Raw is War

Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California
October 9, 2000

The Columbus Day episode of RAW IS WAR will forever go down in World Wrestling Federation history as one of the most memorable, one of the most unpredictable and one of the most entertaining two hours in history.

The "Who hit Stone Cold?" saga was the order of the day as the show kicked off live from Anaheim, Calif. -- the site of this year's WrestleMania. Commissioner Mick Foley came out at the start of the show -- to mostly boos, surprisingly! The commish had promised to name Stone Cold Steve Austin's assailant on RAW. Foley explained once again why he had suspended the Rattlesnake last week on SmackDown! 

Foley re-iterated that he was on Stone Cold's side, and that he had spared no expense to help Austin solve the case. He then brought out one of the top suspects in the case -- Shawn Michaels! The current commish gave the former commish an opportunity to explain where he had been the night Stone Cold was run down at the Survivor Series. Michaels said he would not only explain what he did that night, but also what he did that whole day. HBK said he was in San Antonio that day with his wife -- not in Detroit running down the Rattlesnake. Shawn also said that he had no motive, and then he wished Foley luck in finding the culprit.

Foley then said that HBK did have a motive -- the fact that Austin defeated Michaels for the Federation Championship at WrestleMania XIV, ending Michaels' active wrestling career.

Foley then said that perhaps Michaels was jealous that no one remembered the path Michaels blazed in 1996 to set the stage for the stars of 2000. Michaels said that he never wanted to see that footage again, and then said that Foley had a lot of nerve for saying what he just said. Michaels then said that the night of the attack, he was sitting at home watching the Survivor Series thinking about what the Federation had come to with guys getting run down backstage. He said he didn't like Stone Cold, but he didn't hate him either. He then said that if he had hit Austin, he was the kind of guy who would take his spotlight; after all, he thrives on being in the spotlight. But HBK said he had nothing to do with the attack.

Michaels then said he had an idea about who it was -- someone who loves the spotlight even more than HBK. He told Mick to think about it -- if Mick smelled what he was cooking. The commish had a funny look on his face as HBK headed to the back.

The first match of the night pitted Lita against Jacqueline in a Hardcore match for the Women's Championship. During the match, Jim Ross announced that Stone Cold Steve Austin would not be on RAW, as the Rattlesnake was giving Mick Foley the benefit of the doubt for the night. Jerry Lawler then said that he thought that it was Foley who ran down Austin! Jackie headed to the ring with a shopping cart full of hardcore weapons. The two women tore into each other, and made use of all the weapons at ringside.Lita soon pulled out a ladder from under the ring! But Lita soon nailed Jackie with a fire extinguisher and a cookie sheet, and pinned her challenger to retain the title!

Backstage, Chyna welcomed her friend Debra to the arena! Chyna mentioned that she was having trouble finding Eddie Guerrero. The returning Debra said she was looking for Commissioner Foley's office!

Debra then entered the commissioner's office, where Foley asked Debra about her and Stone Cold's honeymoon. He then said that maybe Austin's injury wasn't totally a bad thing, since the Rattlesnake found someone to nurse him back to health who he wound up falling in love with -- Debra! He asked Debra if she hit Austin because she was sick of him being on the road away from her. Debra said that she loved Steve and there was no way she did it. Foley told Debra not to leave the arena just yet.

In the McMahon/Helmsley locker room, Triple H complained to his wife about being teamed with one of his enemies, Chris Jericho, against his best friend, X-Pac, and Chris Benoit. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley reasoned that he needed her at ringside for that very reason, but the Game said no because it was too dangerous. He then said that he was glad that Stephanie had decided not to accompany Kurt Angle to ringside on a permanent basis. Stephanie looked confused as the Game headed to the ring, since she had never actually made that decision!

A limo pulled into the parking lot at the Arrowhead Pond -- and World Wrestling Federation CEO Linda McMahon got out of the backseat and headed into the arena! Commissioner Mick Foley welcomed Linda to the arena.

Raven fought Steve Blackman in a match which Raven asked would have "regular wrestling rules." The Hardcore Champion soon finished off his opponent with a swift kick to the chest. After the match, Raven attacked Blackman and knocked him from the ring. But the Lethal Weapon grabbed some kendo sticks and got medeival on Raven!

In the commissioner's office, Mick Foley questioned Linda McMahon about the attack. She said that she did not run down the Rattlesnake. Mick said that he found a hotel registry with Linda's name on it in Detroit. Linda said she had business to attend to at the Pay-Per-View. Mick confronted her with the fact that Austin had beat up her husband and brother on many occasions. Linda said that it wouldn't be good business to take out one of the Federation's top stars. Mick then asked her which star has sold the most merchandise and has made the most money since Stone Cold was put out of action -- and Linda said it was The Rock. 

