Raw is War

Anaheim, California
August 6, 2001


Just 13 days before SummerSlam, RAW IS WAR exploded from the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, Calif.!

Kane brought the sold-out crowd to their feet as the show kicked off! The Big Red Machine challenged Rob Van Dam for the Hardcore Championship. Kane got off to a quick start, attacking RVD before the opening bell. Outside the ring, Kane kicked Van Dam into the crowd, but the Hardcore Champion battled back with a series of flying kicks. The Big Red Machine pressed RVD from the outside all the way back into the ring, and threw a steel chair and the ring steps into the squared circle. A drop toehold by Van Dam drove Kane's face into the steps, and RVD then drove the chair into Kane's face for a near fall. Kane floored RVD with a powerslam and hit a top-rope clothesline for a near fall of his own. RVD soon hit a low blow as Diamond Dallas Page headed to the ring, grabbed a steel chair, and nailed Kane twice. RVD then hit the Five-Star Frog Splash to score the pinfall and retain his championship, thanks to DDP! After the match, Page escaped through the crowd.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra arrived at the arena. The Rattlesnake and his wife seemed to be getting along well, and seemed to have patched up their disagreement from last Thursday's episode of SmackDown!

Footage was shown earlier in the day of Booker T auditioning for a movie role at Paramount Studios! Booker said he was there to prove he was a bigger star than Rock would ever be! He said he was the Bookerman -- and the woman at the door asked if he said he was the boogerman!

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley strutted to the ring to the sounds of Drowning Pool's "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor," and she was a woman on a mission. Stephanie said that the bodies of the World Wrestling Federation would hit the floor at SummerSlam. She also said that The Rock's body would hit the floor, if was willing to accept Booker T's challenge. Stephanie claimed that Rocky was afraid of the WCW Champion and of the Alliance. She also said Rock was afraid of facing Shane in a street fight on RAW.

The Billion Dollar Princess pointed out that it had been four months since Rock was in a Federation ring, and that the People's Champion was doubting his abilities. She said that Shane had defeated Big Show in a Last Man Standing match, and had stood toe-to-toe in a match with Kurt Angle. She said there was just one word that accurately described Shane -- Gladiator! She said that no matter what the odds, Shane always came out on top!

Suddenly, the Y2J countdown began, and out came Chris Jericho! Jericho told Stephanie not to sell herself short, since she always ended up on the bottom, on the side, upside down and bent over! He said that for her, a "SummerSlam" was a quickie on a hot summer night! He said when her body hits the floor, it was usually naked with a paying customer!

Stephanie told Jericho he was pretty funny, and he was pretty catty. She said he was like a girl in that way, and that his mouth always got him in trouble. She said she remembered numerous occasions when Triple H had beaten him up! Y2J said that The Game had been gone for such a long time, and he knew how lonely she was, and that she had been forced to form an alliance with many superstars, lighting guys, prop guys, and nearly everyone else! He said he thought she had been with everyone in both companies, and everyone on the planet earth! He said he had gone out of his way to set her up with a species from another planet -- members of the Planet of the Apes

Suddenly, out came several people dressed as characters from Planet of the Apes, carrying gifts and flowers for Stephanie! Y2J introduced the apes to the Queen of the Planet of the Dirty, Brutal, Bottom-Feeding Trashbag Hos! Jericho said he knew the apes weren't as hairy and smelly as Stephanie was used to, but they came bearing flowers and a special gift -- a pie, which Y2J threw in Stephanie's face! Stephanie cried in the middle of the ring as Jericho celebrated his humiliation of the Billion Dollar Princess!

Lita was getting something to drink backstage when she ran into Debra. Lita said she was very impressed by Debra last Thursday on SmackDown! for talking back to Austin. She said she knew it was probably hard to live with a man like Stone Cold, and Debra got offended, asking what she meant by that. Lita said that it was odd to her that such a sweet woman like Debra could get along with a man like Austin. Debra was very offended, and said she would talk to Lita later. She then walked away in a huff.

William Regal and Tajiri talked in the commissioner's office, and in walked X-Pac. He asked for some competition, now that he was WCW Cruiserweight Champion and Federation Light Heavyweight Champion. Tajiri suggested that X-Pac hadn't been on RAW or SmackDown! since winning the title because he sucked! X-Pac said they should forget about the competition with the Alliance -- and he challenged Tajiri to a match on RAW, which was made by the commish!

In a Handicap Match, Jacqueline took on Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson. Jackie dominated the women in the early going, until suddenly Ivory ran to the ring, and attacked Jackie while the ref was distracted! Thanks to Ivory's interference, Torrie was able to pin Jackie for the win! Ivory, Stacy and Torrie celebrated after the bout.

