Raw is War

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
May 28, 2001

The World Wrestling Federation made an explosive return to Calgary, Alberta, Canada as RAW IS WAR kicked off live on TNN!

First, Jim Ross mentioned a strange situation, saying he received an anonymous letter delivered by a courier that said he would be meeting the Undertaker's wife, Sara, later that night -- even though the Dead Man wasn't in the building!

Federation Chairman Mr. McMahon entered the ring to address the sold out Calgary crowd. The chairman opened by saying how nice it was to be back in Calgary and how the citizens made him feel right at home! He added that only in Canada you can have the French and English live in harmony, and that the people are proud to say that they are Canadian! Maybe the reason they're proud is that Canada brought America ice hockey, strong beer, or maybe how they coined the phrase, "Eh!" Whatever the reason, Mr. McMahon said he'd encourage his fellow Americans to visit Canada, but never live there!

That last comment brought out Canadian hero Chris Jericho, one-half of the Federation Tag Team Champions! Y2J said that before Mr. McMahon continued to bore the Jerichoholics with another long, boring speech, he got to the point -- he wanted Stone Cold Steve Austin in a match for the Federation Championship on RAW! Mr.

McMahon asked Jericho who the hell he thought he was demanding a match with Austin and interrupting him, to which Jericho replied for Mr. McMahon to "Shut the hell up!" Y2J said that he did not know if Mr. McMahon was a genetic jackhammer, but he did create the two biggest sluts he ever seen! One was his daughter, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, and the second one was his brand new, personal, private slut, Stone Cold Steve Austin! But Jericho also pointed out that McMahon could sing, and with that, he aired footage of Mr. McMahon singing "Stand Back" at the 1986 Slammy Awards! McMahon asked Jericho where he got his hands on that footage before granting him his title match -- a Hardcore Championship match against Hardcore Champion the Big Show.

Suddenly, Jericho's tag team partner and fellow Canadian hero, Chris Benoit, came out to address the Federation Chairman. Benoit said that he couldn't let Jericho "stand back" and have all the fun tonight! He then told McMahon that since Jericho has a match with the Big Show, the only match the people would want to see more was Benoit against Austin for the Federation Championship! Benoit then said that the people thought he was a great dancer, and aired more footage from the Slammys -- this time with McMahon dancing! An embarrassed McMahon declared that Benoit would go one-on-one with Rhyno, and in the interest of fairness, McMahon would decide that whomever impressed him more would get a shot at Austin that night on RAW!

In closing, Benoit reminded McMahon to not get angry, but to just "stand back!"

Howard Finkel then introduced the first family of wrestling, the Hart family, and announced that Stu Hart would be presented with the prestigious order of Canada honor.

Led to the ring by Lita and Eddie Guerrero, the Hardy Boyz took on X-Factor in tag team action. X-Pac and Justin Credible gained the early advantage thanks to some double teaming while the referee's back was turned. But the tide turned when Lita grabbed X-Pac's legs and pulled him between the ring post. As X-Pac and Justin Credible went for X Marks the Spot, Guerrero grabbed their legs to prevent them from executing the move! Guerrero's interference led to a Jeff Hardy Swanton Bomb and a win for the Hardys!

As Trish Stratus was using the mirror, Terri bumped her aside and explained she was getting ready for her match. Trish said that she should worry less about how she looked and more about what she and Steve Blackman would do to she and Perry Saturn later that evening!

In Commissioner Regal's office, Regal had Tajiri handle more chores before Albert barged in demanding a match with Eddie Guerrero. Regal granted his request while declaring the Hardys and Lita, as well as X-Factor be barred from ringside.

Up next was former Hardcore Champion Rhyno battling Chris Benoit in the first of two matches made by Mr. McMahon.

