Raw is War

FleetCenter, Boston, Massachusetts
October 30, 2000

The Ninth Wonder of the World -- Chyna -- brought the sold-out crowd at Boston's FleetCenter to its feet as RAW went on the air. Chyna had something she wanted to show everyone -- the footage from Sunday Night HEAT, when Eddie Guerrero kissed The Kat (dressed as Chyna). Chyna said that Eddie was confused. She said she was over him, and had been from the moment she saw the GTV segment of Guerrero taking a shower with the hos. Chyna then challenged Eddie to put his Intercontinental Championship on the line against her that night. She said she was in love with him at one time, but he broke her heart, and now, she would break him.

The Intercontinental Champion then came out -- accompanied once again by The Kat, dressed like Chyna! Eddie was more than willing to defend his title against his former flame. Outside the ring, Kat mocked the Ninth Wonder of the World, and even put the boots to her when Chyna fell to the outside. Chyna soon rocked Eddie with a handspring elbow and a DDT, but when she went for a cover, Kat interfered. Chyna then pressed Kat above her head and threw her into Eddie! As the ref checked on Eddie and Kat, Steven Richards superkicked Chyna, allowing Eddie to score the pin. Mr. Ass then came down to save Chyna from a post-match beating.

Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle then pulled into the arena in a long stretch limousine.

Edge & Christian were excited that they didn't have to compete that night, and Angle was thrilled not to have to defend his World Wrestling Federation Championship that night. They said it was because of Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley that they had all gotten the night off. They then gave Stephanie a round of applause, but Stephanie seemed to be suffering from a heck of a headcold! Stephanie said she wasn't much in a mood to celebrate, but she wished Edge a happy birthday and walked away.

Al Snow came to the announce table with a big bowl of M&M's and jelly beans and said he would give them all to Jerry Lawler if he would be Snow's tag team partner against Raven and Tazz. 

In six-person tag team action, Ivory teamed with the Goodfather and Bull Buchanan of the Right to Censor against the Hardy Boyz and Lita. Prior to the match, Ivory pointed out the incredible reponsibility Federation Superstars have to their viewers. She said that the Hardys and Lita were terrible role models, and their actions would be censored. Lita took down Ivory with a spear, and then Lita and the Hardys delivered a multiple DDT on the Right to Censor! Jeff Hardy soon hit a Swanton Bomb on Lita, but Steven Richards hit a superkick on Jeff, and Ivory pinned Jeff Hardy for the win!

Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle celebrated the Hardy's loss backstage, calling it quite a birthday present for Edge. Kurt checked on Stephanie, who still looked to be sick.

Triple H then barged into the locker room, telling Stephanie that she shouldn't have come to the arena, being that she was sick with the flu. Stephanie said she wanted to be there for the No. 1 contenders match between Chris Jericho and Rock, and the cage match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rikishi. Stephanie then ran off, looking sick to her stomach.

Backstage, Rikishi told agent Tony Garea to find The Rock for him and to tell Rock that he had something to say to him.

European Champion William Regal then came down to the ring. Regal said that normally he would be a goodwill ambassador, but he said that he instead wanted to talk about the Boston Tea Party. He said that they should have lodged a complaint against Parliament instead of wasting good tea -- which he said was ghastly. He said the crowd hadn't behaved itself very well, and that he had prepared a list of 127 ways the Bostonians could improve their life. As he began to read the list, the Undertaker came back!

The American Bad Ass came out to a huge ovation! Taker entered the ring and immediately gave Regal the Last Ride! He then grabbed the microphone and told Regal that he talked funny!

The Rock was talking on his cell phone backstage when Rikishi walked in. Rikishi asked if Rock had gotten his message, and Rock said he wanted nothing to do with Rikishi. He told Rikishi to stay out of his life.

Rikishi said that after all he'd done for Rock, and having never asked for anything in return, he asked Rock to have his back in his cage match with Austin. Rock said yes, he had Rikishi's back. 

Earlier in the day, Trish Stratus and T&A were redecorating the APA's office when Crash entered and again said that Faarooq and Bradshaw had told him to take care of the business. Crash challenged Test to a hardcore rules match. Hardcore Champion Steve Blackman watched on as the two men went at it. Test would soon incapacitate Crash inside a trash can and nail him with a top-rope elbow, earning a victory.

As Kurt Angle and Triple H checked on Stephanie, Edge & Christian continued to celebrate Edge's birthday. The former Tag Team Champions even played their theme music on a birthday kazoo! Once they played Triple H's music, the Game had had enough, and threw the men out of the locker room.

Michael Cole then interviewed Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin invited whoever hit him with a wrench on SmackDown! to come to ringside for the cage match later in the night. He promised to destroy Rikishi within the cage, and to leave him bloodier than Rikishi had left him on SmackDown!

Triple H, Angle and Stephanie were watching Austin's promo when Stephanie started coughing uncontrollably. They told her that she was simply too sick to be there, and she had to leave right away. Stephanie said OK, but not until after the Austin/Rikishi cage match.

