Raw is War

Phoenix, Arizona
January 6, 2003

RAW's general manger opened up RAW by boldly proclaiming that 2003 would be known as the year of Eric Bischoff! It soon became clear that The Bisch meant business.

With Chief Morley at his side, Bischoff's first order of business was to punish the Dudleys for helping Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler to defeat William Regal and Lance Storm two weeks before. Bischoff said that such acts that disrespect him would not go unpunished, and punish he did. Bischoff ordered Bubba Ray and D-Von into a handicap match against Rico, Rosie and Jamal, and Batista! All four, along with some help from Ric Flair pounded the Dudleys into submission within minutes. But the pain didn't stop when the match ended. Regal and Storm exacted some revenge of their own, viciously beating the Dudleys. Regal went so far as to bust Bubba Ray open with brass knuckles!

Regal and Storm continued to have a successful night as the brass knuckles came through once more. Regal took down both Booker T and Goldust, allowing Storm to cover Booker as Chief Morley himself -- who filled in for an injured referee -- made the three-count!

Fans got some good news, though, as they found out that Shawn Michaels will be in the Royal Rumble! Chris Jericho and Christian also announced their entry into the colossal 30-man match! Plus, much to Bischoff's dismay, a phone call informed him that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon will appear next week on RAW!

Triple H, who was reeling from losing an arm-wrestling match got even with Scott Steiner by winning a posedown challenge. However, it appeared that the judges, who were handpicked by The Game, had a hidden agenda. Big Poppa Pump was ambushed, but he made quick work of every attack that came his way!

The night's main event saw Kane and Rob Van Dam defeat Christian and Chris Jericho. Rookie sensation Randy Orton appeared live on RAW to inform fans that his shoulder is 93 percent healed. Orton stuck around and was in Christian and Y2J's corner for the evening's final match.

Match Results

Three Minute Warning and Batista def. the Dudley Boyz

Molly Holly & Victoria def. Trish Stratus and Jacqueline

Lance Storm & William Regal def. Booker T & Goldust

Test def. Christopher Nowinski

RVD & Kane def. Christian and Y2J