Raw is War

Raleigh, North Carolina
November 26, 2002

The Game made his first televised appearance since dropping the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series and destroyed Rob Van Dam's hopes of defeating Shawn Michaels for the title on RAW!

Triple H interrupted the evening's main event by hitting the Pedigree on Van Dam outside the ring. The Cerebral Assassin further proved that he's well on the way to recovering from his throat injury when he slammed Shawn Michaels' spine through a steel chair! Is The Game after the World Heavyweight Championship or is e out for vengeance on RVD for injuring him in the Elimination Chamber? Find out next week on RAW!

Sean Morley -- formerly known as Val Venis -- revealed on RAW that general manager Eric Bischoff appointed the Superstar as his chief of staff. The position requires that Morley enforce rules and keep the Superstars in line. Morley got off to a quick start in his new position with the opening match of the night. Morley overruled two finishes in a Tag Team Championship Match pitting the Dudley Boyz against Y2J and Christian. The third time was definitely a charm for the defending champions who managed to retain their titles thanks to some overlooked interference by Christian.

But the Dudleys would have the last word before RAW was through. The brothers hijacked Christian and Y2J's bags while the champs were showering. After stomping around in towels for much of the evening Jericho and Christian found the Dudleys in the ring, tossing the clothes from their bags into the crowd! Bubba told the champs that if they were going to steal the Dudley's tag titles, then he and D-Von would swipe their dignity. With that, Spike Dudley sneaked up on Christian and Y2J and whipped off their towels! Concerned about "shrinkage" the two champs scrambled backstage. 

In some other exciting action, Victoria and Trish Stratus wrestled in an incredible match that saw Victoria slip away with the Women's Championship in tow, and Batista showed his dominating strength by etching out a win over Kane -- thanks in part to some help from Ric Flair. 

Match Results

Y2J and Christian def. The Dudley Boyz

Test def. Steven Richards

Victoria def. Trish Stratus

William Regal & Lance Storm def. Jeff Hardy & The Hurricane

Batista def. Kane

Goldust def. Rico

RVD fought HBK to a No Contest