Raw is War

Nashville, Tennessee
June 19, 2000

The World Wrestling Federation Championship will now be up for grabs next Sunday, as Kane, Undertaker and The Rock all won handicap matches on RAW, live from Nashville Tennessee. Also, the final eight competitors in the King of the Ring Tournament were determined.

Kurt Angle, a true American Hero, walked out to the ring for his King of the Ring second round match with Buh-Buh Ray Dudley. He told the crowd that it was great to be in Nashville because they have the most "genuine rednecks around." Buh-Buh came out nursing a sore shoulder caused by his fall in the dumpster last week on SmackDown! Angle immediately began working on Buh-Buh’s injury, but he kept fighting back. After scoring five near-pinfalls, Buh-Buh lost his match on an Olympic Slam by Angle.

As the Faction was on its way out to the ring, Brisco and Patterson reluctantly gave Mr. McMahon a fax from his wife Linda. In the ring, Triple H said the Faction would win its match at King of the Ring because they were all that damn good.

While the Game spoke, Vince read the fax from his wife. When he got on the mic, Mr. McMahon wanted to make it clear that he loves his "goody two-shoes" wife. The fax he received from Linda created new stipulations for the Factions match next Sunday—if The Rock, Kane or Undertaker won at King of the Ring, they would be the Federation Champion!

Vince responded by making his three opponents earn the shot by putting them in handicap matches. If they won, the Triple Threat match at King of the Ring would have the Federation Title on the line.  If not, the original stipulations would be held up.  The Rock would face the Hardy Boyz, Kane would battle Bull Buchanan and Big Bossman and Undertaker was to meet T & A! All three would have to win for Linda’s wishes to come true. Vince also said that there would be no interference whatsoever, in the interests of fairness.

Triple H and Shane both had words for Vince when the Faction returned to the locker room, asking him what he was thinking agreeing to Linda’s demands. Vince told the Game that he had better watch himself, because Linda would get what she wants.

In a King of the Ring second round match-up, X-Pac took on Intercontinental Champion Chris Benoit. X-Pac had the advantage, but after some interference from the Dudley Boyz, Benoit got the win with a Crippler Crossface. Afterwards, Road Dogg, X-Pac and Tori demanded a King of the Ring match with the Dudley Boyz, which Vince granted by making a handicap "Table-Dumpster Match."

Chyna and Eddie Guerrero were in opposite corners for their second round matchup. Chyna repeatedly tried to get her Latin lover to take the match seriously, which he finally did, getting the win after pretending to her up. Chyna sadly walked away disappointed that she wouldn’t be Queen of the Ring again this year. In order to get his Mamacita to speak to him, Guerrero gave Chyna a puppy.

In the fourth King of the Ring match of the night, Edge battled Chris Jericho. Edge was hoping to get the win so he could get back in good graces with the "Fact-geme." But Jericho proved to be too much and Edge had to tap out after he got caught in the Walls of Jericho.

Undertaker took on Bull Buchanan and Big Bossman in his match for the title shot next Sunday. After battling back and fourth, the Undertaker got the win on a chokeslam.

In yet another second round match, Rikishi faced on his buddy Scotty 2 Hotty. The two friends exchanged blows, but Rikishi finally took the win from Scotty.  After the match Val Venis ran out and laid out both men and Grandmaster Sexay.

In the second match for the title shot next week, Kane went up against the Hardy Boyz. The brawl was high-flying, and the Hardys had several early advantages, but Kane kept getting up. The Hardys wouldn’t give up, but Kane was just too much, winning on a chokeslam.

Backstage, Triple H told Stephanie that her daddy was screwing everything up.

Crash Holly and Hardcore Holly faced each other in the final tournament match of the night. In the battle of Super Heavyweights, Crash continued his run through the Federation with a win over his cousin, after some interference by Brisco and Patterson. After the match, Brisco pinned Crash to become the new Hardcore Champion!

Backstage, both Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco celebrated with the referee.  Patterson told the ref to lock the door so no one could attack them for the title.  Then, Patterson blinded Brisco by tossing champaign in his eyes!  While the Hardcore champ was bent over, Patterson smashed a bottle over his head and pinned him to become the newest Hardcore Champion!

In the final match of the night, The Rock was scheduled to take on T & A.  Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie confronted Test and Albert and told them they'd better do what they were told.  Test, still angry about the situation with his former fiancee, attempted to attack Triple H.

Finally, The Rock made his way to the ring.  If he won, the Triple Threat match at King of the Ring would have the Federation Title on the line.  If not, the original stipulations would be held up.

The match was tough on The Great One, with Test and Albert getting several early advantages.  Trish even got in on the act, hitting The People's Champ with her boot!  After barely kicking out of an attempted pinfall, The Rock hit Test with The People's Elbow and got the win!

As RAW went off the air, Shane McMahon had to separate Triple H and Vince.  The Game was angry that his title would be on the line, and Vince told him to just wait until SmackDown!