Despite taped up ribs and a formidable opponent, Jim Ross and Paul Heyman emphasized the importance of Benoit winning the match to put himself in line for a possible shot at Austin. Benoit scored early with a pair of German suplexes, and went for the Crossface two minutes in the match before Rhyno got to the ropes. Suddenly, a Rhyno gore sent Benoit to the outside and favoring his injured ribs. Benoit was able to fight back to execute his fourth and fifth German suplexes before he nailed a superplex! Rhyno came right back with a spinebuster and set Benoit up for another gore, but the Wolverine reversed the gore to apply the Crossface and make the man-beast tap out!

Accompanied by Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn and Terri faced Steve Blackman and Canada's own Trish Stratus in an intergender tag team matchup. Even thought the Lethal Weapon had things in control, Trish made a tag and pulled Terri into the ring. But while Terri was showing off, Trish nearly won the match with a rollup! Suddenly, Saturn pulled Trish down with a handful of hair, but Trish was able to tag Blackman back in. Terri's efforts to interfere backfired when Blackman spanked her, threw her into Saturn and nailed Saturn with a clothesline. While Trish and Terri fought on the outside, WCW's Lance Storm shocked his hometown fans by superkicking Saturn to give the win to Blackman and Trish!

During the break, Storm and Shane McMahon embraced in a hug before climbing in a limo, and a happy Shane shouted, "It has begun!" Storm's interference prompted an angry Mr. McMahon to lash out at his security, and warned him that if anyone else from WCW interfered, everyone would be fired!

Back at WWF New York, Al Snow expressed pride in his role of the upcoming show, "Tough Enough."

Backstage, Spike Dudley told Molly Holly that as happy as he is to be with her, he felt bad that their families had to fight later that night. Before they were about to kiss, Kurt Angle warned them about the perils of the birds and the bees, and that their kids would be the ugliest things he ever saw. Spike warned Angle to not disrespect his girlfriend and slapped him in the face. But like last week on SmackDown!, Angle beat up Spike, and this time gave him the Angle Slam against a steel fence! This sent Molly looking for D-Von and Bubba Ray to help their little brother. When the Dudley Boyz emerged from their locker room, they were attacked form behind by Hardcore and Crash Holly!

As D-Von and Bubba Ray nursed their wounds, Spike asked what happened to them. Bubba Ray explained that they were attacked by the Hollys and that it was Molly who set them up! D-Von added that Molly does not care about him, repeated she set them up and that she was going through a table! When Spike tried to explain and tried to reason with his brothers to not hurt Molly, Bubba Ray told Spike to "save it!

As D-Von and Bubba Ray nursed their wounds, Spike asked what happened to them. Bubba Ray explained that they were attacked by the Hollys and that it was Molly who set them up! D-Von added that Molly does not care about him, repeated she set them up and that she was going through a table! When Spike tried to explain and tried to reason with his brothers to not hurt Molly, Bubba Ray told Spike to "save it!"

The Big Show then put up the Hardcore Championship against Chris Jericho in the second of two Mr. McMahon-mandated matches, which would also decide if either Y2J or Benoit would get a shot at the Federation Championship later that night. Show dominated Y2J with chairshots and unbelievable displays of power, and rammed Jericho head first into a trash can. Later, with Jericho seated on the top turnbuckle, Show went to hit him with the steel steps. But Y2J dropkicked the steps into the Show's head, and executed the Lionsault to pin the Show and become the new Hardcore Champion! However, Jericho's Hardcore reign was short lived as Rhyno gored him to regain the Hardcore Title!

Suddenly, footage of the Undertaker's wife, Sara, in her home was aired while a mysterious voice warned that although she could not see him and had no idea who he was, she'd be seeing a lot more of him.

In the back, the Hollys talked strategy before their Table Match with the Dudleys -- and Molly implored them to not hurt Spike. Then, Mr. McMahon told Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit he was impressed with the both of them, and that although Steve Austin wanted to face both of them at the same time, Mr. McMahon would not allow that. Then, Mr. McMahon made his decision and chose Benoit to fight Austin for the Federation Championship that night! But afterward, Mr. McMahon requested that he meet with both Benoit and Jericho to find out where they got the "Stand Back" footage. Jericho then motivated his partner, telling him it was his time, but he also asked if he would receive the first title shot after Benoit defeated Austin for the Championship!

