Raw is War

Greensboro Colisseum, Greensboro, North Carolina
August 28, 2000

Just 24 hours after SummerSlam, tensions were running high as RAW IS WAR emanated live from Greensboro, North Carolina! At the top of the show, Commissioner Mick Foley called Michael Cole into his office, announcing that coming off the best SummerSlam of all time, he was going to try to book the best RAW of all time. The commish announced a plethora of match-ups, including four title matches -- highlighted by The Rock putting his World Wrestling Federation Championship on the line against Kane!

Backstage, Triple H paced back and forth, awaiting the arrival of his wife, who he apparently hadn't seen in 24 hours.

Chris Jericho hit the ring with the Acolytes to take on Chris Benoit and T&A as the in-ring action started on RAW. But before Benoit could even make it to the ring, Y2J attacked the Wolverine up on the ramp. During the match, Jim Ross announced that Kurt Angle was not expected to be at RAW due to the serious concussion he sustained at SummerSlam. Albert soon picked up Jericho in a gorilla press, but Bradshaw kicked Albert, and Jericho crashed down onto Albert. A Lionsault later, Y2J and the APA picked up the win!

As Triple H awaited his wife in the parking lot, his buddy X-Pac approached him and cracked a joke about Stephanie being in good hands. The Game wasn't in a joking mood though, and walked away from X-Pac.

The Road Dogg soon came out to console Triple H and said he wouldn't crack any jokes.

He said that being a married man, he could understand the Game's plight. He then told Triple H that waiting wouldn't get Stephanie to the building any faster.

Shockingly, Kurt Angle then made his way to the ring! He said that SummerSlam could have been the greatest night of his life, but the concussion given to him by Triple H ruined that. He brought up the fact that the Game hit his wife, and that The Rock then beat Triple H. Angle said that, of what he remembers, he came back to save Stephanie. He then called Triple H a shady character, saying that what he did to Stephanie was deplorable and borderline criminal. He said that Triple H was a lousy Federation Champion and an even lousier husband.

That brought out Triple H, who was as focused as ever. The Game said that Angle didn't get a concussion, he gave him a concussion! Triple H said he wouldn't kick Kurt's ass yet, because there was one thing he wanted to know -- Stephanie's whereabouts. The Game said that if Kurt didn't tell him, then SummerSlam would be nothing compared to what happened on RAW. 

Kurt said he wasn't a kidnapper, saying he would leave the criminal activity to Triple H. Angle said he didn't remember anything from the previous night, and that he didn't know where Stephanie was. Triple H then called Kurt an ignorant jackass, but then said that he wasn't that dumb. He then demanded to know once again.

Kurt then reminded Triple H that he is an Olympic gold medalist, and he only speaks the truth.

He then said that maybe Stephanie was scared of Triple H, or that she doesn't trust him, or that his punch finally knocked some sense into her, and she was finally seeing him for the bastard he is! 

That was it. The Game knocked Angle from the ring, and although still suffering the effects of a concussion, Angle tried to fight back, but officials separated the two.

Backstage, Chyna and Eddie Guerrero watched the action in the ring. Chyna said that she kind of felt bad for Hunter, but Eddie told her instead to focus on her Intercontinental Title match with Val Venis that night. Oddly, Trish Stratus did not accompany Val to ringside for the match-up. Even stranger, Trish came to the stage during the match and just watched on. Mamacita was clearly on fire, nailing Val with an array of maneuvers. With Eddie Guerrero distracting the referee, Chyna locked on the "testicular claw" on Val! But Val recovered, and went for the Money Shot. Trish soon walked towards the ring, and Val got down from the top rope and told Trish to go back to the dressing room. Chyna then rolled up Val for the 1-2-3! 

Michael Cole interviewed Kurt Angle in the locker room, and Kurt said again that he didn't remember anything about last night, not even carrying Stephanie away. Then, suddenly, things started to come back to him! He remembered being in a hotel lobby with Stephanie, and then being in a room -- Room 814, which he said was Stephanie's room!

For whatever reason, Steven Richards demanded a match against Rikishi, so next up on RAW, he got it. He said that he did so because he was willing to sacrifice his well-being to fight the good fight. Rikishi was accompanied to the ring by Mandy, Victoria and Too Cool. Twice, Rikishi went for a Stink Face, and twice, the Goodfather and Bull Buchanan barely saved him. Steven wound up running away, leaving Rikishi, Too Cool, and the ladies to dance a special "ho down." 