Emotions were running high when Stone Cold Steve Austin stepped into the steel cage against Rikishi, the man who tried to run him down last year at the Survivor Series. The Rattlesnake was in great shape and was fired up to take on his 400-pound assailant. Rikishi soon crushed Austin in the corner and was about to delivar a Stink Face, but Austin delivered a low blow! 

The two men soon battled to the outside, where Austin drilled Rikishi in the head with the steel door, busting Rikishi wide open. Back in the cage, Rikishi used his pure size to dominate Austin, beating down the Texas Rattlesnake. But Stone Cold fought his way back, soon nailing Rikishi with a stunner, which earned him the pinfall win! Austin drank a few beers in celebration of his victory over the big man!

The cage match over, Stephanie left the arena to get some rest. After she left, Angle said he was glad he and Triple H could bury the hatchet. The Game then turned to Angle and said he better have brought his gear, since it was going to be a long night!

Al Snow then brought Jerry Lawler an entire stack of Playboys (featuring Chyna), again in the hopes he would team with him against Tazz and Raven.

Steven Richards challenged Billy Gunn to a match, with the stipulation that if Steven won, Billy would no longer be able to use the name "Mr. Ass." Gunn then said that if he won, then Steven would have to kiss his ass!

As Chyna and Val Venis battled on the outside, Billy seemed to have the match won with a fame-asser. But Eddie Guerrero ran down and nailed Gunn with the Intercontinental Championship, allowing Steven to score the pin! Billy can no longer use the name "Mr. Ass!"

In his office, Commissioner Mick Foley told Chris Jericho that he had sent Kane home so Kane wouldn't interfere in the No. 1 contender match that night. As Y2J left the office, Triple H entered and asked Foley for a match against Kurt, even if the title wasn't on the line. Foley said OK!

Backstage, Rikishi was patched up by several EMTs.

X-Pac was drinking a beer at WWF New York when Tori approached him and took him back to the last time they were together -- when she went through a table at King of the Ring. Tori then slapped the taste out of X-Pac's mouth and walked away!

Commissioner Mick Foley got a standing ovation from the sold-out crowd at the FleetCenter as he headed to the ring. The commish spoke of the non-title match between Angle and Triple H, and the No. 1 contenders match between Jericho and Rock, with the winner to face Angle on SmackDown! Foley said that his job was a lot harder than he thought, and that it was a job too big for him. He said he had loved being the commissioner, and it was a dream come true. He then smiled and said he wasn't quitting, but he needed some help! He said he had found someone to help him make decisions, someone who personifies guts and intestinal fortitude.

He then named his lieutenant commissioner -- Debra! As the crowd chanted "We want puppies!," Foley said that he and Debra would have very many nice days as commissioner.

In his locker room, Kurt Angle complained to Edge & Christian about having to face Triple H. Edge & Christian tried to cheer him up by playing his music on a kazoo!

In a rematch from Unforgiven, World Wrestling Federation Champion Kurt Angle took on Triple H. Since Angle was expecting to have the night off, he had to compete in his warm-up attire, since he had left his wrestling attire at home! The match soon went out of control, and the Game and Angle wound up on the announce table. Triple H then delivered a Pedigree right through the table! Kurt was nearly unconscious, but that wasn't enough for the Game. He continued to beat on Angle. When the referee tried to stop the hurting, Triple H nailed the referee, getting himself disqualified. The Game was so enraged that he went outside to get a steel chair to brutalize Angle even more. When referee Tim White tried to grab the chair from Triple H, he knocked him down, and then nailed Angle with the chair! Edge & Christian then ran down to try to save Angle, but they were knocked out by the Game also!

Michael Cole then interviewed both The Rock and Chris Jericho, the competitors in the No. 1 contenders match. The two men kept cutting each other off during the interview -- but the bottom line was that each declared that he would become the No. 1 contender that night!

The main event on RAW was that match, and both Rock and Chris Jericho clearly wanted the title shot on SmackDown! against Kurt Angle. As Rikishi watched on, Y2J and the People's Champion battled both inside and outside the ring. 

The Rock soon hit referee Earl Hebner by accident, and with the ref down, Jericho was abou to hit Rock with a chair. But Rocky ducked, and was able to reverse it into a spinebuster onto the chair! But the referee was still out and unable to make a count.

Jericho then locked Rock in the Walls Of Jericho as another ref ran to ringside. The Brahma Bull was barely able to make it to the ropes, forcing Y2J to break the hold. Rock was soon able to put Jericho in the sharpshooter, but Jericho was also able to reach the ropes, breaking the hold.

With both men down, Rikishi came down to ringside and assaulted referee Mike Chioda. Jericho then hit a Lionsault on Rock, but Rocky kicked out before the groggy referee could hit the mat for a third time. The Rock then hit a Rock Bottom and scored the pin, becoming the No. 1 contender!

Shockingly, Rikishi attacked The Rock after the match, squashing the People's Champion under his 400-pound frame! Rikishi then said he had a confession to make. He said he lied to Stone Cold Steve Austin and he lied to the people. He said The Rock had known all along that Rock knew what he did to Stone Cold at Survivor Series.

He then pointed to Rock as the man who gave him the car keys and begged him to run over the Rattlesnake last November! He then said that Rock now had some explaining to do!