Raw is War

Grand Rapids, Michigan
July 22, 2002

The Eric Bischoff era of RAW kicked off live from Grand Rapids, Mich., as the general manager strolled down to the ring. On their way to the ring, Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler were shown calling the action from their new position, located next to the entrance stage.

Bischoff got in the ring and said he was bringing to RAW the WWE Undisputed Champion, The Rock! Plus, Bischoff said he was bringing Triple H to the broadcast, and with that, The Game's music hit and the Cerebral Assassin journeyed to the ring.

Bischoff tried to continue after Triple H's entrance, but The Game cut him off and introduced his best friend, Shawn Michaels! After HBK entered the ring, Bischoff said that he was bringing the crowd the combination of Triple H and Shawn Michaels, but that's not all. Bischoff said he is naming HBK as Triple H's manager. Bischoff said Michaels would be in Triple H's corner everytime The Game took to the ring.

Michaels told Bischoff he understands the GM doesn't know him well, and has no problem being Triple H's manager. However, HBK said he has a huge problem with Bischoff telling him anything. Bischoff stepped up and said HBK will be Triple H's manager because he, Eric Bischoff, told him so. Bischoff said he is not Vince McMahon and he will not allow Michaels to push him along. HBK said that he's been in WWE for 15 years and doesn't react to ultimatum's very well. When given a choice between Bischoff's way and the highway, HBK said he takes the highway.

Michaels left while Bischoff said that if HBK kept walking, he wouldn't be allowed back. Triple H looked absolutely flabbergasted as Bischoff told The Game to go talk some sense into his friend. Triple H left to do just that, and Bischoff continued that he will be unifying the European Championship and the Intercontinental Championship. He pointed above his head where a championship hung suspended high over the ring. He said the match between Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam would be a Ladder Match!Backstage, Triple H found Shawn Michaels was was angrily about to walk out. Triple H said if HBK walked out, he'd be walking out on the fans too. HBK said he's was leaving to keep his pride intact. Triple H implored HBK to not make the mistake that Stone Cold did. Triple H said he had an idea that would make everything work. He promised that if he could work things out, it would be damn good!

The Ladder Match to unify the European Championship and the Intercontinental Championship started the action off. RVD tried to go for a cover early on, but that wouldn't help him as the rules of the match require one of the superstars to climb a ladder and grab the championship that hung over the ring. 

RVD flipped over the top rope and crashed onto Jeff Hardy below then set up a ladder and attempted to get the title. Jeff cut him off and tried to cget up the ladder too, but RVD knocked him down. 

RVD tried to ram the ladder into Jeff, but the European Champion kicked the weapon away. Both men grabbed ladders and dueled with them until RVD disarmed Jeff with a spinning heel kick. RVD lay Jeff down on a ladder and hit a version of the Rolling Thunder before climbing up a ladder. Jeff again caught up to RVD and sent both men crashing to the canvas with a Russian Leg Sweep. Jeff lay a ladder over RVD and nailed a crazy Swanton Bomb onto it!

Both men scrambled up the ladder and traded shots at the top. RVD turned his attention away from the title momentarily to powerbomb Jeff off the top of the swaying ladder! RVD lay Jeff on top of the ladder again and hit the Rolling Thunder. RVD went up the ladder toward the title, but Jeff smacked him in the back with his own ladder and proceded to climb. RVD ascended the ladder, turned and hit the Five-Star Frog Splash! As Jeff lay broken on the mat, RVD creeped up the ladder and grabbed the title to become the reigning holder of the new Intercontinental Championship! RVD helped Jeff up in a display of respect following the win. The only Harvard graduate in WWE history, Christopher Nowinski, came to the ring and thanked Eric Bischoff for giving him time to speak. Nowinski said that since debuting in WWE, he's been perplexed as to why crowds hate him. He stated that people should be grateful for having such an intelligent person in their presence. He understands the trouble they have relating to him because after all, he's a Harvard graduate. Before Nowinski could continue, the Undertaker roared down on his motorcycle!

