Raw is War

Aimes, Iowa
November 27 2000

On the one-year anniversary of Triple H's and Stephanie's wedding, RAW IS WAR emanated LIVE from the campus of Iowa State University!

World Wrestling Federation Champion Kurt Angle was a man on a mission as he headed to the ring to kick off the show. The American hero said that being a Federation Superstar was the only profession in the world where someone could commit amazing acts of violence against you and not be punished -- in fact, they would be rewarded. Angle said that between Undertaker's chokeslam off the stage to Stone Cold getting hit at the 1999 Survivor Series to Triple H being dropped 40 feet at the 2000 Survivor Series, things were going too far. In any other sport, that would be a scandal, said Angle, but in the World Wrestling Federation, it was just another day at the office.

Angle said that the more time he spent in the Federation, the more he saw his integrity in jeopardy. Even though people saw him as a "sports-entertainer," Angle said he sees himself as a wrestler -- and he wasn't here to be subjected to chokeslams and forklift attacks. Angle said that if the acts of violence didn't end before Armageddon, then he was taking his title and going home.

The crowd's boos soon turned to cheers as Commissioner Mick Foley and Lt. Commissioner Debra headed to the ring to address the champion. Surprisingly, Foley said that he was in agreement with Angle! Foley declared that the violence must end.

Foley then questioned how Angle could talk about integrity when Angle's business advisor -- Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley -- interfered in all his matches. Angle said that Stephanie hadn't been at his side for a month, and he was still champion. Also, he said he didn't need Stephanie anymore, and then he'd be happy to tell her so when she arrived. Foley said that Triple H and Stephanie were having travel problems and wouldn't be at Iowa State.

Foley then made a No. 1 contenders match for Armageddon pitting Rock against Rikishi. The commish also made a title match for RAW -- but Mick didn't tell Angle who his opponent was!

Backstage, a limo pulled in and The Rock arrived at the arena.

Edge & Christian told Kurt Angle that their speech rocked. Angle was angered at having to defend his title and not knowing his opponent. Edge & Christian had a few ideas who the opponent could be -- and the odds-on favorite seemed to be the Undertaker. Angle said he wouldn't fight the Undertaker if he could help it.

Test, Albert and Trish Stratus -- the T&APA -- took on Hardcore Holly, Crash and Molly Holly in six-person tag team action. Hardcore soon dragged Trish into the ring and fed her to Molly. As T&A double-teamed Hardcore, test accidentally kicked Albert. Hardcore then hit Albert with a dropkick to the jaw and picked up the win for his team.

Kurt Angle approached Kane backstage and told him he meant what he said about the Undertaker's mistreatment towards him last week on SmackDown! He invited Kane over to the Angle house for Christmas to spend time with his family, since the rest of Kane's family didn't seem to care about him. He then asked Kane if he could discuss something with him, and Kane said OK.

Michael Cole interviewed Rikishi about his No. 1 contender match against The Rock. Cole said that many said Rikishi wasn't deserving of such an opportunity. Rikishi said that he had taken down The Rock at Survivor Series, and he would do the same on RAW.

The Undertaker was tuning up his bike in the back when Kane attacked him. The Big Red Machine beat down the American Bad Ass as referees tried to hold him back. Edge, Christian and Angle watched on and smiled.

The new Intercontinental Champion -- "The One" Billy Gunn -- defended his title against Eddie Guerrero, the man he defeated for the belt last Thursday on SmackDown! Guerrero nearly regained the title after interference from his partners in the Radicalz, but Gunn recovered, and moments later, pinned Eddie with a sleeper-slam. After the win, all the Radicalz beat down "The One."

During the commercial break, the Undertaker had a meeting with Commissioner Mick Foley, and Foley made a match for RAW between Undertaker and Kane.