Back in the Commissioner's office, Regal told Tajiri to fetch Mr. McMahon some fresh coffee. The chairman then told Regal that Austin had a brilliant plan for the championship match, and for Regal to just sit back and watch.

With table in hands, the Dudley Boyz took on Hardcore and Crash Holly in a table match. The Holly cousins took it right to the Dudleys, and it was apparent that D-Von and Bubba Ray were still suffering from the effects of SmackDown's! TLC match.

But despite the pain, the Dudleys hit "Wassup" on Hardcore, Bubba Ray demanded for D-Von to get the table and the Dudleys won the match by hitting 3D on Hardcore through the table! But when Molly was checking on her cousin, she was eyeballed by the Dudleys with evil intentions. While Spike tried to reason with his brothers, Bubba Ray slapped him away! Then when the Dudleys set Molly up, Spike lay flat on the table. But that did not stop Bubba Ray, who powerbomed Molly through both Spike and the table!

Back in the ring, the EMT's attended to Spike and Molly, with each asking if the other was OK. Jim Ross and Paul Heyman then showed how Triple H tore his left quadriceps and footage of The Game explaining the nature of his injury.

Last Wednesday, Triple H visited noted surgeon Dr. James Andrews, who told Triple H he tore a big hole in his tendon and that it had to be operated on. Time-wise, Dr. Andrews said that it would take at least four months for The Game's injury to heal and for a return to active competition. Triple H said the continued the match due to his love for the business and how the show must go on. He figured if he could still move, he could still go, and once Dr. Andrews finished the operation, he would undergo rehab and a lot of people would be sorry he returned! Dr. Andrews said that the surgery was difficult but it turned out to be a success.

Then, Triple H's wife, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, said the first thing she'd tell him after the surgery that the worst was over.

Accompanied by Mr. McMahon, Stone Cold Steve Austin entered the ring for his Federation Championship match against Chris Benoit. After Howard Finkel introduced the combatants, the match was on. The champion immediately went for Benoit's injured ribs, which kept the Wolverine grounded to the mat. Benoit fought back with a series of chops and locked the Rattlesnake in the Crossface, but the champion was able to reach the bottom rope.

The fight took to the outside, where Benoit rammed Austin's head against the announce table and the steel steps, but the Rattlesnake was able to throw Benoit ribs first into the steps. Once back in the ring, Benoit locked Austin in the Sharpshooter! But the champion was able to get to the ropes for a second time.

Back outside the ring, Austin twice suplexed Benoit ribs first against the ring barricade and then on top of J.R.'s and Paul Heyman's announce table! Benoit came back to hit two German suplexes and went for a superplex until Austin countered. Austin then hit Benoit with a superplex of his own and almost got the fall on numerous occasions.

When Austin attempted to hit Benoit with his championship belt, referee Earl Hebner took the belt away. In the ring, Austin hit the Stunner on Benoit, but Hebner was distracted by his argument with Mr. McMahon!Benoit then hit Austin with the belt, but the champion escaped at the count of 2 3/4. Then, Benoit locked on the Crossface, but McMahon pulled Hebner out of the ring. Hebner shoved the Federation Chairman, and went back to check on Austin, but the champion reached the ropes for a third time. Austin then locked on the Crossface on Benoit -- and Mr. McMahon suddenly called for the bell even though Benoit never gave up! For good measure, Austin stunned Hebner and left Calgary still the Federation Champion, but not before Jericho attacked Austin from behind! The Tag Team Champions threw Austin back in the ring, and Jericho locked Austin in the Walls of Jericho, and Benoit locked the Crossface on Mr. McMahon. Both men tapped out before Federation referees and officials broke up the melee!