Raw is War

Uncasville, Connecticut
January 13, 2003


Vince to Bischoff: Shape up, or you're fired!

With the Royal Rumble just six days away, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon issued a stern warning to RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff on Monday night. Unless Bischoff takes steps to revolutionize RAW within 30 days, The Bisch will find himself out of a job! Bischoff begged Vince to give him more time, but Mr. McMahon refused. As Mr. McMahon was readying to enter his limo and leave the arena, Shane McMahon exited the vehicle and cast an intimidating glare at Bischoff!

Vince's return didn't go nearly as smoothly as the Chairman would have liked. Just as he prepared to make an announcement in the ring, The Dudley Boyz stomped down to have a word with the boss. The Dudleys informed Vince that Bischoff had suspended them without pay earlier in the evening and they were ticked off about the whole situation. Vince responded by not just reinstating the half brothers, but he also granted them a Tag Team Championship Match against William Regal and Lance Storm at the Royal Rumble! There was just one condition. Vince demanded to hear Bubba scream, "D-Von! Get the tables!" during the match!

The Dudleys left to allow Vince to make his announcement, but once again, the Chairman was interrupted. This time, Chris Jericho came to the ring and begged Vince to name him the No. 1 entrant into the Royal Rumble Match. Y2J explained that he wanted to prove to the world that he is the best in WWE by going the distance to win the match and get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania! Vince, clearly annoyed at being interrupted again, scowled and said that the No. 1 spot in the Rumble Match was already taken ... by Shawn Michaels! However, Vince explained that the winner of the night's main event would get to pick any other entry number. After tossing Rob Van Dam over the top rope to win the match later on, Jericho stated that if Shawn Michaels is No. 1, then he wants to be the second competitor to enter the ring for the Royal Rumble Match!

In other action, Victoria managed to keep her Women's Championship after pinning Trish Stratus in a Hardcore Rules Match. Of course, Steven Richards helped the champ by knocking Trish cold with a trash can lid to the head. Jeff Hardy earned a spot in the Royal Rumble Match by defeating Raven, and Jerry "The King" Lawler KOed William Regal with a steel chain-enhanced punch. What was supposed to have been a test of strength turned into a melee when Triple H met Scott Steiner for a bench press competition. The Big Bad Booty Daddy, who couldn't wait until the Royal Rumble to get his hands on Triple H, suplexed the World Heavyweight Champion several times and ripped the clothes right off the champ's back, leaving The Game in his boxers and socks!

Match Results

Victoria def. Trish Stratus and Jacqueline

Test & Maven def. D'Lo Brown & Christopher Nowinski

William Regal def. Jerry "The King" Lawler by disqualification

Jeff Hardy def. Raven

Lance Storm & Booker T fought to a no-contest

The Hurricane def. Steven Richards

Chris Jericho def. Batista, Rob Van Dam & Kane