Raw is War

America West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona
September 11, 2000

Who hit Stone Cold Steve Austin at last years Survivor Series? Where have Val Venis and Steven Richards been? Perhaps those questions would be answered on RAW, live from the America West Arena in Phoenix, Ariz.!

Commissioner Mick Foley made his way out to greet the sell-out crowd. First, he said he should apologize for coming out as plain old Mick Foley, he should have come out as Commissioner Cactus Jack, in honor of the desert! Then, Foley said that the questioning as to who hit Austin would begin, with Foley doing the interrogations, saying it would be easier to 'fess up to a calm Foley rather than an angry Rattlesnake! Then, Foley told whoever the culprit was to come on out!

Then, The Rock's music hit! The crowd and Foley were both shocked! After Foley expressed his shock to the Great One, Rock said that he admitted it. He admitted that this investigation was the worst he'd ever seen! The Rock said he didn't do it, "Oh hell no!" Rock said the only way to deal with the situation was to let Austin take care of it in his own way! Then Foley questioned The Rock as to why he came out, if it had nothing to do with Austin.

The Brahma Bull said he wanted payback. He wanted revenge on Kane - and he challenged him to the title match at Unforgiven! But The Rock was interrupted by Chris Benoit, who said it was he who deserved the title shot! Then, Kane came out with an explosion! But before he could speak, the Undertaker's music hit and rocked the arena.

Taker said he should be the No. 1 contender! Then, all four men proceeded to beat each other down, with Foley even accidentally knocked out by Kane!

Then, backstage, Foley said he was all right, and that he would determine a No. 1 contender by the end of the night! He also said The Rock and Undertaker would take on Benoit and Kane in a tag match later!

In a match to determine the No. 1 contenders for the Tag Team Title, the Dudley Boyz took on the Hardy Boyz, with Edge and Christian joining King and J.R. on commentary. The action in the ring was high-paced and brutal, and both teams had many near-falls. After a bit, Edge determined it was time for an E.C.R.I. - an Edge and Christian Run-In! Edge nailed Buh Buh with his title, but Matt Hardy fell on top of the Dudley. The referee turned around in time to count a pinfall, declaring the Hardys the No. 1 contenders! Then, Edge and Christian cleared the ring of the Hardys, but still had to deal with the Dudleys. After knocking out Christian, the brothers nailed Edge with a 3D through a table!

Next up, Lita defended her Women's Title against Ivory. The fiery redhead took quite a beating from Ivory, and just as Ivory was going to get a pin, she was distracted by Naked Man! As Ivory stood in astonishment, Lita floored her and then nailed her with a moonsault to retain her title!

In Mick Foley's traveling office, Kurt Angle asked how the Commish was feeling.

Mick said that he appreciated Kurt's insincerity, but wanted to know what he really wanted. Angle stated that he would beat T&A, and that he had nothing to do with Stone Cold's unfortunate experience last year! Then Kurt asked why Triple H had the night off. Mick said he'd give Hunter a suitable opponent only in Angle did one thing for him - stop talking! Then Foley, and his office, rolled away!

In Chyna's locker room, Eddie Guerrero asked the Ninth Wonder of the World to just listen to him. He said he was wrong for losing his temper last week. He apologized, and Chyna said he needed to control his hot temper. Eddie almost broke down crying begging for his Mommy's forgiveness until finally, Chyna forgave him. Then Eddie said that to celebrate he wanted to take on Too Cool. When Chyna said she didn't want to fight her friends, Eddie said it would be OK because they were good sportsmen.

Guerrero attacked Scotty and Grandmaster before the bell rang, and continued his brutal assault on Sexay as the match got underway. Eddie refused to tag in Chyna at one point, allowing Scotty 2 Hotty to nail him with the Worm! As he did that, Chyna nailed the Grandmaster, and then she knocked out Scotty! Finally Sexay recovered enough to pin Guerrero! As Chyna apologized to her friends Too Cool, Eddie had an angry look on his face. But he softened up enough to dance with the duo. As Scotty, Sexay and Chyna danced, Eddie got his Intercontinental Title and laid out both members of Too Cool! Rikishi came out to save his run-in buddies, and got ready to give Eddie a Stink Face! Just before he could apply the devastating maneuver, Chyna knocked the Phat Man out with Eddie's title! As she and Eddie walked back to the locker room, Chyna turned around, apologizing to her friends for what she did.

As Triple H readied for his match, up next, he told Stephanie that he didn't trust Mick Foley. Since Foley wouldn't tell Hunter who his opponent was, he told Stephanie to stay in the back, for her own protection.

