Raw is War

Chicago, Illinois
September 18, 2000

Just six days before Unforgiven -- and just seven days before RAW IS WAR moves to TNN -- the World Wrestling Federation Superstars were super-charged on RAW!

The historic final broadcast of RAW IS WAR on USA Network kicked off with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley coming to the ring, with just six days left until her husband and her good friend face off at Unforgiven. Mrs. Game said she was going to put an end to something which should have been ended long ago. She spoke of Nov. 1999, when Stone Cold was run over by a car (which she denied doing), and when she married Triple H, and when Kurt Angle made his World Wrestling Federation debut.

Stephanie asked Commissioner Mick Foley to come out and cancel the match between the Game and Angle at Unforgiven. She said that if the match was on, she would be a very unhappy woman. 

Instead of Foley, Kurt Angle instead headed to the ring. Angle told Stephanie that he admired her courage to come in front of such a hostile Chicago crowd. But Angle then said that the match must take place at Unforgiven so he could teach Triple H a lesson. He said that even though he was the one recovering from a concussion, that Stephanie was the one who had lost her memory. He then showed footage of Triple H and Trish Stratus, set to the tune of the Game's own music!

He then said that he would give up the match if Stephanie just said the word, but before she could answer, out came Triple H.

The Game seemed calm, cool and collected -- quite a difference from his usual demeanor towards Angle. Triple H made fun of Angle's "little package," and then said that NBC's Dick Ebersol had put together a package for him. But first, the Game said that maybe he was wrong about Kurt Angle! Maybe it was a big misunderstanding -- after all, said the Game, what kind of guy stands in front of a hot girl and just wants to be friends? Triple H said it was OK if Kurt played for the other team! 

The Game then played his footage -- some "questionable" footage from the Olympic Games in 1996. Specifically, the footage consisted of Kurt in some interesting positions with fellow male wrestlers, and Kurt crying like a baby after winning the gold medal! As the crowd chanted "sissy," Triple H suggested that Angle open the closet door ...

But before he could go on, Commissioner Foley headed to the stage. Foley said he respected Angle's amateur skills, but nonetheless, he and the Game again poked fun at the footage! He said that after Angle played for the U.S. Olympic team in 1996, what team was he playing for now? 

The Game said that the match at Unforgiven HAD to take place. And he then said that in Chicago that night, T&A and Trish Stratus would face Triple H, Kurt Angle and Stephanie! 

Backstage, the Right to Censor talked strategy about how to censor the Dudley Boyz when the APA burst in to kick some butt

But Faarooq and Bradshaw were outnumbered, and the Right to Censor kicked some butt! 

The Goodfather and Bull Buchanan then took on D-Von and Buh Buh Ray. When D-Von went for the table, Steven Richards and Val Venis prevented them from getting some wood. Later in the match, Val Venis interfered, and Steven Richards was able to hit a superkick on Buh Buh Ray, giving the Right to Censor the win. After the match, the four members of Right to Censor were destroying the two Dudleys when the APA came out to even the odds and to chase away the hypocritical group.

World Wrestling Federation Champion The Rock headed to the ring next to discuss his Fatal Fourway Match against Chris Benoit, Kane and the Undertaker at Unforgiven. His first item of business was the Undertaker's putting him through a table last week on SmackDown! The Rock said he didn't like the Undertaker but he had always respected him. He said that the Undertaker didn't need to chokeslam him through a table to get a title shot though -- all he had to do was ask!

The American Bad Ass didn't take long to answer The Rock's challenge. The Undertaker said, "Who in the hell are you to call me out?" He said that The Rock had pissed him off on SmackDown! The Undertaker said he would go medeival on The Rock's ass.

Commissioner Foley then came out, and announced the rules for the Fatal Fourway -- whoever gets the pin wins the title. That means that The Rock can lose the title without being pinned!

Then the commish made a match for that night -- Rock vs. Undertaker in Chicago!

Chris Benoit then headed out and said that he deserved the shot at the title that night. Kane then came out and said he was the only one who deserved a title shot. Foley then pitted Benoit against Kane on RAW, in addition to Rock vs. Undertaker!

In footage from earlier in the day, Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner announced that despite Eddie Guerrero's objections, Chyna would be nude in the next issue of Playboy!

In Latino Heat's locker room, Eddie apologized to his Mamacita for his recent actions and promised he would be more supportive from now on. As Eddie talked, he coughed a bit and seemed to be under the weather.

