Raw is War

East Ruthersford, New Jersey
December 4, 2000

Less than a week from Armageddon, RAW exploded live from the Continental Airlines Arena in New Jersey!

The Undertaker rode his motorcycle out to the ring to kick off the show in a match against Rikishi. Just six days before the two men would face each other in a Hell in a Cell match at Armageddon, Undertaker and Rikishi took it to each other fiercely. Just when the Dead Man decided to go old-school on Rikishi and walk on the top rope, Kurt Angle came out and knocked him back to the ring. Taker decided to take his frustrations out on Angle, leaving him easy prey for Rikishi. After Taker kicked out of a pin attempt, he tried to go for a chokeslam, but Angle distracted him again! Rikishi then flattened Taker and pinned him with the sit-down splash! After the match, Kurt Angle continued beating on Undertaker.

In her office, Michael Cole asked Debra about the constant turmoil in the Federation and noted that Mick Foley was absent. Debra said Mick was stuck in traffic in New York City, but she was trying to keep in constant touch with him.

Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather put their Tag Team Title on the line against the Hardy Boyz. Before the match began, the referee told Ivory to return to the locker room, but he allowed Lita to stay at ringside. The two teams battled intensely as Dean Malenko, apparently watching Lita, looked on from the back. As it appeared the Hardyz had the match won, the Dudley Boyz, wearing white shirts and black ties, walked down the entranceway! As the Dudleyz distracted the ref, Bull nailed Jeff Hardy with his scissors kick and picked up the win. After the match, Bull and Goodfather looked at the Dudley Boyz and appeared to be very confused.

In Debra's office, K-Kwik and Road Dogg said they deserved a re-match for the Tag Titles after their near-win last week. Edge and Christian over-heard the conversation and demanded their own title shot. After some heated words were exchanged between the two teams, Debra said they could take their argument to the ring, and the match would be important to the Tag Team Title picture. Debra then walked away so she could meet up with Mick Foley.

As the Hardyz sat in their locker room questioning the Dudley Boyz motives, Dean Malenko walked in with flowers for Lita. Dean said that given the right chance, she might like him. Lita said she'd think about it, and as she turned, she said she had thought about it, and then Lita slammed the flowers over Malenko's head!

In his dressing room, Triple H spoke to Rikishi about Armageddon. Triple H said they would need to play the game smart - they should form an alliance, and take out all the others. Rikishi asked about Vince McMahon, and Triple H said Vince was cool with everything, what happened on SmackDown! was a simple misunderstanding.

Chris Benoit and Hardcore Holly faced each other in a ferocious one-on-one match. The match began with Hardcore Holly apparently trying to use the metal plate in his arm as a weapon, laying Benoit flat on the mat. Finally, Benoit got his wits about him and locked Holly in the Crossface, forcing him to tap out.

As Debra waited for Commissioner Foley, a limousine pulled in. She walked over to the car to meet the Commissioner, but instead of being greeted by Foley, Vince McMahon got out! Then, a small sedan pulled up and Mick Foley got out. Immediately, Debra informed him of the night's events.

Vince McMahon went straight to the Game's locker room and told Triple H why Stephanie wasn't at RAW. Vince said he didn't want her in the middle of them. He asked Triple H what he was thinking...in fact Vince wasn't sure what even he was thinking. Triple H said that what happened at SmackDown! was a mistake, and he thought Vince was Austin. Vince told Triple H to just remember what happened at last year's Armageddon. Triple H said he never would forget, but that he would make it up to his father-in-law.

In an interview with Kevin Kelly, The Rock said that he would get his title back at Armageddon. If he had to beat Kurt Angle, Rikishi, Undertaker, Triple H, or even Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rock said he would do all he could to win the title!

In their office, Mick Foley told Debra that it wasn't fair for Angle to be interfering on so many matches, so he would put the title on the line later against Chris Jericho!

Dean Malenko, persistent as ever, went to Lita's locker room with a proposition for her. He would give her a shot at his Light Heavyweight Title. If she won, he would leave her alone, but if he won, she would have to go on a date with him on Thursday! Lita happily agreed to the match.

Edge and Christian, as a prelude of their match against Road Dogg and K-Kwik, did a little rap and a new five-second pose for the New Jersey crowd. After some high-flying moves from both teams, Edge and Christian picked up the win.

Kurt Angle walked into Triple H's locker room and asked the Game and Rikishi to team up with him at Armageddon. Angle then pointed out that the alliance needed to start immediately, because Angle had to beat Chris Jericho in order to keep his title. As Angle happily walked out, Triple H grinned and smiled at Rikishi.