Back in the locker room area, DDP spent some time in his shrine to the Undertaker's wife, Sara.

At WWF New York, J.R. asked Terri what it was liked to be dumped for a mop. Paul Heyman said that the mop had more charisma and chemistry than her, and told her to take a hike! Terri cried her way off the stage!

In Stone Cold's locker room, Debra complained to her husband about what Lita had just said, embellishing a bit by saying Lita called Austin "trailer trash" and said that Matt Hardy could beat Austin's butt any day of the week!

More footage was shown from earlier in the day of Booker trying out for a movie. Booker said he had no acting experience, but neither did The Rock when he made the Mummy Returns! The director told him that the story was about an 18th-century British aristocrat who discovers the love of his life after getting a magic locket ... and Booker said of course he knew, and this part was as good as his

Commissioner Regal was in his office when in came Stephanie and the Dudley Boyz. She complained that she was a mess, and that Chris Jericho would pay. The Dudleys said they wanted Y2J in a Handicap Match on RAW, and Regal said he couldn't sanction a match like that. Stephanie suggested that Jericho be able to choose anyone from the Federation to team up with to face the Dudleys, and Regal agreed.

The World Wrestling Federation Light Heavyweight Championship was on the line, as X-Pac defended against Tajiri. Although the match was between two Federation Superstars -- much to Paul Heyman's delight -- WCW referee Charles Robinson officiated the bout. The two superstars put on a great display of athleticism with the Light Heavyweight Championship on the line. Tajiri knocked X-Pac down with kicks, but X-Pac roared right back. The champion hit the Bronco Buster, but as he celebrated, Tajiri powerbombed him from the second rope. Moments later, Tajiri locked X-Pac in the Tarantula, before X-Pac knocked his challenger to the outside. X-Pac then nailed a springboard plancha to the outside, and went up top, where Tajiri caught him. As X-Pac came odd the top rope, Tajiri sprayed him with the mist, and then knocked him out with a kick to the head and pinned him to become the new Light Heavyweight Championship!

Matt Hardy and Lita talked backstage, and were approached by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin said that Debra had told him everything she had said, and Lita denied the allegations. Austin told Lita to shut up, and Matt said not to talk to her like that! Austin said that if Lita was so confident that Matt could kick his ass, then maybe they should meet in the ring later in the night!

Booker continued his audition at Paramounbt Pictures, and did some reading for the producers! They brought in his leading lady, and he called her "sucka" during a reading! She then asked if he was related to Mr. T, and Booker asked the producers to fire her ass!

In tag action, the Dudley Boyz battled Chris Jericho and his mystery partner ... Kurt Angle! Kurt received a tremendous ovation from the crowd in Anaheim! Angle tried for the ankle lock early on on D-Von, but Bubba Ray broke it up. The Dudleys double-teamed the Olympic hero, but Angle battled back with suplexes, and tagged in Y2J. Jericho downed D-Von with a bulldog and a suplex, and then nailed the Lionsault, but Bubba Ray pulled the ref out of the ring at the count of two. Rhyno then ran down and gored Y2J, but Jericho kicked out of a pinfall attempt, and the match continued! The Dudleys centered their attack on Jericho, who finally tagged Angle back in. The Olympic hero was a house afire, suplexing any Dudley who got in his way. Angle went for the moonsault, but D-Von got his knees up.

But moments later, Angle rolled through the "Wassap!" and locked Bubba in the ankle lock. Bubba had no choice but to tap out, as Angle and Jericho emerged victorious!

Stone Cold walked backstage and saw Lita talking on her cell phone. He accused her of telling more lies, and she said the whole thing was just a misunderstanding. She said it was stupid, and he said they'd see who looked stupid tonight.

Next up, Lance Storm defended the Intercontinental Championship against Christian. Prior to the bout, Christian -- carrying Edge's King of the Ring trophy -- said there was something he needed to get off his chest. He told Lance that although they'd had their differences in the past, he was inspired by Lance's words last week, that offbeat shenanigans might be fun, but he was first and foremost a Canadian. From one Canadian to another, he asked Storm to take part in a special five-second pose to show their Canadian solidarity. Lance said it would be an honor -- and as they posed, Edge snuck up behind Storm and pulled down his tights, revealing Storm's underpants! As the bout began, referee Nick Patrick told Edge to leave the ringside area. Storm rolled up Christian and pinned him to retain his title, even though his hands were clearly on the ropes, in full view of the referee

Backstage, the Undertaker and Sara arrived at the arena, and met up with Kane. Kane told Taker that DDP about what happened earlier in the evening. The Big Red Machine told Taker he knew exactly where Page was, and it was right in the arena. Taker told Kane to tell him where the shrine was so he could take care of business, and also asked him to take Sara to the APA, and then meet up with him at the shrine so they could kick some ass.

