Raw is War

Rupp Arena, Lexington, Kentucky
September 4, 2000

Just days after Triple H was arrested and Stephanie was DDTed on SmackDown!, the first couple of the World Wrestling Federation hit the ring as RAW kicked off from Lexington, Kentucky. The Game spoke first, saying that he was proud of all the heinous things he had done in his Federation career. But he said the one thing he's never done is hide who he is what what he does. When it was time for payback, Triple H stood tall. That's why he said he couldn't accept what happened to him Thursday night. 

He spoke of the humiliation of being questioned in the police station while Chyna was beating up his wife. The Game said that it was unacceptable, and said he wasn't leaving the ring until he got answers -- specifically, who filed the complaint with the cops. Triple H said it was time for payback.

Commissioner Mick Foley then came out, saying that he also wanted to get to the heart of the matter. He narrowed the field down to 357 people (who he said had reason to screw with Triple H). Then he said that maybe the culprit wasn't a culprit at all -- maybe it was a culpritess! He accused Stephanie of trying to get rid of her jealous husband!

Stephanie said that Mick had some nerve, saying that she went through incredible trauma when her husband was in jail.

Foley then said that putting the Game in jail would require a calculated plan, which he said would eliminate Stephanie!

Foley then said that maybe the culprit was the Game himself, saying that maybe he was tring to pull his wife's heartstrings, and to try to get sympathy from the fans. The Game denied it, saying that Foley was trying to turn things around on him.

Triple H then accused Foley of having called the cops, since he was so quick to rush to the scene on Thursday. He called Foley a miserable, twisted, manipulative guy who was trying to ruin his marriage since the Game had ruined Foley's career.

Foley denied it -- and then said that if it wasn't him, it wasn't Triple H and it wasn't Stephanie, then there was only one likely candidate. He then called out Kurt Angle!

Angle said that it was ridiculous. He said that he wouldn't call the cops, since he was a man of integrity. He said to look to the one person who wanted Triple H and Stephanie broken up the most -- Chyna. He said that they obviously still have the hots for each other. He said that since Chyna was so willing to abuse Stephanie, Triple H obviously was also.

Foley then invited Chyna out to explain her actions. Chyna said that while she thoroughly enjoyed DDTing Stephanie on SmackDown!, she had nothing to do with calling the cops. She said that she and the Game were just friends, and that she was with Eddie.

Mick then said that maybe Eddie wanted Triple H out of the picture, and invited Latino Heat to come out. Eddie said that he didn't want the Game out of the picture -- in fact, he wanted Triple H in the picture, so he could kick his ass in front of everybody! 

Foley said that the suspects were out, but no one was willing to admit their guilt. He said he wanted to see what the 15,000 fans in Lexington thought. The crowd seemed pretty clear in their verdict -- they thought it was Kurt Angle! Foley demanded that Angle come with him to see the authorities.

Out came Trish Stratus and Test. Test said he had a confession to make -- one he's been waiting to make since Nov. 29, 1999, the day Test was set to marry Stephanie before the Game ruined the festivities. Test said that Triple H's Thursday was just as bad as Test's Nov. 29 -- and then test admitted that he had called the cops!

Mick Foley said that since Test called the cops, he was making a match for the night pitting Test against Triple H! Test said fine -- because paybacks were just like Stephanie, a bitch! Test, Triple H and Angle then brawled in the entranceway!

As if that explosive opening segment wasn't enough, The Rock hit the ring after the first commercial break to provide commentary for a No. 1 contenders match between Kane and Chris Benoit. Benoit was able to hit the diving headbutt on the Big Red Machine, but instead of going for the cover, he went over to The Rock to talk trash.

Kane then dropped Benoit on his head with an impaler and threw him to the outside. As the two brawled outside, Kane grabbed The Rock by his throat, and Benoit then nailed Kane with a chair. The match ended in a DQ, again leaving no clear No. 1 contender. The Rock then gave Kane a Rock Bottom outside the ring for revenge.

Next up, the Dudley Boyz faced the Acolytes in a Tag Team Table Match. The Acolytes were followed to the ring by Kaientai, wearing APA T-shirts. Buh Buh told D-Von to get the table within seconds. Kaientai soon hit Faarooq with their Japanese flags by accident, and an unaware Bradshaw was soon put through a table, giving the Dudleys the win. Taka and Funaki begged for forgiveness, but the APA weren't in a forgiving mood. Bradshaw soon brought another table into the ring, and he then powerbombed Taka through the table!

Backstage, Eddie Guerrero asked Mick Foley to be allowed inside the ring for Chyna's match with Kurt Angle, so that he could protect his Mamacita. Foley made it a Triple Threat Match!

