Raw is War

Phillips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia
July 2, 2001

RAW IS WAR exploded in Atlanta as the World Wrestling Federation made its debut in the Philips Arena Monday evening. Before the action began, it was announced that the Undertaker would square off against WCW’s Lance Storm and Mike Awesome, the Federation Hardcore Champion!

WCW Chairman Shane McMahon arrived at the ring swinging a kendo stick in preparation for his Street Fight with Diamond Dallas Page. But just as ring announcer Lilian Garcia was to beckon DDP to the ring, Taker’s music blared from the Titan Tron and the Dead Man – with Sara at his side – made his way down to the ring! Undertaker said that he understood Shane wanted to get to work, but Taker wanted to get his as well!

DDP emerged from beneath the Titan Tron with a steel chair and immediately came to blows with Taker and not his true opponent, Shane McMahon. Taker took control of the match and was about to hit DDP with a chokeslam when Shane O’Mac nailed Undertaker from behind repeatedly with his kendo stick! But Undertaker recovered and took control of the situation while DDP, thrown from the ring by the Undertaker, went for a steel chair. He climbed into the ring and clubbed the Dead Man!

While Shane and DDP beat Undertaker in the corner, Sara sneaked up from behind and cracked Shane with his own stick!

But DDP came to the chairman’s aid and sliced into Sara with a Diamond Cutter! While Taker crawled to his injured wife, Shane and DDP exited triumphantly. Paramedics took Sara from the ring on a stretcher.

Backstage, DDP and Shane celebrated their win enthusiastically. Shane, spotting Taker’s flashy motorcycle, told DDP to take the night off. Page agreed and rode out into the streets of Atlanta on Undertaker’s prized machine! After the break, Undertaker was shown escorting his wife’s gurney into an ambulance and driving off.

Back at ringside, the Dudley Boyz strode out to defend their Federation Tag Team Championship against the APA. The match seesawed until D-Von hit Faarooq with the Whazzup Head Butt, which prompted Bubba Ray to exit the ring to grab tables! But before Bubba Ray could get wood, out hobbled Spike Dudley. Spike - who suffered a broken leg last weekend in a match against his brothers – hit Bubba Ray with his crutch! Bradshaw took advantage by the distraction to roll up D-Von for a three count! The APA took over as Federation Tag Team Champions!

In the back room, Vince, Stone Cold, Debra discussed Vince’s son Shane when a cowboy hat wearing Kurt Angle strolled in with gifts for Vince and Stone Cold. The two opened their boxes and incredulously pulled out toy Sheriff’s badges! Stone Cold looked dumbfounded at the Olympic Hero and asked if Angle was serious.

He then called the badges pathetic and labeled Kurt a jackass, taunting him for the beating he took last week at the hands of Booker T. The Texas Rattlesnake provoked Angle into challenging Booker T to a match to take place later on that evening!

Following a commercial, Kane was shown arriving at the arena and most likely unaware of the troubles that slammed his brother earlier that evening.

Rhyno took to the ring against Albert in an Intercontinental Championship match. Albert, accompanied by X-Factor ally X-Pac, appeared in jeopardy of losing the title after taking a suplex and then a body press from Rhyno off the top rope. Rhyno readied for a Gore, but Albert dodged. X-Pac entered the ring to help Albert, but was met with a Gore! As Rhyno turned around, his face collided with a scissors kick from Albert that allowed the champ to retain his championship.

Booker T was shown stretching in the locker room when Kurt Angle stormed in. Kurt accused Booker T of hitting him with a cheap shot last week, then challenged the champ for the WCW Championship, warning that Angle was a dangerous man. Booker T accepted, and asked Angle, who Booker T called a cowboy, was ready. Angle’s response? “Yippee kie yay, Mother Hubbard.”

Commissioner Regal finished a phone conversation after the break just as Kane entered the room. The Big Red Machine frightened Tajiri so much that Regal’s sidekick hid behind a decorative suit of armor in the corner!

The commissioner told Kane, now aware of the earlier foray involving his brother and sister-in-law, that Sara was ok and that she’d stay at the hospital for observation. This didn’t seem to appease the fuming Kane.

Jeff Hardy took on the Big Show shortly after. Just as the match began, Trish Stratus pranced down to ringside, seemingly to cheer on Jeff. Jeff tried to hit Big Show with a hurricanrana off the top rope, but Show caught him and slammed him face first into the mat to score the win. A dazed Jeff Hardy was helped to his feet by the gorgeous Trish, who planted a kiss on Jeff’s lips!

