Raw is War

San Jose, California
July 10, 2000

With Commissioner Mick Foley on a promotional tour in Southeast Asia, Chris Benoit and Shane McMahon came to the ring as RAW opened live from San Jose, Cal. Shane began the night by providing an answer to the question on everyone's mind: Why was he aligning himself with Benoit? He told the sold-out crowd that Benoit and Shane were "just friends." Shane said he liked Benoit because he is cold-hearted, ruthless, goal-oriented and an equal opportunity offender. The Giant Killer said he was proud to call Benoit his friend.

Benoit got the mic and said he is proud to call Shane his friend. Then he challenged The Rock to a non-title match later on RAW! The Rock immediately made his presence known, and told Benoit to just bring it! Then Chyna and Eddie Guerrero hit the ring with steel chairs and chased Benoit and Shane away.

In a Tag Team Elimination match, Too Cool battled T&A and the Hardy Boyz. The brawling began in the ring immediately as Lita chased Trish Stratus around the outside. Finally, Matt Hardy hit Test with a Twist of Fate. But while the referee was distracted, Albert powerbombed Matt and laid Test on him to eliminate the Hardys. Then, Lita attacked Trish again! Scotty Too Hotty took advantage of the distraction and attempted to do the Worm on Test, but Tazz ran out and put a chokehold on Scotty. After Scotty fell victim, Test made the cover and got the win!

Backstage, Triple H complained about the fact that Road Dogg was getting a shot at Chris Jericho. X-Pac agreed with him and said that Commissioner Foley's stipulations were even worse. If anyone interfered in the match or messed with Jericho, the Game would lose his shot at him at Fully Loaded!

Kevin Kelly found Tazz in the hall and asked him about his recent actions, and Tazz angrily said he wouldn't talk.

Road Dogg met Y2J in a battle loaded with stipulations against DX and Triple H. The match was brutal, and each man took some thunderous shots. When the D-O-Double G missed a moonsault he gave Y2J the opportunity to get the pin! An absolutely livid Triple H completely trashed the DX locker room! He continued his fit when Road Dogg returned to the locker room, shoving him down onto the couch. The Game also doubted whether he and the rest of DX were all on the same side!

The Undertaker rode his motorcycle down to the ring and said that there would be hell to pay when someone pisses him off. That person that has pissed him off was American Hero Kurt Angle! Taker challenged Angle to a match on RAW

Angle nervously came out and said this match was too good for San Jose and should be held at Fully Loaded. Angle said he had something for Taker since he wouldn't accept his apology, and rode down to the ring on a scooter! The Bad Ass chased Angle up the ramp, but Kurt's scooter stalled out! Taker picked it up and threw it off the stage!

Val Venis defended his Intercontinental Title in a Triple Threat match against Rikishi and Kane. Rikishi took advantage of the match and gave Val a Stink Face! But Val recovered and nailed Rikishi with his belt! Then Kane threw Val down in a chokeslam, but not until after Val had retained his belt due to the DQ.

Stephanie found Triple H in the men's room, and it appeared that the Game was still upset. Stephanie told him that it was OK and that they'd make it right. Triple H just looked up at her smiling, and he told her he had a foolproof plan.

Stephanie went to the ring with a proposition for Chris Jericho. She asked him to come to the ring so they could make up. She also said she had a secret - that she liked Jericho's kiss at King of the Ring. Jericho appeared on the TitanTron, saying that his dreams were coming true and that he was on his way out! When his music hit, DX was waiting at the entrance for him, but Jericho was nowhere to be found! Then Y2J appeared on the TitanTron again, saying the ambush was a lame attempt to get him. He told Triple H that he might still be the Game, but Jericho was now the Hunter

Edge and Christian weaseled out of defending their Tag Team Title because Christian said he had a sniffle. Edge would take on one of the Acolytes in a singles match, with no titles on the line, because, they said, singles rule!

In the back, X-Pac said Triple H's idea was stupid, a comment that set the Game off. Immediately, Hunter told X-Pac that they were going to fight later!

Bradshaw faced off against Edge back in the ring. The match was a toss-up until Christian clobbered Bradshaw with the ring bell and Edge got the cover for the win!

In a street-fight pitting Lita against Trish, Lita stripped Trish down to her panties! But the match was interrupted when Steven Richards ran to the ring to cover up Trish! He people didn't know what they wanted to see, so he was censoring the match and declaring it over!

Triple H took on X-Pac in a match that the Road Dogg said he was not sticking around to see. Emotions were super-charged for the match, and the two friends started nailing each other! Finally, Y2J took advantage of the in fighting between DX and decided to interfere in the match, but it was a set-up! Road Dogg ran to the ring and the assault on Jericho began. DX hit him with a hammer and continued to beat him until they left him bloody and lying in the ring

In the main event, The Rock faced Chris Benoit. The Great One and the Rabid Wolverine fought with each other back and forth until Shane pulled referee Earl Hebner out of the ring! While the ref was knocked out, Shane pulled off his shirt to reveal a referee's shirt! The Rock chased Shane out of the ring and then back in again, but the Crippler was waiting. Benoit knocked down The Rock and threw him in the Crippler Crossface! As The Rock was reaching for the ropes, his hand hit the canvas and Shane called it a tap-out! But as Benoit and Shane celebrated, Hebner informed the crowd that The Rock was winner due to outside interference! Benoit and Shane went back to confront Hebner, but met with The People's Champion instead! As RAW went off the air, Shane and Benoit retreated to the locker room beaten down and The Rock struggled to stand up in the ring!