Raw is War

Worcester, Massachusetts
June 26, 2000
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The new WWF champion, The Rock, came out to open the show with a tirade against Vince McMahon. He spouted the usual phrases, "The Rock has come back to Wooooooster" and whatnot, and told Vince how he now owns him. Vince came out, seemingly a little broken, and got on the microphone. He told the crowd that last night he had an epiphany.

Last night, Vince realized that what Linda did was out of love. He almost threatened her by saying that he will give her all the love she can handle. Vince suspects that Linda may even want another child and exclaimed "I'm your genetic jackhammer!" He then extended his hand to the Rock, as a token of something or another.

The Rock replied that Vince will always be an a--hole, and gave him an electrifying Rock Bottom before leaving the ring.

Backstage, Shawn Michaels arrived in a limo.

After the break, Vince and Stephanie were shown backstage. Vince decided to leave the arena, despite pleading from Stephanie. Vince asked Stephanie to tell Triple H that he's sorry.

Both men came out slugging, with Rikishi getting the advantage and taking the match to the outside. Benoit was slammed into the steps and tossed violently back in the ring. In the ring Rikishi continued with more right hands and kicks. Benoit began to fight back with a couple Dropkicks, especially focusing on the giant bruise on Rikishi's shoulder. The Crippler took Phatu to the corner and continued to work on the shoulder with right hands and chops. Benoit attempted a Sunset Flip, but ended up getting squished. Rikishi slowly dragged Benoit over to the corner and climbed to the second turnbuckle. Suddenly Tazz's music hit and he came running out with a chair. He cracked Rikishi over the back and ran back to the locker room. Benoit was DQed, but still managed to hit the Toprope Headbutt before the segment ended.
Winner: Rikishi by DQ

Backstage Triple H arrived in yet another limo, and was greeted by Stephanie and DX. Steph gave him the message. Road Dogg went after him to inform him about Shawn Michaels, while X-Pac and Stephanie went off to face Chris Jericho.

Jericho came out and compared kissing Stephanie to nasty roadkill. Jericho got the advantage early on after a Powerslam and a quick cover. X-Pac got his chance after Jericho missed an attack and sent his shoulder into the turnbuckle. X-Pac used a few right hands, but misconnected on a Bronco Buster. Y2J hit a Flying Forearm Smash, and went to the outside to deal with Stephanie. Out of nowhere Road Dogg attacked, but was easily taken out after X-Pac landed on him from the inside of the ring. Back in the ring Jericho hit the Double Powerbomb and the Lionsault, but Road Dogg broke up the count while Stephanie distracted the referee. After the match, DX attacked Jericho and Stephanie got her revenge by slapping him and giving him a swift kick to the goooonads.

After the break, the cut to a shot of the Godfather arriving at WWF New York with several foxy ladies.


Both contenders locked up for a few seconds, with Val taking the advantage. Val hit a Belly to Back Suplex and followed it up with some right hands. Both men went to the outside, and Venis dropped Latino Heat onto the guard rail. Trish got in a little cheapshot, but Chyna chased her off. Back in the ring, Val slammed his entire body weight into Heat in the corners. He then connected with a nice Sitdown Powerbomb, but couldn't get a three count. Eddy fought back with some right hands and a Springboard Hurricanrana. Both men gained some momentum, but crashed midair. Trish snuck into the ring and placed Val on top while the ref was distracted by Chyna. Chyna came in and broke up the count, but forced a DQ. She teamed up with Latino Heat to give a Double DDT to Venis, and then she Powerbombed Trish when she tried to leave the ring.
Winner: Val Venis by DQ

Before Kurt Angle's celebration could begin, Shawn Michaels' music hit and out came the Heartbreak Kid. The Official Spokesperson of the WWF proceded to destroy the King of the Ring throne on his way down to the ring. He told the crowd that he has an important announcement about the number one contendership for the title.

Before he could continue, Triple H's music hit and he quickly walked to the ring. He reminded Shawn of how he wasn't beaten last night and that he was screwed out of the title. Shawn then reminded him that he doesn't have the power any longer to change things any longer. But one person does. Shawn introduced the NEW WWF COMMISIONER, MICK FOLEY!

Mick came out sporting a new haircut, and more power than he used to. With Vince gone to be a "genetic jackhammer" for the night, Mick has full power to make matches. Triple H threatened Foley, but Mick replied that he's had his ass beaten by Triple H enough times already. Kurt Angle interrupted all these procedings, and came out wearing his crown and carrying his sceptor.