In the back room, Vince told Angle how important it was for Kurt to defeat Booker T that evening. Angle, stretching his hamstrings in front of Stone Cold, seemed oblivious to the talk until the Federation Champion told Angle to get his ass out of the Rattlesnake’s face. Stone Cold then brought up the topic of the Inaugural Brawl at Invasion. Stone Cold said that he should take charge of the Federation’s team. Angle disagreed, then compared the situation to Gilligan’s Island, saying that he was the skipper. Stone Cold objected, saying that he, in fact was the skipper and Angle was more like Gilligan. An exasperated Vince asked what Gilligan’s Island had to do with the Inaugural Brawl anyway!

Jericho interrupted to discuss the rumor that floated around King of the Ring that said Y2J was going to defect to WCW if he beat Stone Cold for the championship.

Y2J then said that was a lie, and that he wanted to be a part of the Federation team at the Inaugural Brawl. Stone Cold laughed and said they didn’t want Jericho with them. Angle emphasized the point by repeating what the Rattlesnake said. Jericho left the room in disgust.

Following a commercial, commentators Jim Ross and Paul Heyman announced another match for Invasion. WCW’s Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler will clash with the Federation’s Trish Stratus and Lita in a tag team bra and panties match!

Speaking of Lita…she and Matt Hardy appeared live from WWF New York. Matt said that Lita didn’t have any problem participating in the first-ever tag team bra and panties match. But, Matt said, they didn’t know what to make of Trish Stratus. Lita told Trish that actions speak louder than words.

The camera then shifted to Shane O’Mac giving Booker T a backstage pep talk to prepare the champ for his showdown against Kurt Angle. An animated Shane ordered Booker T to represent WCW in the company’s home territory in Atlanta. In another part of the arena Stone Cold and Vince tried to psych up Angle, saying that they’d be there for him. Angle stopped and told the two that they weren’t there for him when he won the 1996 gold medal at the Olympic Games right in that same city. Angle said he didn’t need Austin or Vince and that he’d go win the WCW Championship on his own!

Kurt and Booker T – along with Shane - arrived in the ring to see who would walk away from the Philips Arena as the WCW Champion. WCW’s Nick Patrick officiated the match while JR and Paul Heyman called out the action. Booker T commanded the match early, but Angle roared back by knocking the champ over the ropes and slamming him into the announce table. But as Patrick cautioned Angle, Shane O’Mac hammered Angle in the head from behind! Back in the ring, Booker T caught Angle with a dropkick to the chest from the top rope.

After both men collided hard, Booker T covered Angle, but the Olympic Hero kicked out. Booker T threw Angle outside the ring and bashed him into a barrier wall and the ring steps. Booker T took the match back inside the ring where he dropped Angle with a kick and tried to cover him for the win. But Angle kicked out! Angle then blocked a suplex attempt and mounted his own offensive. He nailed Booker with a clothesline and a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle went for his Angle Slam, but Booker countered and took Angle down! But Angle charged Booker T when the champ’s back was turned. And both men collapsed to the mat.

Booker T hit Angle with a spinebuster , but Angle recovered. Angle dodged a kick then latched his ankle lock onto Booker T! Shane distracted Patrick, then pulled him out of the ring! With no referee, Angle hit Booker with his Angle Slam as Federation official Earl Hebner raced in to pick up the count!

But Shane pulled him out of the ring too! Angle managed to cover Booker T as Hebner again raced to count, but Patrick pulled the ref from the ring. Angle confronted Patrick, but Shane took advantage by handing Booker T the WCW Championship belt, which soon connected with Angle’s skull! Booker T rolled up the stunned Angle as a third referee – WCW’s Charles Robinson – raced in and smacked down the three-count!

Back in Vince’s office, Vince and Stone Cold met a bruised Angle with disbelief that Kurt had lost his shot at the WCW Championship. The Rattlesnake said that Angle showed why Stone Cold should lead the Federation against WCW. Angle reluctantly agreed as the Federation Champ advised the Olympian to get his act together.

In a backstage interview, Scott Hudson caught up with Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler. Torrie smugly said that it was stupid of Vince to think that she would ever sleep with him. Stacy then chipped in to say that at Invasion, she and Torrie would show Lita and Trish why WCW women always end up on top!

Attention shifted to the APA who, in a great display of sportsmanship, offered to take the Dudleys out for beer. The former tag team champs declined to go at that moment, but told APA to ask again at the end of the night.

RAW resumed after a break with Kane exploding into the ring where he would step in for his brother against WCW’s Lance Storm and Federation Hardcore Champion Mike Awesome in a handicap match.