Nowinski backed into a corner and acknowledged that Taker must be upset after losing the WWE Title the previous night. He relinquished the microphone and shook Taker's hand, but the Dead Man wouldn't let go. The former champ let loose an old-fashioned ass whipping on Nowinski, capped off with the Last Ride! Taker glared down at the shell-shocked Nowinski before exiting. 

Backstage, Bischoff explained that Taker is filled with ruthless aggression. Biscoff told the person he was speaking to that he understands he is filled with the same aggression. THe camera panned to show Rhyno, who shook Bischoff's hand and said he would keep in touch!

Shawn Stasiak and D'Lo Brown stopped Bischoff and begged for a chance to get on RAW. Bischoff told them to be careful what they ask for. He said he has a three-minute hole in the show that he needs to fill. He wants to see a winner, but more importantly he wants to be entertained. If the men bored him, he would not be a happy man. Stasiak and D'Lo exchanged hate-filled looks as Bischoff left. Trish Stratus and Bubba Ray Dudley joined forces in an intergender tag team match against Molly Holly and William Regal. Bubba took it to Regal at the start, causing the Englishmen to crawl over and tag in Molly. Molly smacked Bubba in the head, and Bubba responded by smacking Molly on the ass! Trish tagged in but was blindsided by William Regal.

Regal tagged back in and toyed with his female opponent. Regal held Trish up for Molly to kick her, but the Women's Champion ended up striking her opponent instead! Bubba tagged in and knocked Regal into Molly, who had climbed to the top turnbuckle! Bubba then set up Regal for Trish to hit the Wassup! headbutt! Bubba was about to tell Trish to get the tables, but decided to do it himself. Bubba went in search of a table, which was not under the ring. Meanwhile, Regal snuck back in the ring and out Trish in the STF hold, causing her to tap out!

Backstage, Regal told D'Lo and Stasiak that their time was up and he'd tell them when he was ready. Bischoff found Chris Benoit backstage and, while standing next to a smiling photo of himself that was mounted on the wall, said he wanted to see Bischoff against Booker T for the right to face Rob Van Dam for the IC Title next week!

Cameras found The Rock walking backstage on the way to the ring with the WWE Championship!

As promised the new, seven-time WWE Champion entered the ring to a thunderous roar from the crowd! The Great One said he had two words for Undertaker and Kurt Angle: thank you. The Rock said their match at Vengeance was one of the best he'd ever seen. The Rock continued that he'd told "Eric Jerk-off" that he'd be coming to RAW, but...

The Rock couldn't go any farther as Eddie Guerrero came out and cut him off. Eddie said he had a problem with The Rock because he's got two little girls at home who idolize their father. But the other night, he saw something very disturbing in his daughter's room: a picture of The Rock! Guerrero said he got so angry that he burned the poster while his daughters cried. 

Eddie whipped off into a tangent but The Rock cut him off and said that Guerrero was a movie star too, and everyone had seen his movies. The Great One said, though, that he couldn't remember if Guerrero played Cheech or Chong!

Eddie accused The Rock of being jealous because he is a better wrestler. Guerrero said he also had the hottest haircut in America, and it should be called the People's Mullet. Rock said that with a haircut and face like Guerrero's, it looked like Billy Ray Cyrus had sex with a retarded hyena!

Guerrero said he was tired of getting picked on, and he promised to teach The Rock a lesson by whipping his ass in a match that night! The Rock said he didn't speak Spanish that well, but he'd try to speak Guerrero's language. He then told Eddie in a roundabout way that Guerrero would get his ass kicked! 

The Rock turned and walked up the entrance ramp and was surprised to see Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman stride right past on their way to the ring. The Next Big Thing, set to face the WWE Champion at SummerSlam was due to face Tommy Dreamer in a Singapore Cane Match.Dreamer brought two canes with him to the ring and promptly smacked one onto Brock. Dreamer tried to continue the attack outside the ring but Brock suplexed him onto the hard floor and smashed him into the steel ring steps. Brock continued to dominate Dreamer inside the ring with two backbreakers. The Innovator of Violence struck back with a DDT and attacked with a cane. Brock caught one of the blows and hit the F-5 to finish off his opponent. Brock couldn't celebrate, though, as the Undertaker slipped in and bashed the King of the Ring with a cane!