Before the commercial break even ended, Benoit and Kane were already tearing into each other. Benoit was able to break out of the chokeslam, and went after Kane's knees, trying to bring down the big man. Benoit was soon disqualified for hitting Kane with the ring bell. The Wolverine knocked the Machine down with the bell and delivered a flying headbutt -- but Kane sat up, much to Benoit's shock! 

As Triple H and Stephanie prepared for their match, Kurt Angle came in and said he'd be there for Stephanie. He then told Triple H to try to go a week without hitting his wife. The Game then told Angle to try to go a match without hitting on him!

Stephanie, Angle and Triple H then took on T&A and Trish Stratus.

In the heat of battle, Angle soon tagged Stephanie, putting her in the ring at the same time as Test! But it was Triple H to the rescue, taking Test on. Stephanie soon slapped Test, who then piefaced his former fiance. Trish then came into the ring and gave Stephanie a bulldog. Test then went for the top-rope elbow on Stephanie, but the Game broke that up and threw Trish to the outside. Triuple H then gave Test a Pedigree, and put his wife on top of Test for the pin! After the match, an ecstatic Stephanie hugged Kurt Angle, which proved to be a big mistake. The Game snapped and viciously attacked Angle.

In Latino Heat's locker room, Eddie Guerrero was really showing signs of sickness. Chyna said she would ask Foley to cancel the match, but Eddie instead suggested that she fight Rikishi. Chyna said she would do that for him.

Prior to the Chyna/Rikishi match, Tazz headed to ringside dressed in a tuxedo. He then threw Lilian Garcia out of the ring and took over as ring announcer! As Tazz cackled at Lawler (Commissioner Foley's zero tolerance rule didn't allow the men to touch each other), Eddie Guerrero headed to ringside to watch on. Eddie was still showing the effects of his sickness. Prior to the match, Rikishi attacked the Intercontinental Champion, obviously mad at losing his title match due to Eddie's "sickness." As Rikishi went for a Stink Face, Chyna attacked her friend, in the name of saving Eddie.

But Eddie soon made a miraculous recovery, and again sprayed mace in Rikishi's eyes! A blind and confused Rikishi then hit a Samoan drop on Chyna! As Eddie watched on, Rikishi executed a sit-down splash onto Chyna! The Intercontinental Champion had ample time to save his Mamacita, but instead just watched in the aisleway as she was squashed!

With Tazz still at ringside, Steven Regal made his return to the Federation. Dressed in a suit and tie, Regal took the opportunity to teach fans proper table manners. In the middle of Regal's etiquette lesson, out came Y2J! Jericho told Steven to shut the hell up! He said Regal should spice up his segment with some action -- and said he's help by performing a Y2J magic trick. Jericho said he's pull the table cloth off Regal's table and leave all the silverware and china. Instead, Jericho just threw everything out of the ring, much to Regal's shock! But before Jericho could rub it in, X-Pac attacked Jericho from out of the crowd with nunchucks!

Ring announcer Tazz introduced "Two Fools" as they prepared for their Tag Team Championship match against Edge & Christian. Scotty nailed the Worm on Christian, and then Edge accidentally speared his own partner! Grandmaster Sexay then hit the Hop Hop Drop on Edge, but Christian made the save. Edge was able to grab the tag title belt, however, and knock out Grandmaster Sexay for the win! Tazz screamed the verdict three times in Lawler's ear and then laughed maniacally.

Lawler looked like he was about to snap as officials escorted Tazz to the backstage area.

Prior to the main event, Commissioner Foley said he felt that the World Wrestling Federation was being ignored. He said that despite the fact that the Federation had registered 80,000 voters, and despite the fact that millions of people watch SmackDown! every week, he said that George W. Bush and Al Gore were ignoring the Federation. The commish implored Bush and Gore to answer the SmackDown! Challenge! 

Chris Benoit provided guest commentary for the main event of the night, pitting The Rock against the Undertaker in a non-title match. The two Federation legends made the final RAW IS WAR main event on USA Network a memorable one, going at it with incredible intensity. 

The referee was soon knocked out, and when the Undertaker hit a flying DDT on The Rock, there was no one to count the fall. But The Rock soon hit a spinebuster and a People's Elbow on the Bad Ass, and again, there was no one to count the fall. And then the Undertaker chokeslammed The Rock. The ref then recovered, but The Rock kicked out after a very slow two-count!

The Undertaker then nailed The Rock with the Last Ride and pinned him cleanly! After the match, the four participants in the Fatal Fourway brawled as RAW went off the air!

Don't forget -- next week, RAW IS WAR moves to TNN, and Stone Cold Steve Austin will be IN THE HOUSE!