Raw is War

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
September 2, 2002

With Shawn Michaels scheduled to give his first interview since SummerSlam, RAW roared to life from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee!

RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff opened things up by bringing a briefcase to the ring. The Bisch said that since Brock Lesnar defected to SmackDown!, the WWE Undisputed Championship was in fact disputed. Bischoff said that RAW fans deserve their own exclusive champion. Bischoff introduced his own No. 1 contender, Triple H. The Game said that he is the reason that Brock Lesnar ran from RAW. Triple H said the Next Big Thing has no balls! 

Bischoff smiled and said that if he had been able to sign Triple H when he ran WCW, the Monday Night Wars would have turned out differently. The GM stated that Triple H has been kicking ass in WWE longer than just about anybody. With that, Bischoff opened up his briefcase and presented the World Championship - formerly the WCW Championship - to Triple H! The Cerebral Assassin proclaimed that nobody deserved the title more than he. He even went so far as to say that Bischoff is a much better judge of talent that his ex-wife!

Triple H began to make another proclamation, but he was cut off by Ric Flair! The Nature Boy agreed that if Brock didn't compete on RAW, then his title is definitely disputed and RAW deserves to have its own champion. Flair said that he had no problem with Triple H being the champion, but he continued that The Game wore it only once while he carried it 16 times. Plus, nobody ever handed him the title. Flair said that he earned it with hard work. Bischoff agreed that Triple H definitely needed to earn the title, but not with some sort of silly series. Bischoff declared that Triple H and Flair would face each other that night with the World Championship on the line! Triple H siad it would be an honor and a privilege. Flair said he is equally honored and went to shake Triple H's hand. The Game shook Bischoff's instead then smacked the Nature Boy in the face!

The Game bumped into Bubba Ray Dudley backstage. The Game told a surly Bubba that he shouldn't be jealous and should just wait in line for his shot at the title. Bubba Ray said that the look in his eye isn't jealousy, it's hunger. Bubba said that someday, he will be the Heavyweight Champion. 

Before his match, Christopher Nowinski told Coach that first he would put Trish Stratus and Bubba Ray through tables, then break through something else: Molly Holly's hymen!

Bubba Ray Dudley & Trish Stratus def. Christopher Nowinski & Molly Holly
Nowinski leapt at Trish, who was sprawled on a table outside the ring, but the Diva moved and caused the Harvard graduate to crash through the wood and get eliminated. Seconds later, Bubba powerbombed the Women's Champion through a table in the ring to get the win!

Backstage, Test produced a blowtorch and said the UnAmericans would finish what they started last week!

In his office, Bischoff told Terri and Stacy that the ladies would take place in the first ever Lingerie Pillowfight Match! He also said it was important that he check out their outfits to make sure they were properly dressed. They each opened their robes and got the GM's stamp of approval! 

Chris Jericho told Ric Flair he couldn't believe that the Nature Boy got the first shot at the World Championship.Flair reminded Y2J that he made him tap to the Figure Four leglock at SummerSlam. Y2J said he actually hoped Flair beat Triple H so that when Jericho and the Nature Boy had a rematch, he would once again wear the World Championship.

Booker T def. William Regal
The five-time WCW Champion nailed Regal with a scissors kick and took the pinfall. Booker said he wouldn't leave until he gave the people what they wanted to see: the spineroony! He delivered to an appreciative Milwaukee crowd.

Via satellite transmission from San Antonio, Shawn Michaels said that he has feeling in his legs but limited mobility. The King asked HBK if it was worth it. HBK thought for a moment and said it was worth it because the fans loved the match so much. He later warned Triple H not to hunt what he can't kill. HBK produced a sledghammer and said that what goes around will definitely come around!

Triple H def. Ric Flair
The first match with the World Championship on the line was a brutal one. After referee Charles Robinson get knocked through the ropes, Triple H hit a low blow on Flair and followed with a Pedigree to get the win and retain the title! Chris Jericho raced in after the bell sounded and locked in the Walls of Jericho on Flair! RVD sprinted to the ring to assault Jericho and even came to blows with the champion!

Eric Bischoff tried to calm down Big Show, who was irate that the GM had Rosie & Jamal attack him a couple weeks ago and then bypassed him for the World Championship. Bischoff told Show to go out and impress him in his match against Tommy Dreamer. Bischoff answered his cell phone and was told that someone would leave RAW that night to go to SmackDown! and be with a family member!

Kane def. Christian & Lance Storm
A chokeslam to Lance Storm finished off the Tag Team Champions, but Test exacted some revenge by attacking the Machine. Bradshaw leapt into the fray and helped prevent the burning of the American flag while helping Kane clear the ring!

The Big Show def. Tommy Dreamer via disqualification
An enraged Tommy Dreamer smashed a steel hair over Big Show's head several times to earn the disqualification. Even after the gigantic Big Show lay on the mat, Dreamer continued to level more chairshots onto his opponent!

Triple H and Chris Jericho argued with Eric Bischoff over the fray that erupted earlier. An angry Bischoff said that Triple H and Y2J would team up against RVD and Ric Flair later that evening!

Eric Bischoff ordered the halt to a match between Jeff Hardy and Crash Holly before the opening bell even sounded. Bischoff accused Jeff of being the one who planned to defect to SmackDown! to be with a family member. The GM said that Jeff should have given him advance notice, whether that was a month, a week ... or just three minutes! On cue, Rosie and Jamal rushed in and demolished Jeff! Bischoff said that's what happens when someone tries to leave RAW. Suddenly, Crash grabbed the microphone and told Bischoff that Jeff isn't the one leaving for SmackDown!, he is!

Terri def. Stacy Keibler in a Lingerie Pillow fight Match
With The King serving as special guest referee, Terri rolled up Stacy and got the pinfall on a bed placed in the ring! Afterward, Stacy produced a bucket of sticky liquid that she poured over Terri, then ripped apart a pillow to leave Terri tarred and feathered.

Rob Van Dam & Ric Flair def. Triple H & Y2J
With Triple H attempting to use the World Championship as a weapon, RVD leveled the champ with a spinning heel kick and followed with the Five Star Frog Splash to get the win! RVD held up both the World Championship and Intercontinental Championship as RAW left the air!