Eddie and Chyna continued their argument into the locker room, where Chyna told him she was going to be on the cover, and in pictures, in next month's Playboy Magazine! Eddie immediately got jealous and started yelling and Chyna, saying he didn't care what it took, no one would ever see her nude!

The Game came out to the ring with no idea as to who his opponent was, although Foley did say it would be a suitable opponent. The opponent: Chris Jericho! The two men took it to each other with all they had in a brutal and bruising affair. Midway through the match, Stephanie walked out to cheer on her husband. Her appearance distracted the Game, and allowed Y2J to apply the Walls of Jericho! Triple H escaped, but only in time to watch his wife be pulled back to the locker room by Kurt Angle!

Soon, Hunter left the ring to get Steph away from Angle. Jericho stood alone in the ring, but not for long, as X-Pac rang out and delivered an X-Factor to Y2J, giving Jericho the DQ win! Hunter went into the ring to confront X-Pac, but things only got uglier, with X-Pac slapping the Game and Triple H knocking down his former friend!

Bull Buchanan and the Good Father, two-thirds of the Right to Censor, came out to the ring to take on the Acolytes. As usual, the Acolytes brought their barroom brawling-style of fighting into the ring. Soon, though, Val Venis made his reappearance and stood watching the match holding a steel chair! Slowly, Val made his way ringside as the action continued. Val distracted the referee long enough for Right to Censor to pick up the win! Then Val knocked out the APA with his chair as Steven Richards ran out to watch! After leaving the APA lying, Steven and Val shook hands!

European Champion Al Snow entered the ring wearing Leiderhosen, carrying bratwurst and carrying a photo of Europe's favorite star, David Hasselhoff! Al faced off against The King's least favorite Superstar, Tazz! Tazz started dominating the match, until Tazz angered The King by throwing Al Snow on top of him! The King retaliated and Al got the win by pinning the Red Hook native!

After the match, Tazz told King he wasn't fighting him any more.

Tazz said he was no match for Jerry's political power in the World Wrestling Federation, then Tazz gave up and walked out!

In a handicap match, gold medallist Kurt Angle challenged T&A. Kurt dedicated the match to Stephanie, and told T&A that they were disgusting and worthless! Test and Albert took it to the Olympic Champion, and they knocked Angle out of the ring, where Trish Stratus started kicking him! Then Stephanie McMahon came out and grabbed Trish and threw her down! But soon, Steph was trapped between Test and Albert, until Triple H ran out to help her! After running off T&A with some help from Angle, Triple H turned around to see Angle helping Steph to her feet!

Angle and Triple H immediately started brawling, and Stephanie tried to separate the two men! During the fight between the two men, Triple H accidentally knocked down Stephanie with a fierce elbow to her head! Then, Angle and Hunter both took out referees in order to get back at each other! Then, Angle pushed Stephanie of the ring apron, knocking her out! Triple H went over and picked up his wife and started to carry her out to the back. As he walked up the rampway, Angle nailed Hunter from behind, knocking out Triple H and Stephanie out!

In his locker room, Triple H was checking on Stephanie when Mick Foley came in. Foley told Hunter that the fighting needed to stop, so he was booking a match. At Unforgiven, Triple H and Angle would go one-on-one!

And just to make sure that this would end it all, Foley appointed himself referee for the battle!

For the Hardcore Title, Steve Blackman faced off against X-Pac. The match was brutal and intense, but in the end the Lethal Weapon picked up the win after Chris Jericho interfered, hitting X-Pac with a kendo stick!

In the hall, as Jericho signed an autograph for a fan, X-Pac attacked him brutally, leaving Y2J lying in a bloody mess!

The main event a no-DQ tag match, saw the team of Chris Benoit and Kane face the team of The Rock and the Undertaker. Mick Foley came to ringside to get a better view of the action so he could be better informed to name a No. 1 contender. The tension between the four men could be cut with a knife. At the outset, Undertaker started like a house on fire, nailing Benoit. Taker and Rock worked well as a team, and tagged each other in and out frequently. But, Benoit and Kane also appeared to work well together, tagging each other in and out with no problems at all either. Undertaker continued his dominance, though, and cleared Benoit out of the ring, and then chokeslammed Kane! Kane got up and clotheslined Taker, allowing Benoit to pick up the win!

Foley said his decision on the No. 1 contender was to make a Fatal Four-Way match between Rock, Taker, Kane and Benoit at Unforgiven!

All four men continued brawling as RAW went off the air!