Before Storm and Awesome hit the ring, Y2J’s entrance lit up the arena!

Jericho apparently decided to team up with Kane against the WCW athletes. Kane wrecked Mike Awesome and then allowed Jericho to get in a few hits. Jericho distributed some crunching hits, but Awesome rebounded and tagged in Storm. But Storm couldn’t match up with Jericho initially, until Awesome cracked Jericho from outside the ring. Awesome tagged back in and began to dominate. He and Storm took turns pounding on Jericho, but Y2J fought back and dropped Storm with a boot to the noggin. Jericho crawled over to tag Kane who let loose a fury on his opponents.

A wild battle ensued, with Jericho locking in the Walls of Jericho on Storm and Kane gearing up to crack Awesome. But ECW’s Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam raced in to the rescue!

Jericho and Kane appeared to be saved as a platoon of Federation Superstars raced into the ring: Tazz, Raven, Rhyno, Justin Credible along with D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley. The Federation stared down the WCW stars, bracing for a battle that never came. The Federation Superstars turned and pummeled Y2J and Kane along with the WCW stars!

Suddenly, Paul Heyman rose from his spot at the announce table and entered the ring with a microphone. He told JR that it was time for the truth. The truth was he was sick of sitting at the announce table like a corporate sell-out, and it was time to resurrect the Extreme!

He said that the six athletes standing with him in the ring had left WCW or the Federation and had opted to rejoin … ECW! Heyman told Vince and Shane that they’d take on the Federation and WCW anytime, and that the invasion just got taken to the Extreme!

In the back, Vince and Shane came face to face and prepared to fight. Shane, however, said they needed to put aside their squabbling and asked for Vince’s help as both had lost men thanks to Heyman’s ECW. Shane said he needed Vince to allow five Federation Superstars to team with five of Shane’s WCW Superstars for a 10-on-10 match against the newly resurrected ECW. Vince agreed!

Scotty 2 Hotty danced down to the squared circle to combat X-Pac for the Light Heavyweight championship. Scotty appeared to be in trouble until he squirted out of the way of a Bronco Buster and gained momentum. X-Pac managed to avoid a bulldog, but Scotty still took his opponent down and readied for the Worm! But X-Pac stumbled to his feet before Scotty could complete the maneuver. X-Pac scored a win shortly after by blocking Scotty’s sunset flip and using the ropes to gain leverage for his pin!

Back in the locker room, Vince stood with a line of WCW stars on his left and Federation athletes on his right. He said everything would be ok in the 10-on-10 match as long as the WCW followed his guidance. Shane stepped in to say that he would personally lead the team down to the ring.

Vince said that should he do that, then his son would be responsible for whatever happened. Shane agreed, then noted that the two warring companies would unite for this match only, but then all bets were off.

The new Federation Tag Team Champions led Big Show, The One Billy Gun and Hardcore Holly to the ring to start the historic 20-man tag match. Shane came out along with WCW Tag Team Champions Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak, Kanyon and Mark Jindrak. The two sides, united for this match came to blows with each other before the ECW team was even announced! An impromptu Battle Royal seemed to have broken out with the Federation tossing out the WCW stars!

A thumping music suddenly blared from the sound system as a line of men clad in ECW colors streamed down to the ring through the crowd! Making up the ECW squad - headed by ECW owner Paul Heyman -were Tazz, Rhyno, Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley, Lance Storm, Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam, Justin Credible, Raven, Mike Awesome.

The ECW faction cleared the ring of all other athletes, until the WCW team entered the ring and looked ready to fight. Instead of punching, WCW and WCW hugged. Shane and Paul Heyman embraced in the middle of the ring as Vince took a microphone and asked what was going on. Shane told him to watch as the ECW/WCW team wrecked the Federation’s Superstars! Tazz locked the Tazzmission on Hardcore Holly; Faarooq took a 3-D, and virtually every other Federation member took a pounding.

Shane told Vince he knew he could never compete with his father’s checkbook, but the elder McMahon could be outsmarted by his offspring. Shane said he was responsible for everything that took place that night, including the merger of WCW and ECW. Shane promised that at Invasion ECW and WCW would kick the Federation’s ass!

But that’s not all, Shane said. He wanted to introduce Vince to the new owner of ECW… STEPHANIE MCMAHON-HELMSLEY! Vince gawked in bewildered disbelief as his princess strutted down the entrance ramp past him and joined her brother. RAW faded out with brother and sister joining raised hands in the ring!