Raw is War

Providence, Rhode Island
January 20, 2003


Bischoff extends invitation to Stone Cold

Eric Bischoff may have indeed found a way to shake up RAW and save his job. During RAW on Monday night, the general manager made two shocking announcements. Bischoff stated that everyone has been made aware of Vince McMahon's point of view regarding the departure of Stone Cold Steve Austin, but nobody has heard what the Texas Rattlesnake has to say. Therefore, Bischoff said, he has stopped the presses of RAW Magazine and will give Austin an open forum to present the story as he sees it.

But that's not all. Bischoff went so far as to extend an invitation to Stone Cole to return next month at No Way Out! Fans leapt to their feet upon hearing this invitation, making it obvious that Bischoff has gotten off to a good start in his efforts to avoid being replaced by Shane McMahon.

The Dudley Boyz hadn't even had 24 hours to celebrate winning the World Tag Team Championship from William Regal and Lance Storm when Chief Morley thrust the duo into a return match. Unfortunately, Regal and Storm had already ambushed the Dudleys and put Bubba Ray through a table! When the opening bell sounded, all Regal had to do was cover up Bubba Ray and watch referee Nick Patrick slap out a reluctant  1-2-3 to take back the championship gold.

Stacy Keibler found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time during Test's match against Chris Jericho. A chairshot from Y2J missed its target, causing the steel to slam into Stacy and knocking her cold! Test was reduced to tears as EMTs attended to Stacy and carried her off. Even Jericho was aghast at what had happened. Stacy's condition was still unclear when the show ended.

A powerful faction appears to be in the making on RAW. As Scott Steiner battled Batista in singles action, he suddenly found himself fending off attacks from his opponent, Triple H, Ric Flair and Randy Orton. After beating Steiner into a bloody mess, all four men triumphantly showed off Big Poppa Pump's mangled face as the highlight of their celebration!

Match Results

Rob Van Dam def. Jeff Hardy

William Regal & Lance Storm def. The Dudley Boy

The Hurricane & Trish Stratus def. Victoria & Steven Richards

Booker T & Goldust def. 3-Minute Warning

Chris Jericho fought Test to a no-contest

D'Lo Brown def. Tommy Dreamer

Scott Steiner fought Batista to a no-contest