That match was up next, as Chyna's Intercontinental Championship was on the line against both Latino Heat and the Olympic Hero. Chyna and Eddie double-teamed Angle from the get-go. Angle soon knocked Chyna out cold with the Intercontinental title, and Eddie then knocked Kurt out of the ring.

The Ninth Wonder of the World was out cold, and as Eddie tended to his Mamacita, the referee counted the pinfall -- Eddie Guerrero is the new Intercontinental Champion!

Moments later backstage, Eddie told Chyna that he was just trying to protect her. Guerrero tried to give Chyna the belt back, saying she meant the world to him. Chyna told Eddie that he was a deserving champion. The two then embraced, and Eddie displayed a vicious smile, as if he had been plotting to take the title the whole time.

Prior to his match against Test, Triple H told his wife, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, to remain backstage so she would be out of harm's way. The Game threw Test and Albert out of the ring as the match began, and was about to deliver a Pedigree to Trish Stratus when Test saved his valet. As Stephanie watched the match on a monitor backstage, Kurt Angle snuck up behind her and watched on -- she didn't even know Kurt was there. Soon after, Triple H hit the Pedigree on Test and pinned him for the win. After the bell, the Game gave Albert a Pedigree for good measure. Stephanie then ran out to congratulate her husband.

Backstage, Commissioner Foley approached a naked Mideon. Foley said that he's had a lot of complaints about Mideon's recent streaking, and Mideon said he wouldn't do it again.

The Right to Censor -- Steven Richards, the Goodfather and Bull Buchanan -- headed to the ring next, and they had a big announcement to make.

Steven then introduced the newest member of the Right to Censor -- Val Venis. Oddly, Val came out in his usual tights, and said he was most definitely NOT the newest member of the group. He said that he would never join a group of hypocrites and censorers. He told the Right to Censor to stick it! Steven then said that Val had dumped his porn star image, his perverted tights, and his twisted manager -- Steven said that Val was one of them. Val said that it wasn't the Right to Censor's job to censor, it was the parents' job. Val warned that if the Right to Censor were to come near him ever again, he would permanently censor them. Steven then said that if Val wasn't with them, then he was definitely against them. 

Backstage, Crash practiced a couple of pick-up lines when the Big Boss Man came over and started pushing him around. Dean Malenko soon came to see what was up, and the Boss Man attacked him too.

In the locker room, Edge & Christian tried to thing of an illness to get themselves out of their match against The Rock and the Undertaker. They finally settled on genital warts! Commissioner Foley then entered their locker room and said that if they were indeed sick, then he would strip them of their titles and suspend them indefinitely. Needless to say, Edge & Christian decided to go on with their title match.

The Boss Man then headed to the ring for a Hardcore Title Match against Steve Blackman.

The two men brawled to the back, where Crash and Malenko threw hot coffee in the Boss Man's face! Blackman then pinned the Boss Man to retain his title, and then attacked Crash and Malenko with a garbage can lid!

Tazz went up to Commissioner Foley and demanded two matches, against Chris Jericho and Jerry Lawler. He said it could be any kind of match. Foley said he would make a tag team match pitting Jericho and Lawler against Tazz and a monster who was a multiple-time title winner. Tazz said that it better be a good partner, or else Foley would be just another victim.

Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather hit the ring for a tag match against Val Venis and a mystery partner, who turned out to be the Road Dogg! The D-O-Double-G took out the Goodfather and pinned him for the win! After the match, the Right to Censor knocked out the Road Dogg, and then helped Val back to the dressing room, where they stuffed him in a white van and drove him away.

Tazz was pumped for the match, until he saw who his partner was -- Mideon! Not even a second after seeing Mideon was his partner, The King pinned Tazz for the win! During the break, as Lawler celebrated, Tazz attacked him from behind and choked him out with a leather strap, and then punched him in the throat.

Jim Ross then told the audience that Stone Cold Steve Austin would be making a statement this Thursday on SmackDown!

The main event on RAW pitted Edge & Christian against The Rock and the Undertaker in a Tag Team Championship Match. Prior to the match, Kane came to ringside to provide commentary! The Hardy Boyz and Lita watched on as Edge & Christian faced their most dominant challengers yet. The tag champions tried to isolate the Undertaker and to take out the Bad Ass' vertical base. But the Undertaker was able to get the tag, and the World Wrestling Federation Champion came in to kick some ass! 

Chris Benoit soon came to ringside, but he was headed off by the Undertaker. The Rock hit the Rock Bottom on Christian, but Edge broke up the pinfall. Edge then grabbed a chair and nailed The Rock, as Christian distracted the ref. But The Rock kicked out of the pinfall! The Brahma Bull soon hit a spinebuster, but Kane pulled the ref out of the ring. Edge & Christian then hit The Rock with a double chairshot, which was enough for Christian to pin The Rock for the win.