In a battle of unlikely tag teams, Triple H and Chris Jericho took on X-Pac and Chris Benoit.Considering that it was just two months ago that the Game and Y2J beat the hell out of each other in the Last Man Standing Match at Fully Loaded, and considering that Triple H and X-Pac are best friends, the whole situation seemed like a powderkeg ready to explode. The Game soon grew irate when Jericho tagged himself in against Triple H's wishes. But the Game and Y2J did have one thing in common -- they both wanted to kick Chris Benoit's butt! Triple H soon nailed X-Pac by accident. Soon after, the Game was knocked from the top rope, and the Wolverine picked up the pin! 

Backstage, Commissioner Foley was questioning Edge & Christian about the attack on Stone Cold when Triple H barged into the office and demanded a match against Chris Benoit. Foley said he would make the match for No Mercy. Foley then continued questioning the former Tag Team Champions, who said they were busy getting ready for their tag team match. They said they were in with the trainer at the time. As they left, it seemed that Foley was getting more and more frustrated.

Triple H went back to his locker room, where Stephanie confronted him with the fact that he hasn't been winning much since he asked her to stay in the locker room during his matches. The Game looked irate.

Next up, the Hardy Boyz defended their Tag Team Championship against Lo Down. As Jeff Hardy went for the Swanton Bomb, two mysterious men dressed in gold attacked.

Lo Down then seemed poised for the win, but Matt Hardy entered the ring and helped Jeff to retain their titles!

Al Snow was wearing a blond wig as he and Mick Foley played checkers in the commissioner's office. Snow said he was the European Champion and was just wearing a blond wig because he was representing the people of Sweden that night. Mick theorized that maybe the driver of the car was just wearing a blond wig, instead of actually having blond hair!

With William Regal providing color commentary, Snow defended his European Championship against Test. But Snow was actually dressed as a representative of Greece -- no, not the country, but the movie Grease! Regal seemed to detest the fact that Snow was the champion of his country, when he wasn't even European. Trish Stratus soon tried to interfere in the match, but when Test ran into her by accident, Snow nailed Test with Head and pinned him to retain his championship!

Chyna finally found Eddie in the locker room, after looking for him all afternoon. The Ninth Wonder of the World seemed angered that Eddie would take their match against the Right to Censor so casually. Eddie was angered that Chyna didn't trust him. 

The two then headed to the ring to take on Val Venis and the Goodfather, accompanied by Steven Richards. Mid-match, GTV made its surprise return on the TitanTron, and Eddie was seen taking a shower with Mandy and Victoria! Guerrero was heard to say that "two Mamacitas are better than one!" 

A humiliated Chyna sat on the ring steps and looked like she was about to cry as the Right to Censor destroyed Eddie in the ring. Val soon finished off Eddie with a powerbomb. Steven then approached Chyna outside the ring and she nailed him. Val and the Goodfather then pulled her into the ring and Steven was about to hit her, but Mr. Ass ran down for the save! Billy Gunn then consoled his former DX cohort.

Backstage, Mick Foley stopped Crash and Scotty 2 Hotty to discuss their blond hair. Foley made note of of how Crash's had let his blond hair dye grow out. And Scotty said that he, Grand Master Sexay and Rikishi were backstage at Survivor Series just chillin'. Strangely, Mick thanked him.

Chyna then left the arena in tears, giving Eddie Guerrero his ring back. As Eddie looked for the ring, he ran into Billy Gunn who told Eddie that he had just made the biggest mistake of his life. As Billy turned around, Eddie nailed him with a bottle and left him lying!

Mick Foley still hadn't made good on his promise to find Stone Cold's assailant, and it was already time for the main event of RAW, pitting Kurt Angle and Kane against The Rock and Rikishi. But Kane and Angle slugged it out with each other before their opponents could even get to the ring! Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley watched on, as if to scout Angle, the man who asked her to accompany him to ringside last week on SmackDown!

Once Rikishi and The Rock got to the ring, it was time to get down to business.

But still fresh in everyone's mind was Commissioner Foley's promise to find Austin's assailant before the night was through. The 7-foot Kane was able to chokeslam the 400-pound Rikishi! Angle then asked for the tag, but Kane grabbed him by the throat, which constituted a tag! Kane left the ringside area as The Rock nailed Angle with a Rock Bottom! Rikishi then sat on Angle's chest for the pinfall victory!

Mick Foley's music then hit, and it was finally time! The commish looked to be ready for a showdown with The Rock. Foley said that all of the evidence pointed to The Rock. The commish then said that The Rock was not guilty -- but RIKISHI was! He said that Scotty 2 Hotty slipped by saying that Rikishi was in the locker room with them, when Rikishi wasn't even at Survivor Series! Foley just wanted to know why. 

Rikishi then grabbed the mic and admitted his guilt. He then said he didn't do it for himself, that he instead did it for The Rock. He said he saw Austin standing in the parking lot that night and everything flashed in front of his eyes. He said the Federation had always been about the Great White Hope. He said the Federation always held back the "island boys," including The Rock's grand father and the Samoans. He said he ran Stone Cold over for The Rock. He said he didn't expect payback from The Rock, and that Rock didn't have anything to do with it. Rikishi then said he was proud of the level Rock had achieved, and that he'd run over Austin all over again.