Chyna went into Triple H's locker room and gave him some advice about relationships, telling the Game just to give Stephanie a chance. She said that trust was very important in her relationship with Eddie Guerrero. She and Triple H then hugged, and Eddie walked in and went balistic! "Has everybody lost their mind around here?" asked Hunter as Latino Heat exited.

A battered Edge & Christian headed to the ring next, still the Federation Tag Team Champions. A somber Christian said that they couldn't do their schtick after the TLC Match, and Edge added that they had more respect for the Dudleys and Hardys than either team could imagine. They said that the Dudleys weren't in the building, but they asked the Hardys to come out so they could shake their hands.

The Hardy Boyz' music hit, but instead it was two midgets who came out dressed as Matt and Jeff! Edge & Christian looked on and laughed as the two men got into the ring, complete with two stepping stools!

Christian then said it didn't matter who they were in the ring with -- it could have even been the Bushwhackers or Techno Team 2000!

That brought out the Dudley Boyz, or at least Edge & Christian's version of the Dudleys -- two more midgets, bringing down a kiddie table! Edge & Christian then re-enacted the TLC Match with the midgets! 

Then, Edge & Christian kept their pre-SummerSlam promise -- the 37-second pose! The duo did many assorted poses in the ring with the midgets and the title belts! But that brought the real Hardy Boyz to the ring. The North Carolineans kicked the champions' asses, crashing Edge between two ladders. As the Hardys prepared to splash onto Edge from the ladders, Christian barely saved his tag team partner. 

An irate Eddie Guerrero was approached by Kurt Angle, who suggested that he challenge Triple H to show how much he cared for Chyna.

The new Hardcore Champion, Steve Blackman, defended his title against Tazz. Prior to the match, Tazz said that there would be three victims in the match -- Blackman, Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross! During the match, Tazz attacked Lawler with a trash can lid, and then when Lawler went for Tazz, J.R. attacked Tazz with the lid! Blackman then pinned Tazz to keep his title! Referees and officials had to keep Tazz away from the announce table.

Just Joe tried to tell Triple H something, but the Game said he didn't want to know.

Then, Eddie Guerrero burst into Triple H's locker room, saying that Kurt Angle was right and that he would kick the Game's ass that night!

Women's Champion Lita made her first title defense, taking on Jacqueline. Lita soon nailed Jackie with the Twist of Fate, and following a moonsault, Lita had her first successful title defense! But as Lita walked back to the dressing room, she was met by Edge & Christian. As Lita backtracked, Jackie grabbed her and pulled her into the ring. The Hardys then ran to the ring to attack Edge & Christian, and in the melee, Edge again speared Lita (after injuring her ribs with a spear at SummerSlam). 

In an interview with Michael Cole, Kane said that the only thing better than beating his brother to a bloody pulp would be winning the Federation Championship from The Rock that night.

As Eddie Guerrero and Chyna walked to the ring, Chyna begged Eddie to back off. Eddie told Chyna to stay backstage during the match.

Still unaware of the whereabouts of his wife, Triple H headed to the ring to take on Eddie Guerrero, as Chyna watched on from the back. The Game soon went for a Pedigree, but Kurt Angle ran in and slammed both men in the head with a steel chair! Chyna ran out for the save, and Angle left the scene of the crime. Chyna checked on both men as Kurt watched on and smirked. Soon after, Angle left the Greensboro Coliseum.

In mixed tag team action, Al Snow and The Kat faced Perry Saturn and Terri. Suddenly, at one point in the match, a streaker ran through the ring -- who turned out to be Mideon! Mideon ran away quickly though, and Saturn soon locked The Kat in the Rings of Saturn for the win!

Backstage, Kevin Kelly interviewed The Rock. The People's Champion said he was more than ready to face the Big Red Machine, and that he would emerge from the match still the World Wrestling Federation Champion.

Next up was the main event of the evening, as The Rock put his title on the line against Kane. The Rock tried to finish off his 7-foot, 330-pound opponent early, but the Big Red Machine wouldn't stay down. The ref was soon knocked out, which didn't bode well for the Rock when he delivered a spinebuster and a People's Elbow on Kane. Kane soon got up and chokeslammed the Great One, and the ref recovered in time for a two-count! The Rock then caught Kane with a Rock Bottom, but he could only score a two-count as well! The People's Champion was stunned! 

The action then spilled outside the ring and into the crowd, when the Undertaker's music hit! The American Bad Ass made his way to the ring, and Kane turned his attention from The Rock to his brother. The brothers grim battled back and forth, and the Undertaker chokeslammed Kane, but again, The Rock could only score a two-count! Again, The Rock hit a Rock Bottom, and finally, he was able to pin the Big Red Machine!