The Rock was hanging out in his locker room when Kurt Angle came in. Angle said he didn't like Rock and knew Rock didn't like him, and Rock stopped him and asked why he didn't like him! Angle said it was because he was mean to him -- and Rock said to let bygones be bygones, and to start with a clean slate. Rock asked Angle why Angle was in his locker room, and Angle said he had a secret weapon he wanted to teach Rock to help Rock in his match with Shane McMahon. He then offered Rock some milk! Rock said he had an idea of what to do with the glass of milk -- and the drank the whole thing down! He thanked Angle, and asked that the next time

Stone Cold entered his locker room and said he had just straightened everything out with Lita -- he told Debra that Lita had called her "country dumb," like Debra had just fallen off the back of the turnip truck! He also said Lita had said that Debra's roots were getting a bit too dark! Austin said he stuck up for Debra, and that he was going to whip Matt Hardy's ass right now!

Taker entered the shrine, but DDP was nowhere to be found. He looked around for a moment, and then tore everything to shreds! Suddenly, maniacal laughter was heard, and Taker attacked the man -- but DDP attacked Taker from behind! The maniacal laughter had come from Kanyon! Kanyon and DDP double-teamed Taker until Kane came for the save.

With Debra and Lita at ringside, World Wrestling Federation Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin took on European Champion Matt Hardy in a non-title match. Matt got the early advantage on the Rattlesnake, but Stone Cold rallied back, assaulting the North Carolina native. Austin soon started choking Matt and wouldn't let go, as Debra and Lita got into it. Lita soon wound up in the ring, and Austin hit the Stunner on Lita. Matt snuck up behind Austin and went for the Twist of Fate, but Austin reversed, hit the Stunner and pinned Matt for the 1-2-3. After the bout, Austin talked trash to Lita, and assaulted referee Tim White.

In more footage from Paramount Pictures, Booker read with his leading lady. Booker made the mistake of reading the stage directions, and the director said he didn't think things were working out. Booker said the whole thing sucks, and he was more talented than Rock! The leading lady asked if he knew Rock, and Booker promised to take Rock out at SummerSlam! She questioned what he meant by taking Rock to SummerSlam, and asked if Booker was Rock's butler! She asked if Booker could get her an autograph! The director asked if Rock could so an English accent, and Booker knocked him out!

The main event on RAW was the street fight, as WCW owner Shane McMahon faced The Rock, in the People's Champion's first match in over four months. Shane carried a kendo stick with him to the ring, and prior to the match, the Boy Wonder said he was indeed a gladiator, as his sister said earlier in the night. He said he had spent the last few months in Last Man Standing matches and street fights, and asked what Rock had done the past four months. Rock answered him, saying that Shane was born with a silver spoon in his mou

Rock then headed to the ring, much to the delight of the sold-out crowd in Anaheim, and the fight was on! Shane taunted The Rock with Rock's own gestures, challenging Rock to just bring it. Rock pounded on Shane in the early-going, knocking the Boy Wonder to the outside. Rocky took the top off the announcer's table, but Shane recovered, and the People's Champion took the fight into the people. The two battled almost to the top of the arena, as Shane tried to escape the wrath of the Great One.

Rock caught up with Shane at one of the grandstands, throwing him from pillar to post, and knocking Shane down the steps! The fight moved back towards the ring, as Shane rallied back, assaulting Rock with a flying clothesline from the barricade.

Shane went under the ring and grabbed a garbage can, three times walloping Rock in the head with it. As he went for a fourth hit, Rock kicked it right back into Shane's face, before the People's Champion grabbed the can for himself and brutalized Shane with it! Rock then out the trash can over Shane's head, grabbed a steel chair, and hit a home run, as Shane rolled down the entranceway!

Rock nailed Shane with the trash can again and tossed the Boy Wonder into the ring, where he pounded him with trash can lids! But Shane battled back, hitting Rock with a low blow before nailing Rock with a trash can lid of his own. Shane then grabbed his kendo stick and repeatedly cracked Rock over the back with it ... but Rock popped back up and laid the smack down on Shane!

Rock nailed Shane with a spinebuster and was about to go for the People's Elbow, until Booker T ran down to interfere. But Booker was met with a DDT for his efforts. Rock then nailed Shane with a Rock Bottom and pinned Shane to win his return bout!

After the bout, Booker hit Rock with a reverse heel kick and pounded on the People's Champion. Outside the ring, Booker knocked Rock out with the WCW Title, and then set Rock up on the announcers' table.

Shane then hit a breath-taking Leap of Faith on the People's Champion, right through the announcers' table, as RAW IS WAR went off the air!

th, but he was going home tonight with Rock's boot in his ass!

Angle brought him milk, to also bring some pie!