In Stone Cold Steve Austin's locker room, Vince McMahon told the Rattlesnake to be careful at the Hell in a Cell match, because Vince wanted to protect his investment. And from and investment standpoint, the Hell in a Cell was not a wise match.

Kurt Angle then put his World Wrestling Federation Title on the line against Chris Jericho. Y2J took advantage of his opportunity, and immediately went after the champion. After nearly being pinned by Jericho, Angle realized that he needed to get in some offense and started beating on Y2J. After Jericho knocked out the referee, he hit Angle with the Lionsault and had Angle pinned for the win! A second referee had to run out to make the count, and Angle kicked out at two! Then, Jericho locked Kurt in the Walls of Jericho, but Kane ran out and distracted him, allowing Angle to give Y2J an Olympic Slam for the win! After the match, Kane attacked Jericho, and left him lying in the center of the ring!

Kurt Angle ran to Rikishi and Triple H after the match and demanded to know why they didn't help him. Rikishi said that when they saw Kane going out, they figured he didn't need help. Triple H said that he did like Angle's idea for Sunday though, and told the champion to sit down.

In a match that saw "The One" Billy Gunn put his Intercontinental Title on the line against Val Venis. "The One" picked up the win after Chyna interfered on his behalf. When the match ended, however, was when the action picked up. Val Venis tore apart "The One" and Ivory ripped into Chyna, leaving her lying in need of medical attention by the announce table.

Vince McMahon confronted The Rock. Vince told Rock that he had the most to lose in the Hell in a Cell match. He said Rock was young, good-looking and had a lot of potential. Vince begged The Rock to reconsider. The Great One that he appreciated Vince's concern, but he was still going to compete.

In a match made earlier on RAW, Dean Malenko put his Light Heavyweight Title on the line against Lita. Malenko showed no affection for Lita during the match, and kept pummeling her throughout the match. Lita finally had to tap out after Malenko locked on the Texas Cloverleaf. After getting the win, Malenko tried to get friendly with Lita, who just slapped Dean and walked away.

Vince McMahon saw Undertaker's motorcycle getting wiped clean. Vince decided to hop on and told the guy shining the bike to go tell Taker that Vince was looking for him. Undertaker came over and told Vince to get his ass off his ride. Vince begged Taker to tell Mick Foley that he would not compete in the Hell in a Cell. Taker just looked at Vince and then spit his tobacco right on Vince's jacket!

William Regal, who lost his European Title to Crash on Saturday at the UK Pay-Per-View Rebellion, came to the ring carrying the title he stole from Crash. He demanded that Molly Holly and Crash come out to the ring and fight again for the title. Crash and Regal took it to each other in a very physical match, which Regal won after forcing Crash to tap out of the Regal Stretch. Then, Regal went on to put Molly in the Stretch! Hardcore Holly ran out to save his two relatives.

As Molly Holly lie crying on a stretcher, Michael Cole asked Commissioner Foley his opinions on how things have spun out of control recently. Foley said that things have been crazy, so he was making two more matches for Armageddon: William Regal would put his European Title on the line against Hardcore Holly and Kane would fight Chris Jericho. As Foley was about to finish, Vince McMahon walked in and said that he wasn't so sure the Hell in a Cell would even happen after he gave his "State of the WWF Address."

Vince McMahon came out before the crowd to deliver his address, but considering the length of his absence, he didn't know where to begin. He started with the appointment of Mick Foley as commissioner, which he still thinks was a poor decision. Vince said he thinks Mick has had a great lack of judgement lately, and now he was sacrificing the lives of six men and putting them in Hell in a Cell! At that, Commissioner Foley joined Vince in the ring. Foley told Vince that the Hell in a Cell would take place as long as he was commissioner! As Vince began to verbally rip into Foley, Stone Cold Steve Austin joined the two in the center of the ring!

Austin said he was touched by the concern that Vince was showing, and then he stunned Vince and walked away! As Austin walked up the ramp, The Rock walked down to the ring! Vince struggled to get to his feet, and when he did, Rock gave him a Rock Bottom! As The Rock walked out, Undertaker came down to the ring, where he gave Vince a Last Ride! After Taker walked out, Mick told Vince there was one thing left to do, and he pulled out Mr. Socko and told Vince to "Kiss his ass and have a nice day!"

In the back, Rikishi, Kurt Angle and Triple H all assaulted the Undertaker, busted The Rock open and laid Stone Cold Steve Austin out!