Raw is War

Providence, Rhode Island
August 14, 2000

Kurt Angle came out to the ring as RAW exploded live from Providence, RI! The American Hero told the sell-out crowd that, even though Rhode Island was the insignificant, nothing state, much like Triple H. Angle then went on to compare Triple H to Tonya Harding, saying that the Game had not one iota of integrity. Kurt also said he has also figured out why Triple H has not liked Kurt since he had entered the World Wrestling Federation - jealousy! Angle called Hunter bitter and jealous and said that it pained him to see his friend Stephanie to be saddled with a loser like him!

Immediately, Triple H ran to the ring to confront Angle, but Shane McMahon ran out to break up the fight. Shane told the two that it was because of their bickering that Stephanie was attacked by The Rock. Shane told Hunter that Kurt would never try to break up his marriage, and he told Kurt that Stephanie would not marry a loser. Then, Shane told the two that they needed to focus their energy on The Rock and SummerSlam. As he was about to finish, Shane was interrupted by Mick Foley

Foley told Shane he agreed with him; that the two needed to focus on The Rock. So, the Commish granted Shane's wish and made a match pitting Triple H and Kurt Angle against the Dudley Boyz and The Rock! After Shane said the teams were not fair, Foley said that Shane could join Stephanie's boys in a six-man tag match! The Commish added one stipulation - if either Triple H or Angle walked away, that man would lose his No. 1 contender spot!

Chris Benoit arrived and knocked on his locker room door, only to be attacked by a livid Chris Jericho! Federation officials had to separate the two men. The altercation only angered the Wolverine, who had to be settled down by Shane McMahon. Shane told Benoit he needed to get ready for his match with the Undertaker later!

In the APA office, Taka and Funaki came to apologize to Faarooq and Bradshaw for their checks bouncing. Taka said that they wanted to, "make out with you." But Funaki corrected him and told the APA they Kaientai wanted to make it up to them with money and beer. To prove to they APA that Kaientai was A-OK, Taka and Funaki took them out for beer!

Eddie Guerrero teamed with Steve Blackman and challenged T&A. The high-paced match took its toll on the competitor, until Albert was able to hit Blackman with his own kendo stick, allowing Test to get the cover

Outside, Kurt Angle greeted Stephanie's limo as Triple H watched from his locker room. Angle thanked Stephanie for what she did on SmackDown!, and before Stephanie walked away, he kissed her on the cheek! The Game then met Stephanie in the hall and told his wife that he was sick of her helping Angle, and she replied by saying, tearfully, that maybe she should leave. Hunter told her she should!

Right to Censor, led by Steven Richards, came out and told the crowd that other groups like his knew what was best for children, especially if parents didn't know what was best. Steven challenged the Hardy Boyz and Lita, saying that the Boyz were too dangerous and Lita was too sexy! The Hardys took it to Right To Censor, using their speed and quickness to their advantage. But the brute strength of Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather started to wear Matt and Jeff down. Lita tagged in, however, and nailed both the Goodfather and Bull! Then, Steven attacked her and threw her in the ring, leaving Lita as an easy target for the Goodfather to pick up the win! After Right to Censor left the ring, Edge and Christian came in and attempted to attack the Hardys and Lita with chairs!

Out back, Stephanie was getting into her car as Shane chased her down. He told her he wanted her to stay, but she still left in tears. Shane told her he would call her later.

Edge and Christian came back out to the ring, carrying their chairs and Tag Team Titles. They said that they were out to stage a sit-down strike in protest of the unfair treatment from the Dudleys, the Hardys and Mick Foley. They said they'd sit there until they were sure the unfair treatment ended! Commissioner Foley came out and told them that he is sick of their heinous acts, and that they were so not men! Foley then said that the Hardys and the Dudleys would take on Edge and Christian in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match at SummerSlam!

The Undertaker began the match with Chris Benoit with a flurry! The Wolverine came back, and got a near-pinfall! The Undertaker kicked out and attempted to give Benoit the Last Ride, but Shane hammered Taker in the back with a chair! Immediately, Benoit slapped Taker in the Crossface, but Kane made his return, scaring off Shane and Benoit! Kane then helped Taker up, only to repeatedly chokeslam him right through the ring! Then Kane rode away on the Undertaker's motorcycle!

In the back, Shane told Kurt that he didn't like the way he was looking at his sister. Shane told him that he better not break up Triple H's marriage.

As the crew attempted to fix the ring from the brutal chokeslams the Undertaker took, the APA and Kaientai continued to have a great time at a local tavern.

During the commercial break, Commissioner Foley summoned Jerry "The King" Lawler backstage so he wouldn't be present for Tazz's match against Crash. As Tazz continued a verbal assault on J.R., Crash was able to get in a few shots from behind. After fighting back and forth, Tazz slapped Crash into the Tazzmission to get the win. After the match, Tazz yelled at J.R some more, even taking his black hat and knocking him down! The King came to the aid of his fellow announcer and attacked Tazz until officials could separate them!

In Kurt Angle's locker room, Just Joe came in to tell Kurt that someone wanted to meet him in the parking lot in a half an hour.

Road Dogg, and X-Pac came out to battle Rikishi in a handicap match. The Degenerates took it to the Phat Man in a high-octane match-up. Rikishi fought brilliantly, and he came back and even got a Stink Face on Road Dogg as X-Pac laughed from ringside! Finally, the Stink Face ended, and both members of DX got the pin on Rikishi! Too Cool came out to run off DX and then joined Rikishi to dance the night away!

Just Joe came into Triple H's locker room and told him that someone wanted to meet him in the parking lot in ten minutes!

In the ring, Chris Jericho challenged Intercontinental Champion Val Venis, who was accompanied ringside by Trish Stratus. Y2J got some very vicious shots in on Val, but Venis retained his title after Chris Benoit interfered by attacking Jericho! Jericho tried to get Benoit into the Walls of Jericho, but Benoit got away and continued to brutally assault Y2J!

Out in the parking lot, Kurt Angle and Triple H met each other and started arguing about who called who out. Suddenly, a limousine pulled in and nearly hit both men! They both went to investigate who was in the car, and got in without revealing who that person was!

Back at the Friendly Tap with the APA and Kaientai, Taka and Funaki both had too much drink and had finally pissed off the Acolytes! Bradshaw knocked a pinball machine onto Funaki, and then called for some Saki!

Back in the parking lot, Triple H and Kurt Angle both got out of the limo, followed by Vince McMahon! Vince told the pair that he didn't care who won, they had just better never mess with his daughter again! Vince said Stephanie should never have to call him in tears because of them again! Then Vince told them to watch out for his son Shane too!In the main event, Kurt Angle, Triple H and Shane McMahon faced the Dudley Boyz and The Rock. The match was absolutely brutal and the competitors fought bck and forth brillianlty. As the crowd loudly chanted for a table, the Dudley Boyz cleared the ring of all three of their opponents and the referee! D-Von went to get a table as The Rock continued the assault. As the Dudleys were about to put Shane through a table, Edge and Christian came out and knocked them out! Then, Triple H and Kurt Angle recovered and took out the Rock, allowing the team of Shane, Angle and the Game to pick up the huge win