeated Triple H and captured the World Wrestling Federation Championship after hitting him with a moonsault.

After the commercial break, Triple H, Stephanie and Shane physically brought Earl Hebner into the ring. Triple H also brought in the originally assigned referee, Mike Chiota. Triple H then asked for Chiota's professional opinion. Chiota responded, saying that Hebner screwed Triple H. Hebner then said that he would reverse the decision if Triple H promised never to lay another hand on him as long as he was a WWF referee. As soon as Triple H was given the Championship back, Hebner leaned that he was fired. Shane and Triple H then proceeded kicking his ass.

In tag team action, the Hardys battled Essa Rios and Eddie Guerrero. Although lacking the experience of the Hardys, Essa and Eddie worked well together. However, it was Jeff and Matt who gained the victory after Lita's interference turned bad. After the match, Chyna and Guerrero beat on Essa.

Crash Holly then defended the Hardcore Championship against Perry Saturn and the ECW champion, Tazz. Crash once again walked away with his belt, after an interfering Hardcore Holly floored Saturn. Crash then pinned Saturn, beating his cousin Hardcore to the punch.

Linda McMahon then came to the ring to make an announcement. Linda stated that she was sick and tired of what was going on in the World Wrestling Federation. She then stated that she noticed The Rock probably had no chance against Triple H at Backlash, especially after what happened to Y2J earlier in the evening. Linda noticed that the odds were stacked against The Rock so she announced that Stone Cold Steve Austin would be in The Rock's corner at Backlash. Stephanie then came to the ring and told her mother that she would give her one chance to change her mind. Linda declined. She then slapped her daughter in self defense. A shocked Stephanie then ordered her husband to get Linda. Triple H then attempted to Pedigree Linda. All hell then broke loose when Shane attacked Triple H, stopping the Champion's attack on his mother. Not quite sure what was going on, Stephanie then slapped both Triple H and Shane. The Rock's music then hit the arena. The Rock assured Triple H that his reign as Champion would end at Backlash.

The second hour of RAW kicked off with a tag team match between Al Snow and Steve Blackman and the Dudley Boyz. Snow and Blackman scored the victory after T and A interfered on their behalf.

The Light Heavyweight Championship was on the line next when Scotty Too Hotty challenged Dean Malenko. As is the case in most Light Heavyweight Championship matches, the action was fast and furious. In the end, it was Scotty Too Hotty on the winning end of this match. The capacity crowd erupted as the referee counted to three, appearing nearly as happy as the new Champion. As the crowd danced at their seats, Scotty and his new belt then danced in the middle of ring.

In another title defense, Chris Benoit put up his Intercontinental Championship up against Big Show. The big man held the advantage throughout much of the match. In fact, he got the victory, but only by disqualification. The referee called for the bell after Benoit nailed Big Show with a low blow. After the match, Kurt Angle ran to the ring and proceeded to take over where Benoit left off, nailing the big man with shots below the belt.

After the commercial break, Edge and Christian defended the Tag Team Championship against the team of Bull Buchanan and the Big Boss Man. The teamwork of Bull and Boss Man was very impressive. Unfortunately, their hard work was all for not, as the referee disqualified them after they pushed him. After the match, Kane attacked Bull and Boss Man.

In a match setup earlier in the evening, Triple H, X-Pac and Road Dogg took on Chris Jericho and the Acolytes. The match appeared to be over early when Y2J applied the Walls of Jericho on Triple H. However, X-Pac quickly interfered and the match continued. Referee Mike Chiota had a hell of a challenge trying to maintain order in this one, as mayhem ran wild throughout the entire match. Eventually, Road Dogg, X-Pac and the Acolytes fought all the way to the back, leaving just Triple H and Jericho. Triple H got the win after hitting his opponent with a Pedigree.