Raw is War

Lafayette, Louisiana
January 22, 2001

A pissed off Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley came to the ring as RAW exploded live from the Cajundome in Lafayette, LA!

The Game, clutching a sledgehammer, told the sell-out crowd that he had been looking forward to going to Lafayette for a very long time - because he was supposed to be the champion, and it was supposed to be his night. But Stone Cold Steve Austin ruined all of Triple H's plans! Triple H went on to say he was tired of everything involving Stone Cold, so as soon as Austin got in the building, he would be waiting with his sledgehammer. He said Austing would see it coming, but he wouldn't be able to stop it. Triple H said that he would have his night, and he would finish it by standing over Stone Cold's bloodied body!

Kurt Angle's music then hit and the World Wrestling Federation Champion came out and told Triple H he should stop whining. Angle said the only person who cost the Game the title, it was Kurt Angle. Kurt said that Triple H should spend less time crying and more time trying and he might actually win something! After the Game threatened Angle with a sledgehammer, Kurt suggested that Triple H couldn't beat anyone with natural ability - he always won using foreign objects! The Game then challenge Kurt for the title later on RAW - a challenge Kurt accepted!

Trish Stratus decided it was time to come out and issue a challenge of her own! Trish demanded that Stephanie face her one-on-one later on RAW! Stephanie was more than happy to accept, but she warned Trish that she was in for a painful spanking later!

In the parking garage, a limo carrying Mr. McMahon arrived. When Michael Cole asked Vince his opinion on the matches just made. Vince said that in the interest of fairness, the matches may not take place at all!

William Regal put his European title on the line against Test. Before the match began, the Goodwill Ambassador aplogized to the fans because he wasn't exactly going to be nice to his opponent. The match was a physical affair, and Test picked up the shocking win over Regal after hitting him with a flying elbow!

In Mr. McMahon's dressing room, Triple H demanded to know what Vince meant by saying his match may not take place at all. The Game asked Vince who he was looking out for, in the "interest of fairness" - maybe Trish Stratus? Vince then told Triple H to go get ready, because there was a good chance his match would happen anyway.

Faarooq and Bradshaw, joined at ringside by Jacqueline, faced the Hardy Boyz, who were joined by Lita. Jeff and Matt Hardy seemed to be arguing with each other throughout the match, which was an APA-style brawl. Faarooq picked up the win after pinning Jeff Hardy.

Triple H complained to his wife about the fact that Vince might cancel his match, and Stephanie said that her dad would make the right choice. Then Stephanie asked the Game if her match with Trish was still on. Triple H told her that she should go talk to her dad about that, because he was going to go wait for Stone Cold! Stephanie went to talk to her father and told him the Triple H's match should go on, and Vince maintained that he was taking the match under advisement. Stephanie then went on to ask about her match with Trish, and Vince said he was concerned about his daughter. Stephanie asked if Vince was concerned for someone else involved in the match - Trish! Vince said that Stephanie should go get ready for her match, in case it was going to happen.

In an interview taped earlier, Michael Cole asked The Rock his feelings about the Royal Rumble. The Great One said he was disappointed that he didn't win the Rumble. He wanted to go to WrestleMania and fight for the championship. The Rock said his goal was to once again become the Federation Champion, no matter what he had to do.Chris Beonit teamed up with the Big Show against Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho and The Rock. Benoit took out much of his aggression on Jericho at the beginning of the match, and the Wolverine quickly tagged in the Big Show. Show demonstrated his pure strength by easily lifting Y2J over his head and tossing him! Both men tagged out, allowing The Rock and Benoit to go at it! Outside the ring, Big Show chokeslammed Jericho onto the floor! Jericho was helped to the back by Federation officials, leaving The Rock to face Big Show and Benoit alone. The Great One fought with every ounce of energy he had, even knocking Show out with the ring bell! Benoit once locked on the Crossface, but the Great One was able to grab the rope. Suprisingly, Chris Jericho returned to the ring and took Benoit out, tossing him into the steel steps! After Benoit got back in the ring, The Rock pinned him after hitting him with a Rock Bottom! As The Rock celebrated after the match, the Big Show attacked him from behind! Show went on to chokeslam both Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit!