Kurt pleaded his case to Mick for his shot at the WWF Title. Mick just laughed at the ridiculous outfit that Angle was wearing. He announced a Triple Threat match for later tonight. The Rock vs. Kurt Angle vs. Triple H. If Triple H or Angle wins, they get a title shot on Smackdown. If Rock wins, he doesn't have to dignify either man as the number one contender. After Mick left, Triple H hit Angle with a few cheap shots and threw him out of the ring.

Backstage Terri promised Malenko a "private show" if he protects her from having to take off her clothes in front of anyone.

Backstage The King promised The Kat that the last thing he wants to see tonight is her naked. If King wins tonight, then The Kat will give him a Bronco Buster later on


Dean came out swinging, but couldn't get King over the ropes. Malenko was tossed out first with a Hip Toss by King. King was Dropkicked from behind and over the ropes while watching the striptease. Malenko came running at the King in the corner, but was flipped to the outside. Malenko almost went out again, but reversed it into another Hip Toss to the outside. Now both women are down to bra and panties. Lawler seems pretty shot, but managed to get Malenko out of the ring one last time with a Back Body Drop. Terri reluctantly began to take off her top, but was covered up by Stevie Richards and a "Censored" sign.
Winner: The King

Backstage Edge and Christian complained to Mick about getting their own dressing room.

The Hardys and The Acolytes went at each other quickly to kick off the match before anyone else even came in the ring. Backstage Mick went off to get Edge and Christian some sodas, while casually mentioning their match against Undertaker and Kane tonight. After the break, Kaientai were eliminated early on, followed by D-Von and Buh Buh Ray. Jeff was thrown over, managed to get his balance, but fell when his brother was tossed out after him. This left T&A, The Acolytes, and D'Lo and Saturn left in the ring. Bradshaw was flipped to the apron, but got back in the ring. Test was straddled on the toprope, and then clothslined out by Bradshaw. D'Lo and Saturn quickly followed, both at the hands of the angry Texan.
Winners: The Acolytes


Edge and Christian protested the match by not posing for any flash photography tonight. The two demonic brothers came out strong with right hands and clothslines. Kane took it to Christian in the ring, while his brother took it to Edge on the outside. Kane lifted Christian high in a Military Press and just dropped him on the mat. Christian began a comeback, but Kane caught him in Chokeslam position. Kane and Undertaker Chokeslammed Christian and Edge respectively and won the match.
Winners: The Undertaker and Kane


Kurt and Triple H both doubleteamed The Rock in the corner early on, but the champ exploded out and clothslined both of them. The Great One hit a Powerslam on Angle, but Triple H broke up the count. The Rock connected with a Swinging Neckbreaker on Triple H, but was thrown to the outside to face Angle. Angle was tossed into the Announce Table a few times while Stephanie crept up from behind with a Title Belt. Triple H tried to attack from behind, but he too was taken out. Back in the ring, The Rock worked over Triple H with some right hands, but was taken out with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex from Angle. The Rock was forced back in the corner by the contenders, and they both landed punches to his skull. Triple H landed a Vertical Suplex on the champ followed by a Knee Drop. Angle went for the cover, but was thrown off by Triple H. The Rock began to fight back against Angle, but Triple H attacked from behind. Triple H slammed his knee into the face of the Rock, and the contenders worked on the midsection of the champ in the corner. Triple H left to argue with the ref while Angle was beaten down by The Rock. Angle was knocked down with a Back Elbow Smash and Triple H was thrown to the outside. The Rock exploded out of the corner again and almost destroyed Angle. Samoan Drop on Angle! Belly to Belly Suplex on Triple H! Angle then attacked from behind with a Belly to Back Suplex. The King of the Ring went for the cover, but Triple H stopped him with a stiff Lowblow. The Rock nailed a DDT on Triple H, but was pulled to the outside by Angle. Angle left Rocky on the outside and went after Triple H in the ring. They exchanged right hands for a while until Triple H connected with a Neckbreaker. The Rock broke up the count and launched Triple H nose-first into the ringpost. SPINEBUSTER ON ANGLE! Triple H stopped the People's Elbow and went for the Pedigree, but Angle broke it up. OLYMPIC SLAM ON THE ROCK! Triple H broke up the count again! PEDIGREE ON ANGLE! Jericho ran down to the ring and broke up with count! ROCK BOTTOM ON TRIPLE H! THE ROCK WINS!
Winner: The Rock