Kurt Angle headed to ringside with a smile on his face, knowing he wouldn't have to defend his title on RAW against the Undertaker. Angle provided color commentary for the No. 1 contenders match between Rock and Rikishi. When Rock locked Rikishi in the sharpshooter, Angle attacked The Rock, giving The Rock a disqualification win in the match. After the match, Rikishi squashed The Rock with a devastating sit-down splash as Angle watched on and smiled.

Backstage, Mick Foley looked around for Kurt Angle.

At WWF New York, William Regal gave the patrons a lesson in table manners. 

Dean Malenko was hitting on Lita backstage, but she didn't seem all that interested. Lita told Dean off, and then Chris Benoit knocked her out with a door. As the Hardys checked on Lita, all four Radicalz beat on the brothers from North Carolina. 

Next up, Kane battled his brother -- the Undertaker -- in a renewal of one of the most physical and intense rivalries in World Wrestling Federation history. When the Undertaker went for the chokeslam on his brother, Edge & Christian ran down to interfere, ending the match on a DQ. Angle even ran down to continue the assault on the Undertaker. 

Angle, Edge and Christian returned to the champion's dressing room to find an irate Commissioner Foley. Foley called Angle a hypocrite for preaching integrity while interfering in two matches that night. Angle said he was keeping his title and there was nothing Mick could do about it.

Mick said he was the commissioner and he made the matches -- and if Edge & Christian interfered in his title match that night, then Angle would be suspended for 90 days.

Mick then revealed Angle's opponent for the evening -- Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Val Venis and Steven Richards of the Right to Censor took on Road Dogg and K-Kwik. Prior to the match, Mr. Richards spoke of the Right to Censor's accomplishments in the Federation. Steven said that the Right to Censor was in control. During the match, J.R. revealed that a win by Dogg and K-Kwik may lead to a Tag Team Championship match against Right to Censor members Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather. Ultimately, K-Kwik countered a superplex by Mr. Richards and picked up the win for his team!

Commissioner Foley was outside the arena getting some fresh air when Tiger Ali Singh and Lo Down approached, demanding a match for the evening. The commish agreed -- and gave Tiger a Hardcore Championship match against Steve Blackman!

Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn of the Radicalz took on the Hardy Boyz and Chris Jericho in six-man tag action. The Radicalz were accompanied by Terri, but due to the attack earlier in the evening, Lita was not in the Hardys' corner. Jericho and the Hardy Boyz would pick up the win when Y2J forced Malenko to tap out to the Walls of Jericho. After the match, Benoit brutalized Jericho with the Crossface.

Backstage, Edge & Christian tried to motivate Angle as he prepared for his title match against the Texas Rattlesnake.

After throwing a pie in Blackman's face last Thursday on SmackDown!, Tiger Ali Singh had hell to pay in his Hardcore Championship match against the Lethal Weapon. Blackman didn't even care that Tiger was dressed in a suit and tie -- the Lethal Weapon was in the mood to kick some butt. Blackman finally put Tiger away with a top-rope kendo stick to the head. After the match, Blackman donned Tiger's turban, mocking the Asian superstar.

Again, Edge & Christian tried to psyche up Angle for his title match. But this time The Rock stopped by, beating the hell out of all three men! Commissioner Mick Foley threw Rock, Edge and Christian out of the building prior to the title match.

The main event on RAW was the World Wrestling Federation Championship match between Kurt Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin -- the first time that the Rattlesnake and the American hero have ever gone one-on-one. In Austin's first title match in over a year, the Rattlesnake looked sharp. 

As the two men battled, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley headed to ringside. Austin then gave her the finger! Angle attempted a roll-up, but earned just a two.

Austin then hit a stunner -- but Triple H attacked the Rattlesnake before Austin could cover Angle! The Game was intense, and attacked Stone Cold with venom!

Stephanie then put a chair in the ring for her husband, and, as Angle watched on, Triple H gave Austin a neckbreaker onto a steel chair. The Game stood above Austin's near-unconscious body as RAW went off the air.