HBK stumbled across the Big Show backstage. Show said he'd been thinking about the Sweet Chin Music that HBK had given him. Show said he didn't see Kevin Nash or any other former nWo member around, now. HBK challenged Show to do something about it. Show just grinned and said that maybe he will.

In the arena, Bischoff told D'Lo and Stasiak that they had jut three minutes to entertain him. The two began slugging away, and as Bischoff counted down to zero, the two men were suddenly attacked from behind by two gigantic men! One of them nailed a flying body press onto D'Lo off the top rope! The two behemoths made their way up the entrance ramp scowling. 

Triple H found Shawn Michaels sulking in a dressing room. The Game tossed HBK a bag and told him to put on what was inside!

Goldust told Booker T that his buddy was impressive against the Big Show. It was like David slaying Goliath and he is king of the giant killers. Booker accused Goldddddust of having a crown behind his back to put on Booker's head to humiliate him. Goldust said he did not have a crown, but he did have something. He produced a wig of Don King's hair and slid it over Booker T's head!

The Bookerman faced Chris Benoit for the right to challenge Rob Van Dam in an Intercontinental Championship match next week on RAW. Benoit attacked Booker's heavily taped ribs, but the Five-time WCW Champion struck back with a few high kicks. Benoit retaliated with a suplex that got a two-count.

Another suplex put Booker T down and Benoit removed a middle turnbuckle cover. Before he could make use of the exposed steel, Booker began to take over. He nailed a spinebuster and mounted the top turnbuckle where he delivered a flying dropkick. Benoit kicked out after two. Benoit dodged a scissors kick and hoisted Booker up for three German suplexes. Benoit soon latched on the Crossface and forced Booker T to tap out!

Bischoff joined The King and JR at the announce table as the Big Show entered the ring for his match against Spike Dudley. Big Show literally kicked little Spike around. Show beat Spike into a pulp, chokeslamming him with ease and pinning him with one hand. Bischoff gleamed with approval and signaled for Show to finish Spike. Show took a table from beneath the ring and set it up next to Spike. Show grabbed Spike, but Bubba Ray raced in and nailed a low blow! Show overpowered Bubba and sent him crashing onto Spike and through the wood!

A familiar theme song hit as Shawn Michaels and Triple H came out wearing DeGeneration X colors! After a series of croch chops, Triple H asked the crowd if they were ready. The roar he got in response confirmed that they were. Triple H screamed, "Let's get ready to suck-it!" as the crowd went nuts. But the fun stopped there as The Game turned and Pedigreed his friend Shawn Michaels to the mat! The Game ripped off his DX shirt and stormed off! 

Cameras watched as The Game got in his car and took off. But another limo pulled up with Stephanie McMahon inside!

The Rock and Eddie Guerrero locked up in a non-title match. Under the contest's stipulations, if Eddie pulled out the win then he would be granted a shot at the WWE Championship on next week's RAW!

The Great One threw Guerrero with a double-arm suplex, but Eddie struck back. He nailed The Rock with a dropkick, but the champion kicked out at two. Guerrero tried to choke out The Rock with a head scissors, but the ref caught Latino Heat grabbing the ropes for leverage and broke the hold. Eddie controlled The Rock with a chinlock but the champ worked out of it and levealed a series of punches to the head to take over.

The Great One went for a Rock Bottom, but Guerrero deftly flipped him into a pin attempt! The Rock kicked out at two then managed to dodge a Frog Splash! Rock nailed a spinebuster and nailed the People's Elbow to get the pin! 

Brock Lesnar raced into the ring and grabbed the WWE Championship from the referee, causing the Brahma Bull to get face to face with the Next Big Thing! Brock threw the title at The Rock's feet and stormed off as quickly as he appeared! 

Outside, Eric Bischoff taunted Stephanie McMahon threw her limo window. Stephanie said she was there to kick Bischoff in the testicles. Bischoff goaded her out for a fight, but Brock Lesnar showed up and came face to face with Stephanie! She looked scared, until Brock and Paul Heyman calmly entered her limo! Stephanie asked Bischoff how it feels to be kicked in the testicles and said he can watch SmackDown! to see the Next Big Thing! RAW closed with Bischoff screaming that he would knock Stephanie out!