Before her match defending her Women's Title against Molly Holly, Ivory said that there was one part missing from Chyna's new book, "If They Only Knew" - the part about Ivory beating Chyna down! Molly came out and said she was going do everyone a favor and shut Ivory's mouth! Molly utilized nearly every move in her arsenal, but as she climbed the turnbuckle, Steven knocked her down, allowing Ivory to cover Molly for the win!

In the parking lot, Triple H awaited the arrival of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Meanwhile, Trish Stratus walked into Vince McMahon's locker room!

In a brutal matchup, Rikishi battled Kane. As Kane was about to pin Rikishi, Haku ran out and pulled the Big Red Machine away! Rikishi and Haku then teamed up on Kane and absolutely punished him! As the beating coninued, the Undertaker ran out to ringside and helped his brother Kane! Taker and Kane left both Rikishi and Haku lying! Afterwards, Rikishi demanded a no-holds barred match against the Undertaker on SmackDown!

Behind Mr. McMahon's closed dressing room door, Trish's voice was heard saying, "Oh that's very nice!"

New Tag Team Champions the Dudley Boyz put their newly won titles on the line against Lo Down! Lo Down received the title shot from Mr. McMahon after he had given their spot in the Royal Rumble to Drew Carey. During the match, Tiger Ali Singh presented Jerry Lawler with an honorary turban. The Dudleyz retained their titles after Buh Buh hit Chaz with his title, and after the match, D-Von and Buh Buh gave Tiger a 3-D through a table!

Trish finally emerged from Mr. McMahon's dressing room. Before she left, Mr. McMahon told her that she forgot her hat. When she came out, her hair was a mess and she was sweating! Michael Cole then was told by Vince that and annoncement was coming soon concerning the main event.

Raven and Al Snow battled for Raven's Hardcore Title. The match immediately went under the stage, where a firework accidentally went off. Both men, and the referee, were temporarily stunned by the loudness of the pyro, and then they continued their fight into the dining area of the Cajundome. Al Snow won the Hardcore title, but was attacked by a person wearing all black and a mask. As Al lie on the ground, the person put Raven on top of Snow and Raven regained the Hardcore Title! The two then drove off!

Vince McMahon then came out of his dressing room to speak about the main event. Before he could speak, Vince noticed that he had lost a button off his sleeve! Vince then announced that the main event on RAW would be Triple H and Stephanie teaming up against Trish Stratus and Kurt Angle!

The Game was still outside awaiting Austin's arrival when Stephanie informed him of her father's decision. Irate at losing his chance at the World Wrestling Federation Championship, Triple H threw away his sledghammer and stormed back into the arena. Meanwhile, emotions were a lot happier at WWF New York, where Too Cool and K-Kwik entertained a live audience with a song and dance!

Back in Lafayette, it was time for the Mixed Tag Team main event. Triple H gained the early advantage with a baseball slide and took the action to the floor, ramming Angle's head repeatedly into the announce table. Once back in the ring, the Game continued his assault and went to work on Angle's left knee -- the same knee Triple H worked over at Royal Rumble. A courageous champion fought back with a neckbreaker and taggled in Trish. In came Stephanie, who was pulled by the hair and thrown to the canvas by Angle! Stephanie answered with a slap to the face of a remorseful Angle. Later, Stephanie thwarted a Trish attempted leap of the top. The two ladies exchanged some slaps to the face and the cat fight was on!Stephanie rammed Trish's head into the turnbuckle, kicked her repeatedly in the gut and clotheslined her down. Trish came right back with a bulldog and went for the pin, but Triple H broke up the count and Pedigreed Trish! Stephanie took advantage and covered Trish for the one-two-three win! As Triple H and Angle exchanged words after the match, Stone Cold Steve Austin hit the ring and attacked Triple H! A Stone Cold Stunner left the Game laying in the center of the ring. Austin, headed to WrestleMania with a shot at the Federation Championship, celebrated with a few beers as RAW went off the air!